Aqua Marina is here again to impress us a little more with one of its most challenging and innovative designs for an inflatable stand up paddle board.

Aqua Marina proved that they are ready to exceed all limits to come up with something worth your attention; this company does not admit that “impossible” exists, they work smart and hard at the same time for one main reason: to provide us with all the choices from which we can pick what’s best for us.

The Champion is the star of this review; it’s going to leave some heavy impressions so be prepared.

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  • Durable 6″ double-wall drop-stitch core material
  • Soft EVA deck pad for maximum comfort and traction
  • Universal joint for attaching windsurfing rig
  • Clipper fast box system with retractable DuPont Minlon 11′ dagger fin
  • 2 fin boxes, middle and tail, for riders of all experience levels
  • 4 Stainless steel D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • Multiple foot straps for sailing and paddling
  • Paddle holder
  • Package includes :
    • JOMBO 23.5″ high pressure pump with gauge
    • Magic backpack
    • Repair kit
Dimensions 9’9″ x 30″ x 6″
Material 6″ double-wall drop stitch PVC
Weight limit 265lbs
Number of D-rings 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 center fin + daggerboard
Volume 270L
Foot Staps 4 foot straps positions for every level of sailing
Warranty 1 year


The Champion is not just any inflatable board; it’s an inflatable stand up paddle board and a windsurf board at the same time; what does that mean? It means that this board is a monster which is made to overcome any water circumstances and allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Champion is 9.9 feet long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick; it’s one of the most wanted sizes when it comes to stand up paddle boarding, and given the fact that it is a windsurf board; it’s just perfect since the sail will do most of the job and let the wind push the board anywhere you like. Being mentioned; the sail is 3.0 m² with a 300 cm RDM mast that consists of 3-piece fiberglass composite, a 300 cm luff and an adjustable clamp-on boom of 110-160 cm.


Aqua Marina knows what they are doing when it comes to strength and durability; the Champion is not only made to look good but also to maintain its body structure and performance. This board is made of a double-wall drop stitch PVC material, and that makes it one of the hardest iSUPs once fully inflated.

If you think about it, the Champion is already made to be stronger than any other inflatable SUP board out there since it is a windsurf board that’ll have a sail attached to it; you can only imagine how stiff it’ll be once you set foot on it.

Moreover, the sail itself is made with regard to universal measurements; in other words, the Champion is made and featured with unbeatable materials and qualities.

The joint that will attach the windsurfing rig to the board, for example, is built in exactly the same way as on natural windsurf boards; it’s rigid and firm you won’t feel the difference.

Not only that, this sail is made of quality Dacron material that will withstand the wind and push the board faster with every blow. It’s also transparent which will allow you a full x-play while windsurfing. I have no doubt that you’ll be impressed once you see the Champion fully inflated and put together; it’s a delightful view.


Honestly speaking, I need a whole other review to cover all of the Champion’s features fairly; it’s a great board that opens the door for plenty of possibilities. On this part of the review, you’ll have a closer look at the Champion’s prominent features and qualities. First things first though:

  • The greatest thing about the Champion is that it’s a windsurf board which is featured with its own sail. This latter will be sent to you in pieces which you’ll have to put together before you attach it to the board. You can easily put the sail together by following the instructions in the manual regardless of your level and experience.
  • You’ll find a central universal joint that’ll enable you to attach the sail just like you see it on authentic windsurf boards.
  • The Champion is featured with an EVA traction pad that covers half the board’s back; it’s soft and does its job perfectly.
  • Two fin boxes are also featured for maximum stability and water tracking; one fin is a central 28 cm dagger fin with a clipper fast box system while the second is meant for tracking and it’s on the board’s tail.
  • Four foot-straps are fixed to the board and are made of rubbery durable material for extreme comfort. They’ll never hurt your feet and you can move from one position to the other with ease and comfort. Those foot-straps are also made to suit all levels including beginners.
  • You’ll also find a bungee system which consists of 4 D-rings that are connected with a bungee cord. Most inflatable SUP boards come with such a system, so, Aqua Marina decided to feature it on this one as well. You can use the bungee cord to secure any extra cargo to the board.
  • The Champion’s makers did not forget to include paddle holders for anyone of you who wants to paddle their way through without the sail. Those paddle holders are on one side of the board and are very practical and easy to use.

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The Champion’s package is a little big and you can guess why. Also, you’ll be glad to know that it has everything a windsurf board would need to be handled. Let’s start with what’s obvious. The package includes:

  • The inflatable board
  • A hand pressure pump that will inflate the Champion up to 15 psi easily and under any circumstances. It’s featured with a pressure gauge so you’d know when to stop pumping
  • A repair kit for a bad day
  • A backpack where you can pack the deflated board and store/transport it easily.
  • The sail set which also includes:
    • Durable dacron sail cloth with Monofilm material and one batten
    • Mast : 3 piece fiberglass composite RDM mast (3 equal length sections)
    • Boom : Adjustable clamp-on-boom with EVA foam cover
    • Uphaul
    • Fixed base extension and 1 bolt base
    • A bag where you can fit the whole set



Taking into consideration the fact that the Aqua Marina Champion is not that of a long board, we can guess that it’s not meant for racing or high speed. However, you’ll be surprised at how smooth and swift it moves in flat and choppy water.

Its all-round design and rocker nose eliminates water resistance and makes the board a very versatile one. Also, you won’t have to give up stand up paddle boarding with the Champion because you can use the board without the sail.

Once you attach the sail, you’ll be able to pull some good moves since the Champion is not hard to control and maneuver. Further, I can’t deny the fact that this board is stable as ever; it was so easy to balance my body on top of it especially with the sail attached to it.


  • The Champion is a very well-engineered inflatable windsurf board which can also be used as a standup paddle board.
  • It’s relatively stable and easy to control.
  • It comes with a strongly built sail (universal measurements).
  • The whole sail set fits in one bag and it’s easy to put together.
  • The Aqua Marina Champion is the right for you if you want to enjoy both SUP’ing and windsurfing


  • Except for the fact that the whole package is a bit heavier than other packages due to the additional sail’s weight; there is nothing wrong with the Champion.