Aqua Marina is undoubtedly one the best inflatable paddle board manufacturer out there. They’ve been in business for quite a long time and they’ve mastered the art of providing top-notch products and workmanship.

Aqua Marina Race Competitive Inflatable Paddle Board

This review is going to be about one of the greatest race inflatable stand up paddle board out there of all time; the Aqua Marina Race Competitive is made for those of you who are aspiring to do great things and this is a closer look at it.

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  • Durable 6″ double-wall drop-stitch core material
  • Extra layers of post inflation lamination for extra stiffness and block air leakage
  • One slide-in center fin
  • 4 Stainless steel D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 extra D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
  • 1 comfortable center carry handle
  • Package includes :
    • JOMBO 23.5″ high pressure pump with gauge
    • Magic backpack
Dimensions 14’0″ x 28″ x 6″
Material Military-grade PVC & Dropstitch Technology
Weight limit 352lbs
Number of D-rings 5 Stainless D-rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 slide-in center fin
Volume 360L
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year


The Aqua Marina Race Competitive is one of these big boards that make you feel small once you stand next to them which is not bad at all because it’s a fact that the longer the board the faster it will be.

The Race Competitive is 14 feet tall; it’s a racing inflatable paddle board par excellence. Looking at its design, you can tell that it is really meant to rock the water and glide like an authentic board. What I loved most about it is its sharp nose that knives through the water and break the resistance like a knife cutting through a birthday cake.

Moreover, and like most quality racing inflatable paddle board, the Aqua Marina Race Competitive board is 28 inches wide which is a little bit narrow but it’s about perfect for racing paddle boards. It’s also enough for those of you who need to carry extra cargo on board; it won’t affect your comfort zone on the board while paddling.

Furthermore, this board is 6 inches thick which is perfect as a stiff and thick platform. All in all, the Race Competitive is a one of a hell racing inflatable paddle board that simulates an authentic one when it comes to design and body shape.


So far, I haven’t tested an inflatable stand up paddle board by Aqua Marina that did not meet my expectations (and i’ve tried most of their SUPs over the years); the Race Competitive is no exception. This board is made of military grade PVC material that is reinforced with a double drop stitch construction, and that makes it nearly indestructible.

I’m not just saying this randomly, but bending this board or damaging it is going to be an extremely difficult mission thanks to the extra layers of post-inflation lamination that stiffens the board and blocks air leakage. I’ve seen cars running over it and that didn’t cause a scratch on its thick and stiff body. Not only that; the fact that it is 6 inches thick makes it impossible for your feet to dive into the water as it’ll allow you to enjoy a great floating experience.

The Aqua Marina Race Competitive is a very well-engineered race inflatable paddle board that’s designed to compete with regular racing boards.


Every inflatable stand up paddle board has something that makes it special and unique; the Race has plenty. Getting at this part of the review, you’re going to have a closer look at the Race Competitive in order to discover its fine details and design.

  • The Aqua Marina Race Competitive comes in a modern design that is complex but yet simple; its body is painted with 3 colors: red, black and white, and these colors are mixed in a way to simulate the end line of a racetrack; it’s the best way to say that this board will be as fast as you expect it to be.
  • Now, some racing inflatable stand up paddle boards are not featured with any kind of bungee system; the Aqua Marina Race Competitive is not one of them. On this board, you’ll find a very functional bungee system with 4 connected D-rings on the nose. The bungee cord allows you to enjoy a hands-free experience.
  • A fifth D-rings in fixed on the board’s tail for safety leash attachment.
  • This board’s navigation system is a killer; the single large fin is so sharp; Aqua Marina gave it a 10/10 for tracking. The fin is strong and durable as it is also removable for easy packing. Further, such fin will boost your balance on the board and enhance your ability to control it.
  • Speaking of control, the Race Competitive if featured with one of the largest EVA deck pads you could encounter and it covers more than 2 thirds of its back. This traction pad is heat embossed for extreme durability as it adds to the thickness of the iSUP as a whole. If you have ridden an inflatable paddle board before you’ll know that the traction pad is your way to stability and firm control over the board.



It’s always a good deal when it’s a complete all-inclusive one; this board’s package lacks some items but that doesn’t make it by any means less awesome. So, this is what you’re going to find included once you make your order:

  • The board of course.
  • An optimum air pressure that can pump the board up to 15 psi anywhere and under any condition. It’s practical and it comes with a pressure gauge announcing you when to stop inflating.
  • The previously mentioned slide-in fin.
  • A carry backpack which most Aqua Marina’s iSUPs are featured with; it’s a good bag that is comfortable to carry around. You can also fit your paddle in it if it’s a breakable one.
  • Being mentioned, the Aqua marina Race Competitive is not featured with a paddle which is a bit usual for racing iSUPs. The thing is that you’ll need a strong, yet light paddle for racing; that’s why you need to pick the right one for your own style.


According to the manufacturer, the Race Competitive is made to be fast with perfect water tracking, and that’s quite what you are going to get. This paddle board is fast and steady thanks to its navigation system. It might be a little demanding to perform some tricks of maneuvers due to its length, but it won’t give you a hard time touring or cruising. You can tell by the board’s nose shape that this board is meant to slay the water and compete with authentic ones.

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  • The Aqua Marina Race is a very long paddle board designed to pick up speed quickly
  • It’s relatively stable and it tracks very well
  • It is given a modern sleek design to simulate hard boards
  • It is built with extra layers of post-inflation lamination that stiffens the board and blocks air leakage
  • It is 6 inches thick with a durable, heat-embossed EVA deck Pad
  • It can take up to 352 lbs


  • The Aqua Marina Race doesn’t come with a paddle.
  • Paddle boards this long are not that easy to maneuver and to control especially in choppy water.
  • We wouldn’t recommend this inflatable paddle board neither to beginners nor to intermediate paddlers

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Aqua Marina Race Competitive iSUP board

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