7 Best Filter Water Bottles

Water bottles are incredibly handy devices that ensure you’ll always be able to quench your thirst or get hydration wherever you are. Filter water bottles take that already solid technology a step further by providing you with delicious water that is also safe and delicious.

It is important to make sure that your water is free of potentially harmful chemicals and any unwanted substances. The following list is filled with different items that do exactly that.

Clean Water on the Go

There are many filter water bottle brands to choose from, but a few truly do rise up over the rest. The following seven all give you a lot of bang for your buck, and they do so with a range of impressive features other models lack.

1. Refresh2Go Curve

Filter water bottle number one is the Refresh2Go Curve. This model has many things going for it, including an affordable price and a great shape.

The low-priced filter water bottle fits in just about every single bike/car holder and it comes with a special leakproof lid. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about transportation or spilling while you use it.

Those features are then accentuated by the sleek ergonomic design. Not only does that make the bottle look good, but it also works with the special grip and unique carrying loops to make it easy to hold. This is particularly helpful for runners or bikers who might handle it while sweaty or on the go.

Fresh Taste and Smooth Filtration

This bottle also comes with two straws and one filter. That combination creates a special 2 in 1 functionality that allows you to either filter your water or sip your drink depending on your situation.

The bottle is also BPA free and can be used in the top rack of a dishwasher. The mouthpiece folds into the cap for extra cleanliness, while the excellent filter reduces chlorine taste and odor.

In terms of filtration, this treats 40 gallons of water before needing a change.

While there are stronger filter options out there, the Refresh2Go Curve is more than enough for standard tap water. That makes it a perfect choice for anyone who constantly wants access to fresh filtered liquid.

2. Brita 23 Ounce

The Brita 23 Ounce, which comes in second on our list, is a fantastic device that hits on many different levels.

The first and most important reason to choose this filter water bottle is because of its slim, portable design.

People with filter water bottles often exercise or travel around a lot. As a result, it is important to get a model that you can take advantage of and use on the go.

The Brita 23 Ounce hits that mark with a special design that is perfect for any active lifestyle. This bottle is not only great for running or biking, it is also handy to take with you to the office, out to sporting events or fun day trips.

Multiple External Attributes

Here you get a flip-out straw, built-in carry loop and an excellent filtration system that reduces chlorine and makes your tap water both taste better and safer to drink.

The flip up straw is also great when it comes to convenience, while the hard-sided plastic adds to the durability and makes sure you won’t break the bottle if you drop it.

As with the Refresh2Go Curve, you want to replace these filters once every 40 gallons (roughly 2 months). That may not sound long-lasting, but in that time the device will have replaced more than 300 standard water bottles.

In that way, this saves on money and helps the environment at the same time.

3. Seychelle Flip Top

While not as well-known as Brita, Seychelle makes a great water bottle in the Flip Top. This model makes our list of the best filter water bottles because of how well it keeps your water clean.

All filter water bottles work to purify water, but many times certain chemicals or pollutants still manage to slip through the cracks. You’ll never have to worry about such problems with the Seychelle Flip Top.

This bottle has an incredibly advanced radiological filtration system that is able to remove 99.9 percent of all contaminants, pollutants, and radiological contaminants from water. That type of catch-all filtration is rarely seen in other brands.

Heavy-Duty Functionality

While you can use the Flip Top for more casual use, it is engineered for more remote areas where water is not always readily available or extreme disaster situations.

In fact, this is the first portable radiological filtered bottle of its kind. As a result, it can be used as a full-on filtration system. It is BPA free, reusable, and FDA approved.

Even if you don’t think you’re going to encounter a disaster situation, you never know when such an issue may arise. The Flip Top keeps you prepared for those scenarios.

You can use this bottle in three ways. Every day use like any normal bottle, out in the wild during a long trek, or stored away for trying times where you need a dependable filter.

If you want a more extreme filter water bottle, this is the choice for you.

4. Bobble Infuse

Fourth on our list of the best filter water bottles, the Bobble Infuse is an interesting device that is great for anyone who wants a casual, easy-to-use bottle for their everyday life.

This device is a perfect choice for people who want to make sure their tap water is odorless and comes with a crisp, refreshing taste.

The filter is incredibly strong, but what sets this device apart and puts it on the list is the numerous features it has built into it.

With the Bobble Infuse, you get a soft-touch carrying cap, no-spill mouthpiece, and a modular cap. That last feature is particularly handy because it enables you to infuse fruit into your water to give it an extra twist or flavor.

A Bottle for all Situations

Continuing with the attributes, the Bobble Infuse is made with Tritan plastic material. This choice makes the bottle durable, but also soft to the touch and easy to squeeze. It is lightweight as well.

That advantage means it is both easy to carry around and extremely portable. You can also use it without putting any strain on your hands.

This filter water bottle comes in a variety of fun colors. That enables you to customize it perfectly to your preferences or accessories.

For those that hate washing by hand, the Bobble Infuse has the advantage of being dishwasher safe as well. Just make sure you to remove the carbon filter before washing and you’re good to go.

5. CamelBak Groove

Another bottle from a larger brand, the CamelBak Groove is a stellar filter water bottle that you can get in either plastic or steel varieties.

This model is extremely versatile. It can be clipped to a carabiner with the integrated loop handle, and it is also capable of handling high altitude or low-pressure environments.

That characteristic is especially handy for people who spend a lot of time outdoors because it means you never have to worry if it can handle the elements. It is perfectly suited for any elevation or terrain.

If you enjoy hiking or going on extended expeditions, this is a great option.

Long-Lasting, Lifetime Guarantee

The CamelBak Groove uses a special plant-based filter that lasts for roughly three months, or 48 gallons. It is easy to refill and, as the filter is built directly into the straw, it is also extremely easy to use.

In addition, this bottle has a medical grade silicone valve and can quickly turn any tap water into fresh, great-tasting liquid in no time at all.

When looking for a new water bottle you want something that will last. The Groove is durable, spill-proof, and is backed with an incredible lifetime guarantee.

Water bottles are typically used on the go, which means they can get damaged or cracked from time to time. Camelback prevents such worries by giving you extra protection that shows their faith in the device.

6. LifeStraw Go

Coming at number six on our list of best filter water bottles is the Lifestraw Go. This special device is unique because, in addition to its great external characteristics, it comes with a 2-stage filtration system that combines a carbon capsule with a hollow fiber membrane.

That blend eliminates both harmful bacteria and any bad or unpleasant tastes your tap water might have.

This special system works on two different levels. You get basic filtration that keeps your water clear and refreshing. However, the Lifestraw also goes beyond that with a strong system that can purify both stream and pond water if needed.

It does all of that without chemicals, iodine, or batteries, ensuring you’ll be able to use it its filtration wherever you are.

Good Look and Excellent Versatility

The LifeStraw Go is a complete filter water bottle. It actively strains contaminants out of your water, while also providing you with a sleek, fresh-looking design.

This bottle is durable, holds 23 ounces, and is completely leak-proof thanks to the special BPA-free Tritan shell. That outer material gives you a comfortable grip, as well as an easy-to-use system perfect for people of all ages.

The food-grade silicone mouthpiece furthers those incredible attributes and shows why so many people choose this model over others.

If you’re looking for a device that you can use both at the office and on the trail, the LifeStraw Go is a wonderful option.

7. Oko H20 Level-2

Our final device on this list of the best filter water bottles is the Oko H20 Level-2.

This bottle, as with so many of the above options, comes with top-of-the-line technology and a range of incredible features that ensure your water is always pure.

This uses NASA technology to help strain any harmful or unwanted substances out from your water. However, do not think that advancement makes the Oko hard to use.

Despite the advanced features, anyone, child or adult, can easily take advantage of the Oko’s handy attributes. You simply squeeze the bottle and sip the water. There is no pump or external system needed.

This bottle is a perfect choice for outdoor activities, but it can also be used casually.

If you like to stay active, the Oko is a welcome companion while hiking, camping, and running. If you’re constantly at work or taking care of the kids, this is perfect for that as well.

A Range of Attributes

When it comes to features, the Oko H20 Level-2 is full of them. It comes with a special o-ring carabiner, a unique translucent cap created from clear hard plastic, and is completely BPA free.

This device is also great for travelling because it is both portable and lightweight. At just 5.2 ounces, the Oko can be easily thrown into any luggage or backpack without any excess weight bogging you down.

Beyond that, the extremely durable filter removes bacteria and viruses while also stopping flouride, chlorine, unwanted chemicals, and heavy metals.

On that note, the filter of the Oko H20 Level-2 can go on much longer than other brands. In fact, this lasts a staggering 100 gallons (roughly 750 refills) before it needs to be replaced.

That type of longevity is not normally seen in the water bottle world, and when you do need to switch, the filters can quickly be switched out with little hassle.

Tasty Water, Wherever You Are

Finding the best filter water bottle is never easy. There are many great options, and all of them come with their own attributes. Some are more versatile, while specific models are suited for the outdoors or more casual use.

The above seven are amazing options for people who want to make sure their water is always pure and fresh, but always make sure to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.