After being exposed to stand up paddle boarding, I stared to realize that I don’t have to limit myself to one type of water sports; because this sport is the right one for anyone who’s looking for relaxation or excitement.

Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable SUP Board

The Aqua Marina is my usual destination every time I’m looking for a new item or an update, and this time, I’m laying my hand on one of their greatest inflatable stand up paddle board; the Breeze.

The Breeze is known for having one of the most popular iSUP shapes out there; it’s all-round, basic and very sleek. Such design is what will allow the board’s smooth versatility in different water conditions, as it’ll allow you to practice a variety of activities freely in complete balance. What also counts here is that the Breeze looks really badass; the light green is always a catch to the eye.

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  • Sculpted balance flow curves board design.
  • 5 Stainless “D” rings.
  • EVA Deck : Honeycomb groove, heat embossed, maximum traction and durability.
  • Elastic bungee cords for cargo
  • 1 Carry handle
  • Optimum air pressure in all  conditions, up to 15 PSI
Dimensions 9’9″ long x 30″ wide x 4″ thick
Material Durable 4″ double-wall drop stitch PVC construction
Weight limit 209 lbs
Number of D-rings 7 Stainless D-Rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose (attached with a bungee cord)
  • 2 extra D-rings to attach a kayak seat.
  • 1 D-ring on the tail to attach a safety leash
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 center detachable fin + 2 small fins
Carry handles 1
Warranty 1 year


Now, the Breeze is 9.9 feet tall, 30 wide and 4 inches thick. Some of you might think it’s small, and in this case you might consider the Vapor or the Monster. However, others might find it to be the perfect size for them; it’s all about what you’re looking for. The Breeze is an iSUP that is great for yoga, stretching and touring, and it can take up to 209 lbs on board.

Additionally, and what is really important to be mentioned; this board is made of a double-wall drop-stitch material which will not only extend its durability, but it’ll also put one of the stiffest boards under your feet. Also, the featured traction pad is one to be praised because first; it almost covers the whole back of the Breeze, and second; it’s honeycomb grooved and heat embossed for maximum traction and durability.

Another aspect about inflatable stand up paddle boards is one which you won’t have the privilege of trying on an authentic solid SUP board; the D-rings set and bungee system. The Breeze is featured with 7 D-rings; 4 are on the front and are connected with a bungee cord so you get to secure your paddle, meal-box or any other cargo to the board. Another 2 are on the sides of the board if you like to paddle using a high-back kayak seat or a backrest, and the last one in on the board’s tail for safety leash attachment.

Additionally, a tri-fin set is waiting for you to witness its awesomeness; one fin is large and central while the other 2 are smaller and peripheral. The best thing about these fins is that they’re removable so you can easily detach them and pack the deflated board. However, they’re here because they have a job to do, and that is to keep the board balanced and support your stroke for smoother rides and faster gliding.

Moreover, a 3-piece aluminum paddle is part of the Breeze’s package; it’s functional as it’ll grant you a comfortable grip of it thanks to the T-shape rubbery handle. Also, once you break it down into 3 pieces you’ll have it a lot easier to store.

Further, you’ll find a high pressure pump with gauge which will enable you to inflate the board up to 15 psi which is enough to make it rock hard. This pump is there to make inflating the Breeze anywhere you go an easy possible thing, as it won’t take more than   5-10 minutes to be fully inflated.

Finally, I’m always pleased to state that inflatable stand up paddle boards are here to make water sports way easier and available for anyone, because with an iSUP like the Aqua Marina Breeze you don’t have to worry neither about where to store it, nor how to transport it.

Once you deflate the board, you roll it up and fit it in the Magic backpack along with the other items; and there, you’re ready to go and hit the water. You’ll also find a repair kit included for the worst scenario case.

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  • The Aqua Marina Breeze is a budge-friendly inflatable SUP board.
  • It’s designed for riders wanting low volume and weight such as children and women.
  • It’s made of a double-wall drop-stitch material that turns rock hard once fully inflated.
  • It comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you need to handle including the repair kit backpack, as it is featured with a set of D-rings and bungee system that’ll allow you to carry extra cargo on board or use a kayak seat.


  • The Aqua Marina Breeze is just 4″ inches thick and can only handle 209lbs.
  • It’s not suited for large paddlers.

[alert-note]P.S : The paddle does not float, so better attach it to a leash in order not to lose it to the deep sea.[/alert-note]