There are many Hobie catamarans out there. Some are larger, some are built for speed, and some are more recreational. However, when it comes to finding an easy-to-use model that is a pleasure to sail, the Wave is your best bet.

A Catamaran for Everyone

A Catamaran for Everyone

Hobie is known for its Cat line, and the Wave is one of the best such options available.

The model has been around for years, and it has become one of the most popular and exciting catamarans on the market. It has a solid construction, various interesting features, and it is fun to ride.

Those many options make it is perfect for veterans and novices alike, revealing why it is one of the most complete packages on the market.

Perfect for All Sailors

While the Wave has a laundry list of reasons that make it is such a great way to take to the water, the number one reason to choose this over other designs is the fact that everyone can use it.

Sailing, by definition, is tricky. Not only do you have to deal with the logistics of piloting the float in the way you want, but you never know how certain conditions will affect the weather or waves.

You may be able to sail easily on clear water, but it is unpredictable out on the ocean and things can change in an instant.

That is why the Hobie Wave is such a good choice. This catamaran is incredibly easy to sail for all different sizes and skills, giving you a lot of room for error.

The simple use is perfect for younger people, as well as those who have never sailed a catamaran before. That alone makes it a great choice for beginners who don’t want to get overwhelmed too quickly.

Two Ways to Sail

As it is a purely recreational boat, the Wave can be piloted in various ways. It can be sailed solo no problem, which is great for people who just want to get out onto the water with little fuss.

Adding onto that, the craft can also be raced single-handed, which enables solo sailors to pilot without needing a crew.

Sometimes it is hard to find people to go out with, which can then put a damper on your plans. That does happen with the Wave.

However, as great as the Wave is with a single person, it is also perfectly suited for larger groups as well.

Not only is the buoyant hull shape specifically designed in a way that will cause it to not bog down under extra weight (or extra passengers) but there is plenty of room for kids to pile their friends on board.

It can be used with a crew of four as well, giving you more options for when you’re hanging out with family or friends.

Those additions enable you to bring everyone along for a great ride. A great choice for family gatherings or long trips.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Everything about the Hobie Wave is easy, and that shows throughout the entire craft.

People tend to trend towards all the bells and whistles, but there is no point making things too complicated when you can just get ready and go.

A perfect example of that ease comes through the Wave’s symmetrically shaped hulls. That choice works with the sleek keel design to completely eliminate the need for daggerboards. It also generates easy beaching.

Such attributes are huge boons for people who want a more streamlined experience.

Beyond that, the boomless sail provides the craft with power no matter what conditions you may face. This is one of the most important features for both racers and recreational users because it allows you a bit of extra room for error.

The mainsail, while always powerful to a certain extent, is also designed to reduce power in an unexpected gust or sudden burst of wind. That keeps you in control regardless of what happens.

Rather than worrying about getting stuck out in the wrong conditions, you can make the weather work for you.

Easy to Rig

Continuing with the easy theme (which will permeate throughout this entire guide) the Wave is a synch to rig.

Easy rigging is not something many people think of when choosing a Cat, but it is a perfect feature for those who want an easy time sailing.

With the Wave, the single mainsail slides up and locks with very little resistance. From there, you only need to attach the blocks with a single hook and you’re ready to set sail.

That may almost sound a bit too easy, but it sure beats wrestling with your boat before you even start your journey.

Simple to Sail

The easy rigging is great to have, but it would not matter if you lost that ease once out on the water. Luckily, the Hobie Wave is also incredibly easy to sail.

This craft is one of the most novice-friendly options on the market for a variety of reasons. First, the hull’s special shape comes with skegs along the bottom that serve the same purpose as centerboards.

In addition, this model can right itself if you’re having trouble fighting against the wind. All it takes is one push or pull to tack or jibe the vessel. You can even make such corrections without worry that you’ll be hit in the head with the boom.

Nobody wants to get caught in rough conditions, but it helps to have a plan if you do.

Once you get out on the water, the Wave is extremely difficult to capsize. This is a great safety feature that also helps you stay dry when you want to.

If the Wave does ever turn or dip down, it is incredibly easy to right.

A Sound Investment

Though there is no doubt that the Wave is affordable, that term is relative compared to other catamarans on the market.

All Cats will be expensive to a certain degree. For that reason, it is great that the Wave comes equipped with one of the most impenetrable exteriors around.

The Hobie Wave’s rotomolded hull, which is crafted from polyethylene, is nearly indestructible. It can handle just about anything that gets thrown at it, which is essential for anyone who spends a lot of time out on open or coastal water.

You never know what you’ll encounter while sailing around, nor can you fully prepare for other people or other floats. Having a catamaran that can take some hits and keep going is a blessing that does not typically come in more affordable crafts.

The impact-resistant two-shot hulls also give extra buoyancy to keep you on top of the water, regardless of what conditions you may encounter. That will help you stay upright on calm days, during storms, and in the middle of a race.

Further Attributes and Characteristics

A Hobie Cat is nothing without its features. The above sections cover many of the aspects that make the Wave special, but there is much more to the craft.

One such feature is the EZ Loc Rudder system, which is another ease-of-use feature that helps all different people use the device to the best of its abilities.

Rather than fussing around with the boat, all you have to do to operate the system is raise and lower the rudder. There are no extra steps or twists thrown in, which creates a fully streamlined process.

While you can find the original rudder system in any boats that were made before 2006 (which is better for racing) the modern plastic rudder is much more durable, making it a good choice for both beginners or brand new sailors.

From there, the Hobie Wave also has a fully-battened, multi-colored square top Dacron mainsail complete with a safety view window, a comp tip mast for extra safety, and a boomless rig.

Tiller Stick and Comfortable Seating

As far along as we are, the list doesn’t stop there.

The Wave also comes equipped with a tiller stick. That item enables you to move your weight forward in lighter air.

You can add the stick to either available style (as covered below), but it is better used on the newer rudders because they are shorter than other models.

Finally, what good is a ride if it isn’t comfortable? No matter how nice or expensive a boat is, it is never fun to spend time riding around on something that hurts.

Catamarans spend a lot of time bouncing on top of the ocean, and you need to stay protected as much as possible. For that reason, the Wave comes with special padded seat cushions that add to the comfort and make your time with the craft much more enjoyable.

These small touches are what separates it from other models.

Though you may not fully realize all of these small additions to the boat right away or even over time, they go a long way towards creating a more enjoyable experience.

Create the Boat for You

Create the Boat for You

The Hobie Wave is an incredible display of characteristics, but the company does not stop at all of the previously mentioned options.

If you wish, there are several adds-ons you can get for your boat, which then brings it to another level.

For example, you can upgrade with a zipper-reefing mainsail, a job kit, a spinnaker kit, or an aluminum trailer. There are options for padded backrests and beach wheels as well.

Each of those choices, while fully optional, bring something new to the boat and help give you even more premium attributes.

It may not seem like a new mainsail or enhanced backrests would make that big of a difference, but they can take your Wave to the next level.

You can go with just one, or you can branch out and get multiple for a truly advanced catamaran.

Choosing Your Style

Now that you understand why the Hobie Wave is such a great boat, the final section will help you figure out which model you want to purchase.

While there is nothing quite like the feel of a brand-new catamaran, not everyone will want to go that route when purchasing a wave.

It is fine to do some searching for an older or used model. In fact, that is one of the main ways sailors get a Hobie Wave in today’s market.

That is important to note because Hobie used to make two different styles, the Classic Wave and the Club Wave, which they switched between over time.

The Classic, of course, was the original wave version. It has easy disassembly for better car storage, and also uses a cable system and Velcro straps to add extra tension to the trampoline. The standing rigging uses hooks to attach to the hulls.

In contrast, the Club version of the Wave opts for the standard lace-up trampoline and the standing rigging is attached with a mix of clevis pins and rings.

That feature makes the craft tighter and is why the Club version is preferred by people who want to race or who value speed.

The final difference between these is that the classic version comes with an easy-attach, one-piece, colored mesh trampoline with built-in drink holders, while the club version uses 3-piece mesh with lacing and grommets.

Multi-Use and Multi-Functional

The Hobie Wave is one of the best instant-sail catamarans around. You can use it to sail alone, with friends, or, depending on what version you get, for schools or organizations.

Though it is not quite as big as some of the catamarans you can find, it has more than enough features at a reasonable price.

Sailing is about enjoying your time out on the water, and that is what the Wave allows you to do. It does not matter where you live or what you do, if you enjoy racing or cruising around, this is the best option to get.