Kids are mostly known for their love and need to have fun; they are all about playing, running around and smiling which is something great to watch; that’s why the Airhead SUP took this category of their audience into consideration and built the inflatable stand up paddle board the Popsicle 730 for kids who love water activities.

This inflatable stand up paddle board should be the perfect gift for your son/daughter or niece/nephew after those long months they spend in school; it’ll be a great motive for them to study harder and be excited about summer.

The Popsicle 730 is an all-round SUP board that’s 7 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick; it’s a board that will make the kid riding it feel special. The fact that it is 6 inches thick makes it very stable and sturdy especially in flat water; add to that the fact that it can take up to 120 lbs as a weight capacity. Also, its 30 inches wideness will provide a large space for the kid to stand comfortably, sit or lay.

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  • EVA Traction Pad with Tail Kicker
  • EZ Push Hi Pressure Valve
Dimensions 7′ long x 30″ wide x 6″ thick
Material Durable PVC
Weight limit 30 to 120 lbs
Number of D-rings
  • 1 towing D-ring
  • 1 safety leash D-ring
Recommended PSI 10 – 15 PSI
Fins 4 Fixed Thruster Fins
Carry handles 1
Warranty 1 years

AIRHEAD Popsicle 730 inflatable stand up paddle board review

Being mentioned, this board is not only made for kids to have fun; it also took into account the fact that kids need more care, and here I’m talking about the EVA deck pad which works amazingly as an anti-skid pad and also as a soft ground for the kids’ feet. You’ll also find a tail kicker at the back of the traction pad for pivot turns and quick handling which means more fun; the kids would paddle on this SUP for hours and I assure you that they will not get bored nor will they complain.

Moreover, to inflate the Popsicle 730 iSUP board you’ll find a high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge included which will pump the SUP up to 15 PSI; it’s very easy to use that you can let the kid inflate it if he or she feels like it with little help of course, while you can keep an eye on the level of pressure watching the screen of the included manometer. Also, a valve wrench is included to maximize the levels of usability and safety while inflating or deflating the board.

Further, once fully inflated, you’ll love how stiff this little guy feels; it’s made of strong and durable PVC material that will prevent flexing or bending in the water. Looking at the details of the Popsicle 730 up-close, you’ll notice that it’s finely made to look as a one strong piece; each end meets and fusses with the other so there are no glue marks or cracks. Also, a comfortable central carry handle is featured to facilitate carrying the inflated board around; even the kid can use it since the SUP is only 19 lbs.

AIRHEAD Popsicle 730 Inflatable SUP Board Review

Now, every inflatable stand up paddle board comes with at least one fin; the Popsicle 730 comes with 4 small attached fins which work pretty fine stabilizing the board and tracking. You might notice that there is a little flex to them and that’s for a reason; since they’re not removable the flex will help them avoid possible damage, yet, that’s unlikely to happen because they’re small.

Furthermore, the Popsicle 730 comes with 2 stainless steel D-rings; one of which is on the board’s tail, while the other is on its nose from beneath. One of these D-rings is meant to be used to attach a safety leash while the other one is meant to tow the board. That being said, it’s always recommended to make sure that the kid is wearing a safety suit before getting on the board.

I just mentioned a safety leash which I find necessary for kids to keep them close to the board in case they fell off it, but as you can see no safety leash is included in this package. Also, you won’t find the usual 3-piece adjustable paddle included either. It’s the only thing I’d complain about. However, Airhead SUP makes great paddles and accessories; thus, it shouldn’t be that bad to order the lacking items.

 Airhead SUP Popsicle 730 AHSUP-14 inflatable SUP Board Review

Finally, the Popsicle 730 comes with a great mesh backpack which is highly functional and practical; I mean I don’t need to tell you why inflatable stand up paddle boards are awesome, just look at all of the options and featured they have to offer and you’d know. This backpack is comfortable to carry and and it’s designed to keep your deflated SUP board dry by allowing air to get to it.



  • The Airhead Popsicle 730 is a perfect SUP for kids.
  • It comes with a large EVA traction pad with a tail kicker.
  • It has 4 small fixed fins for smooth tracking on flat water.


  • The The Airhead Popsicle 730 package doesn’t include neither a paddle nor a safety leash.
  • It only has 2 D-rings.