One of the hardest things to attain as an inflatable kayak manufacturer is customer trust and that is the one thing setting apart today’s brand from the rest.

Advanced Elements may not be a pioneer creator in the industry of inflatables but it is definitely a leading manufacturer of inflatable kayaks. Only recently has this brand emerged on the surface of this market yet it has already taken over the lead in most of its branches.

One positive review at a time, Advanced Elements managed to carve its name in this domain and now it has introduced yet another reason to appreciate this brand and it’s called the Advanced Frame Sport. Not an awfully creative name but this is definitely a unique kayak.

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  • 4 Air chambers.
  • Large cockpit opening: 61cm x 107cm.
  • Rubber moulded handles.
  • Bungee deck lacing.
  • Paddle holder.
  • Mesh pocket.
  • New advanced inflation valves.
  • Comfortable folding seat  – High support seat provides comfort for hours of paddling.
  • Hull design – Landing plate and tracking fin improve performance.
  • Durable fabric cover.
  • Splash diverter.
  • Electronically welded seams.
  • Rigid bow and stern – Built-in rigid panels define the bow and stern and improve tracking.
  • XC design – Inner tube covers add stiffness and abrasion protection.
  • Rip-stop fabric.
  • [alert-note]Note: this model will not accept a sprayskirt.[/alert-note]

  • Length: 318cm.
  • Width: 82cm.
  • Weight: 12kg.
  • Max capacity: 113kg (approx. 18 stone).
  • Colour: Orange/Blue; Gold/Blue

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak Review


When it comes to quality, I can’t really tell you that Advanced Frame sport is stronger than a solid kayak but it’s definitely as close as it could be to that.

Not only is the body of this kayak extremely robust but it’s also a nudge more flexible than your standard solid kayak and that gives it a head start. Justifiably, this kayak is made of one of the most durable double coated fabrics out there giving it the consistency of chain armour.

As if that’s not over the top already, Advanced Elements thought it would be a good idea to add aluminium bow and stern ribs, making this kayak virtually indestructible.

Additionally, this engineering delight enhances not only the overall quality of the kayak but also affects navigation and agility positively.

Another aspect that is often neglected in similar reviews is the quality of build which is as important as the quality of raw materials if not more. Fortunately, the advanced frame sport is not the first and it definitely won’t be the last prime build kayak that Advanced Elements produces. This kayak was put together using refined industrial double drop stitch construction which is similar to how army bullet proof vests are made. Now that’s strong.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak review


Even the least noticeable features on the advanced frame sport can give you a clear idea on how much dedication and hard work was invested into this kayak.

Starting at the cockpit, which is the most vital space on every kayak, you can see that there’s a certain level of complexity that’s accommodating for a far less complex purpose.

The passenger’s space on this kayak is thus designed in a way so as to make it extremely simple to enter and exit the kayak whenever needed and especially in case of an emergency.

Moreover, the leg room is unbelievable which is not only useful to your state of use but also fit for supplementary cargo.

One cannot speak of the cockpit without going over the seat provided. As for that aspect, I believe that the manufacturer did its best to come up with a comfortable but extremely packable seat which might have fringed a little on posture but not by a mile.

Back to cargo, the advanced frame sport features a bungee cord lacing on the head of the kayak which is meant to help you secure and transport anything from your paddle to your water bottle.

Another significant improvement on this kayak is the hard edges. The far front and far rear of your kayak are often the parts that are frequently in contact with your environment which is why Advanced Elements sought to build them as tough as a solid kayak so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Further, the advanced frame sport features multiple air chambers instead of a singular chamber and that is significant. The good thing about sitting on multiple air chambers is that even if one goes down, you still have a few more engines to get you where you need to be safely.

The tracking system of the kayak is also something worth noting as it is what makes the difference between sailing in a straight line and wiggling left and right before you gain momentum. Luckily, this kayak comes with a large skeg which will enhance tracking and your experience by proxy.

[alert-note]P.S: This kayak weighs 33 pounds and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs without affecting performance. Also, this boat comes in two different colors which are Orange and Gold-blue.[/alert-note]


For a 10 feet 5 inches long 32 inches wide kayak, you would think that this vessel is never going to be impressive. Luckily, you’re very wrong.

Before anything, this right here is a recreational kayak and that comes with a set of pre-predispositions that are meant to accommodate for every need that a beginning or intermediate kayaker might have. However, that means so little to advanced paddlers in which case I would advise you to keep looking.

Not appealing to advanced paddlers doesn’t necessarily mean that the advanced frame sport is a bad kayak; it just means that it’s tuned to appeal more to new comers. Speaking of appeal, nothing can be more satisfactory than an easy to navigate kayak and the flat bottom hull of the advanced frame makes manoeuvre a delight.

All in all, the advanced frame sport is an outstanding kayak that can perform in universal water conditions. From lakes, to rivers, to open sea this kayak has proven to be very compatible and a strong performer.

[alert-note]Note: White water kayaking is strongly not advised for beginners.[/alert-note]



  • The overall build and material quality of the advanced frame sport make it an outstanding pick.
  • The basic features of the kayak are everything you’ll need as a beginner to override your experience and make the best out of it.
  • The aesthetic aspect of the advanced frame sport is definitely an asset as it is very simplistic and label free.


  • The package in which the kayak comes in includes a duffel bag for easy transportation and storage, a repair kit and a folding seat. However, it is up to you to provide a pump and paddle which is not an awfully difficult task but that’s something I would expect the seller to do for me.