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Hello there paddle fanatics, we are WavesChamp and we are a first class website that specializes in reviewing Stand up paddle boards and recently kayaks.

Not only do we analyze Sups and kayaks and provide you with in-depth info to improve your choices but we’re also very much into the whole water sports universe. Hence, WavesChamp also makes available an abundance of guiding articles, insider tips and tutorials for beginning Paddlers.

Also, feel free to consider this website as your personal adviser and we will constantly provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the latest and greatest inflatable paddle boards / kayaks in the industry. Our website is actively administered and regularly updated which is why you’re most likely to hear it here first.

We regularly produce consistent and timely content so as to always keep you in the zone. Our creators have reviewed hundreds of products and accumulated enough knowledge to highlight each and every aspect of the reviewed products on this website. So, rest assured that you’re getting a well informed, well written and well balanced review.

WavesChamp is a 100% independent website with absolutely 0 biases towards any brand. You will find that our reviews are very much neutral and objective because our intention is to provide you with data upon which you can make your own choices and not the other way around.

Welcome to WavesChamp. And remember, we are always here to help you make the best choices.