Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak Review

An inflatable product is always a challenge, yet; water sports are being largely taken over by inflatable SUPs, boats and of course, kayaks.

After trying a good deal of inflatable products, I no more consider them to be of lower quality compared to rigid and authentic ones.

This review is going to be about one of the Advanced Elements’ kayaks which you are apparently interested in.

Advanced Elements is the one brand that never fails to impress me with their well and strongly built kayaks, and this time, we’ll be reviewing the FireFly kayak; it sounds promising, right? Well, you might like what you’re about to see.

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  • Rubber molded handle
  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Mesh pocket
  • Advanced Elements Spring Valve
  • Heavy-duty PVC main chamber
  • Tracking fin
  • Welded perimeter seam
  • 600 D polyester cover
  • Durable PVC Tarpaulin hull material
  • Rigid bow and stern
Use  Recreational (Lakes, Bays, Inland WatersSlow Moving Rivers)
  • Length : 7'10″
  • Width : 35"
Folded Size 23″ x 18″ x 5″
Material Heavy-duty PVC + 600 D polyester cover
Weight limit 250 lbs
Number of Chambers 3
Fins 1 tracking fin
# Carry Handles 2
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Color Yellow/Blue
Rigid Bow & Stern Built-in rigid panels define the bow and stern and improve tracking.
Durable & Light Unique outer cover provides durability in a lightweight design.
Easy To Set Up Twistlok™ valves and high flow Spring™ valves allow for quick setup time.
Hull Design Landing plate and tracking fin improve performance.

 Advanced Elements FireFly Kayak Review


I’d bet that this is something you already know; most, if not all inflatable kayaks are made of PVC material. The FireFly is constructed with heavy-duty PVC that will withstand any natural circumstances and maintain its shape for years to come. Also, to give the kayak a sharper and more rigid shape, Advanced Elements featured it with a welded perimeter seam frame which works as a booster for its form and direction; that way, it’s not only quality that we’re talking about here, but also performance.

Moreover, the hull is also made of durable PVC Tarpaulin for maximum rigidity and versatility since the bottom of the kayak is the part which will receive most of the beating. Not only that; you ought to know that regardless of how rigid it might seem, the FireFly is to be praised for its flexibility and light weight; this kayak is barely 16 lbs which you can carry on one shoulder comfortably.

Being mentioned, the FireFly is coated with a 600 D polyester cover which is pretty great for a kayak with this price and size. It’s dense enough and thick for an authentic kayaking experience, yet, it’s light and easy to pack.

Moreover, this kayak is featured with built-in rigid panels that define the bow and stern, and that improves tracking and does a better job when it comes to speed, because a body that is sharp and defined will cut through the water faster and steadier.

Last but not least, the FireFly is 7 feet and 10 inches long, 35 inches wide; it’s made for one person as it is clear in the pictures, yet, it can take up to 250 lbs.

The leg room on this one is built to extremely comfortable because you’ll get to stretch your legs and still feel tight and held together.

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak Review


Given the fact that the FireFly is not that of a pricy kayak, you’ll be glad to know that it got most of the good features which are found on other models that are considered to be of luxury and high quality build.

So, first thing first; the cockpit is probably the first part of the kayak that you need to check because it’s where you’ll be spending most of your water time; its simple design makes it extremely easy to slide in and out of it. It has a wide opening that feels like a comfortable buoy, however, the kayak won’t provide enough support without an actual seat which some other models are featured with.

The FireFly is featured with a bungee deck lacing that’ll allow you to secure and transport the tools you need and why not, some extra cargo for once on board. This lacing comes really handy when it’s time to take a break and you need to put away the paddle.

You’ll also find 2 carry handles that are covered with a rubbery material for extreme comfort and utility. They’ll enable you to carry the inflated kayak around easily.

oncerning the tracking system, Advanced Elements decided that it is necessary to furnish almost all of their products, even those that are cheapest, with a tracking fin for a smooth and versatile navigation experience. The FireFly is featured with a landing plate and tracking fin that improve the performance of the kayak as a whole. With this feature, our kayak here is admitted to be very light and responsive.

Furthermore, the FireFly is built with 3 separated air chambers that are featured with Twistlok™ valves and high flow Spring™ valves for really quick setup time.

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak review


For a 7 feet kayak, speed is not the main focus. The FireFly is a kayak designed for recreational kayaking on flat water; it’s rigid, stable, and responsive which makes of it a great way to spend some relaxation time. It can also be considered an entry level kayak that’ll open the door for beginners to get down to the sport. I mean, look at this way, it’s not pricey, it’s featured with everything you could possibly find on a more expensive kayak, and it’s fun and easy to control.

The navigation system makes it a lot easier to connect with the kayak thanks to the tracking fin that aims at making the kayak a more versatile one. You can absolutely take the FireFly on a floating river or a lake and feel how it copes with different water conditions.


Along with the FireFly Kayak, you’ll find:

  • A carrying duffel bag that you can carry on one shoulder comfortably.
  • A repair kit in case something went wrong.
  • And an owner’s manual so you wouldn’t miss anything.


  • The Firefly is made of heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin to withstand serious shocks.
  • It’s covered with a 600 D polyester that is dense, yet, light and flexible.
  • It’s featured with a bungee deck lacing and mesh pocket.
  • The welded perimeter seam frame technology gives more definition and rigidity to the kayak.
  • The navigation system makes the FireFly a versatile and stable boat.
  • This kayak is not pricy, yet, it has everything that a kayak needs.


  • I wouldn’t complain about anything except for the nonexistent  seat; the kayak alone won’t provide enough support, however, the cockpit’s depth is enough for a small/medium rider.

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak Setup

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