Wherever you go, there’ll always be that one Airhead that you need to forget. However, when it comes to inflatable paddle boards, an Airhead is often unforgettable.

The Bliss 930 is Airhead’s latest addition to a long prosperous line of quality inflatable boards. The company has managed to pull off a clean record throughout various products. In fact, Airhead have been harvesting all kinds of positive reviews on almost every correlated platform.

Accordingly, the Bliss 930 is no different from all the other Airhead iSUPs except it is a little better. Actually, it’s a lot better and on so many levels.

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  • Extra thick (4mm) EVA traction pad
  • One 9″ Classic Removable Fin
  • 1 center carry handle
  • EZ Push Hi Pressure Valve
  • 10 stainless steel D-rings
    • 4 stainless steel D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
    • 4 more stainless steel D-ring around the deck for kayak seat atatchment
    • 1 extra D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
    • 1 D-ring beneath the nose for towing the board.
  • Packages includes:
    • Mesh backpack
    • Stainless steel tow ring
    • Hi pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
    • Valve wrench
    • Board strap & repair kit
Dimensions 9′ x 30″ x 4″
Material PVC & Drop-stitch
Weight limit 180 lbs
Number of D-rings 10 Stainless D-Rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose (attached with a bungee cord)
  • 4 more D-rings around the pad for kayak seat atatchment
  • 1 extra D-ring on the tail to attach a safety leash or to tie up the board to docks
  • 1 D-ring beneath the nose for towing the board
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins One 9″ Classic Removable Fin
Volume N/A
Carry handles 1
Warranty 1 year


Airhead Bliss 930 inflatable SUP Board ReviewLength is usually a determining factor for paddle boards in general because it significantly impacts performance and most importantly user compatibility.

Hence, the Airhead Bliss 930 measures 9 feet in length which is about the standard size for most inflatable paddle boards. 9 Feet makes this board compatible with a wide scope of paddlers, ranging from teenagers to young adults. The length of the board is also significant in terms of speed building and agility but not to worry because 9 feet is about perfect for those two elements.

Beyond length, the width of the board is on the same level of importance. That is why Airhead went with a firm 30 inches in width which is both compelling yet not over the top. A board that is not wide enough is far too unstable whereas a board too wide lacks speed and is hard to navigate. 30 inches however guarantees that you’ll gain maximum stability and a more flexible control over your board. The wide platform will also enable you to move around comfortably on top of the board and that is crucial for navigation.

Last but definitely not least, another physical challenge for paddle boards is thickness. In that concern, the Bliss measures about 4 inches in thickness which could’ve been better in all honesty. Boards that are 3 inches mark are more likely to bend at the center under excessive weight which is why the further you are from that the better. In this case, you’re 1 inch away which is not really comforting but at the same time not a risk. The board is thus thick enough to handle a maximum weight of 180 lbs at ease.


Quality is definitely a shining star on the record book of the Airhead Bliss 930 because the board is mainly praised for its quality. Accordingly, this Airhead is strictly made of robust PVC material which is the same Zodiac boats are made of.

The quality of build material isn’t everything that highlights the Bliss 930. Actually, the way this board was put together is even more impressive. The makers thought it would be just about right to reinforce the board via an industrial drop stitch construction instead of the regular glue build which is as reliable as your Ex.

In simple English, this right here is a board that is built to endure and overcome the roughest environments and make it out with minimal damage if at all. So, forget about babysitting your inflatable paddle board because the Bliss 930 is a quality board that’s very well-engineered.

Airhead Bliss 930 inflatable Stand up paddle Board Review


If you thought that quality is the best aspect of the Airhead Bliss 930 then wait till you see the abundance of practical features it has to offer. Even the smallest details on the board give away just how effort and dedication were invested into this work of art. Nevertheless, today we will be taking a look at the board’s most prominent features exclusively.

  • The most attractive part of the Bliss 930 must be that fine-tuned gripping pad expending to cover most of the platform. This right here is a premium gripping pad which is equivalent to lizard feet. What that means is that this feature will significantly enhance your grip over the board, making balance and movement far easier on top of the board. This in itself will improve your control and allow you to comfortably and continuously adjust yourself on the board. The pad will also prove significantly handy once you’ll need to get back on top of the board from the water.
  • D-rings are also a highlight of the Bliss 930 as it features exactly 9 D-rings, serving several purposes. The D-rings attached with bungee cord on the nose of the board is one hell of a cargo net. This sort of instalment will enable you to transport / store anything from your paddle to your sandals while allowing you to roam hands free throughout your ride.
  • There are also 4 separate D-rings around the center of the platform which are also stainless steel but most importantly they are awesome. These 4 D-rings are meant to help you install a kayak seat (doesn’t come with the board) which can be purchased separately to further enhance the range of possible activities you can unlock on this paddle board.
  • The Bliss 930 also features one extra D-ring down by the end of the board which is meant for safety leash attachment or for securing your board at ease whenever you feel like it.


Packaging is usually considered as a big deal and especially for inflatable paddle boards because it can either make your experience an extended summer vacation or a pain in the butt. Gracefully, the Bliss 930 translates exactly to pure joy and that’s what this package is all about.

  • Airhead Bliss 930 inflatable stand up paddle board reviewSaid package includes a mesh backpack which is the best part of it because it will enable you to transport and store the board like you’d handle a skateboard. Yes, the board does get that small when deflated and rolled up. The mesh part of the bag will enable the board to dry up quicker and maintain fewer odors.
  • The board also comes with a high pressure hand pump which is an essential tool for every paddler because either you like it or not, you’ll need it to get your board set up and functioning. The pumping process can take about 8 minutes to pump the board up to about 10 PSI. The pump comes with a pressure gauge to make it easier for you to inflate the board to that exact degree.
  • Last but definitely not least, the package includes a board strap to keep your board well packed and a repair kit which I doubt you’ll ever need with a board so robust.


As far as performance goes, you must keep in mind that this is an all-around recreational inflatable paddle board which is not designed to race. However, the Bliss 930 is optimized to best suit the needs and requirements of beginning and intermediate paddlers. Nevertheless, the board’s extra large central fin will significantly improve navigation whereas the dimensions will help you generate enough power to challenge bigger boards which should be fun. After all that is what paddle boarding is all about; Fun.



  • The Airhead Bliss 930 is a great inflatable fitness and Yoga SUP board.
  • This paddle board features 10 stainless steel D-rings, 4 of which are attached with a bungee cord making a great cargo net.
  • It comes with a large comfortable EVA deck pad.


  • The Airhead Bliss 930 is just 4″ thick which is a bit weak compared to other inflatable paddle boards out there.
  • It doesn’t come with a paddle.

Airhead AHSUP Bliss 930 inflatable stand up paddle board