Yoga enthusiasts are getting so much attention from whole lot different industrial domains including The thing about yoga inflatable paddle board.

Yoga has proven to be a great recreation and relaxation activity for different people with different needs; that’s why Atom Surf decided to put stand up paddle boarding and yoga together for people like you, who are willing to take yoga right into the water.

This review is going to be about the Atom Surf Yoga inflatable paddle board which is considered to be a great yoga choice for different riders who are into water yoga, and that’s without compromising good-built and quality. Keep reading to see more of the Atom Yoga’s details and features.

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  • Large non-slip EVA diamond groove deck traction pad
  • 5 D-rings; 4 of which are attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 extra D-rings at the tail for safety leash attachment
  • 2 small side-fixed fins and 1 central detachable fin
  • 1 carry handle on the left side of the board
  • Package includes :
    • 3-piece aluminium paddle with a T-grip for maximum functionality.
    • High pressure hand pump with gauge.
    • Well-made backpack.
    • central Fin
    • Repair kit.
Dimensions 10′ x 33″ x 6″
Material Military grade PVC & Drop Stitch Material
Weight limit NA
Number of D-rings 5 D-rings

  • 4 D-rings on the tail attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 extra D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Two small fixed fins on sides, + 1 removable center fin
Volume NA
Carry handles 1 side carry handle
Warranty 1 year


Atom Surf Atom Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board reviewThe Atom Surf presents their yoga inflatable paddle board in two different colours; blue and green. However, both the boards have the same dimensions and qualities.

The thing about yoga inflatable paddle board is that they are meant to excel when it comes to stability, that’s why the Atom is 33 inches wide which is the best on the market. Most inflatable boards are usually 30 inches wide; thus, 3 extra inches is totally going to make a change. This aspect is what’s extremely vital when it comes to yoga boards; the wider the board, the more stable it’ll be on water, and that’s pretty much what everyone is looking for in an iSUP.

Concerning length, the Atom is 10 feet long which is only reasonable for a yoga paddle board, because as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t someone who would find or think that these 10 feet are not enough for yoga routines. Actually, this length measurement is quite the standard for The thing about yoga inflatable paddle board.

Last but not least, the Atom is 6 inches thick which is pretty expected. It’s very rare to find a yoga board which thickness is less than 6 inches. That being stated; you must know that by ordering this iSUP, you’ll be getting a board with the best aspects given to any inflatable stand up paddle board.

All in all, I could confidently say that the Atom has the perfect dimensions for a recreational yoga paddle board, as I can also argue that the Atom Yoga is not only good for yoga, but also touring if you consider it to an all-round iSUP.


Atom Surf Yoga inflatable SUP Board reviewIt’s a known fact that inflatable stand up paddle boards are not fragile anymore; they are proven to be thick, stiff and durable. The Atom Surf is all about making hard and affordable boards, and the Atom Yoga is their living example to manifest that; it’s made of military-grade PVC material which is the only thing that makes me feel secure when talking about an iSUP’s construction.

There is also this PVC rocker belt that holds the parts of the board all together tightly allowing you to inflate it up to 15 PSI; it’s considered to be the air pressure level where any iSUP turns from soft to rock.

Further, the drop-stitch construction that is part of every quality iSUP is the one thing saying that this iSUP is made to be preserved, that this iSUP will not be easily destroyed, and that it’ll maintain its shape and performance for years to come.


The Atom chose to go with what’s basic for their yoga boards; the Atom Yoga is quite a simple iSUP with simple counted features to maximise space, safety, and comfort when it comes to yoga routines.

  • The first thing you need to check on a yoga board is the traction pad. Luckily, the traction pad is all you can see once you spot the Atom Yoga. The diamond grooved pad covers the whole back of the board making it an open space for you to take any position on any part of it. This pad is thick adding to the stiffness of the board, but it’s also very soft and comfortable to stand on.
  • You’ll find an awesome navigation system that consists of three durable fins; one of which is large, central and removable, while the other two are smaller and fixed. These fins do perfectly well when it comes to straight tracking. Not only that; these fins are known to boost your balance and control especially when changing directions or trying to speed up.
  • Moreover, the Atom took into consideration the need for a bungee system on a yoga board; that’s why they featured their board with 4 D-rings that are connected with a bungee cord on the tail, so you can secure your paddle or anything else that you have brought with you to the board. A fifth D-ring is on the tail for safety leash attachment.
  • Lastly, there is this carry handle at the side of the board that’ll allow you to carry it around comfortably with one hand. It’s not at the middle like usual with all-round or The thing about yoga inflatable paddle board, because yoga needs clear space for  better performance and comfort.

Atom Surf Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board review


Atom Surf Yoga Inflatable Paddle Board reviewI’m a package person to be honest; if the package is complete and all-inclusive with a good price and without compromised quality, then it’s definitely worth going for. If not, I might absolutely have second thoughts about the whole thing.

Good thing the Atom Yoga is one of these all-inclusive packages that I appreciate quite a lot. Once you order this iSUP, you’re expected to find the following:

  • A fin
  • A repair kit.
  • A well-made backpack.
  • A high pressure hand pump with gauge.
  • A 3-piece aluminium paddle with a T-grip for maximum functionality.

This part is the one that always reminds me of why I went for an inflatable paddle board in the first place; with a package like this, you can always be on the go with your board on your back or in the back of your car without compromising neither, fun, nor performance.


The Atom Yoga is made to maintain a great balance that you probably wouldn’t experience on other iSUPs. It can also be dealt with as an all-round iSUP which should be great for touring discovery.

However, the Atom Yoga can’t be thought of as a fast board and that’s pretty obvious. Yet, I must give it the following; it’s responsive, easily directed, and it’s nearly impossible to bend or cause it to submerge under water thanks to its width and thickness.


  • The best thing about the Atom Yoga is its very large traction pad that covers all of its back.
  • The width of this board (33 inches) is its strongest aspect making it extremely stable and functional.
  • It comes in a complete package with everything you need to handle it even if you were a beginner.
  • It’s a great thing that the Atom Yoga doesn’t lack a bungee system.


  • If I had to pick some criticisms for the  Atom Surf Yoga inflatable paddle board, I’d say that it’s not a fast board but that’s quite understandable.