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Wallace Rohr

Wallace RohrEditor in Chief

My name is Wallace Rohr, and I’m the Editor in Chief for WavesChamp.

As an experienced water sports enthusiast myself, I do a lot of the writing here at WavesChamp, in addition to supervising and editing an excellent team of professional writers.

After obtaining a degree in Business Administration, I decided to pursue a dream of writing in the business world.

After working for large news sites, I got the opportunity to write for WavesChamp, where I could write about my love of stand up water boarding and kayaking. After only two months, I was promoted to editor, and a year later, to Editor in Chief.

My wife and I enjoy kayaking and white water rafting when we’re not traveling the world.

Email: wallace@waveschamp.com

Wendy Moreno

Wendy MorenoPublic Relations Manager

As Public Relations Manager at WavesChamp, I handle all of our social media and I even get the chance to write occasionally. This makes the job exciting and fun, and there’s never a boring day at WavesChamp headquarters.

I got a nursing degree after high school, but later went to university to pursue a degree in public relations. After a couple of years working in public relations for a large sporting goods company, I came to WavesChamp to be the Public Relations Manager here.

I enjoy kayaking whenever I have a chance, and love to travel the U.S. to enjoy the beautiful rivers and lakes that our huge country has to offer. I take along my favorite companion, a chocolate lab named Barbie.

Email: wendy@waveschamp.com

Jerome Dietz

Jerome DietzCommunications Manager

My name is Jerome Dietz, and I handle all internal and external communications in my role as Communications Manager for WavesChamp.

With a degree in computer systems, I am able to supervise a staff of engineers and programmers that keeps things running smoothly. I also handle networking for the entire company.

I happened to get some experience in social media when working for a small tech company, so I also handle the social media accounts for WavesChamp. It makes the job even more fun.

In my spare time, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and stand up paddle boarding.

Email: jerome@waveschamp.com