Snorkeling is an amazing way to experience marine wildlife, and it’s a wonderful hobby to help you stay fit and active. You get to observe creatures in their natural habitat, learn about the wonders of the ocean, and get in a good long swim all at the same time. Whether you live in a tropical paradise where snorkeling is abundant, or whether you just happen to be lucky enough to visit such a place, you know that taking full advantage of the snorkeling experience is a must.

To do that, you need to have the right gear. That means gear that is reliable, easy to use, and comfortable. Luckily, snorkeling doesn’t require too much in the way of necessary gear. Wetsuits and fins are nice bonuses, but the only equipment you really need is a good snorkel mask.

You can’t just buy the one at Target next to the pool noodles and the rafts shaped like Popsicle sticks. You need a serious snorkel mask.

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​After all, your snorkel mask affects the way you see and interact with the wildlife around you. If it fogs up, or leaks, you miss out on lots of exciting things.Of course, you probably know this because if you snorkel a lot, you’ve already had it happen. You probably went on a snorkeling excursion with some friends, and while they were all pointing out the reefs and bright fish, you were still in the boat wrestling with your mask.

The 7 Best Snorkel Masks to View the Most Ocean Life

The 7 Best Snorkel Masks to View the Most Ocean Life

​Maybe it was uncomfortable. Maybe the seal wasn’t working properly. Maybe it didn’t give you the clear view you were hoping for. You might have had all of these problems, and the result was missing out on a lot of fun. The fish that swam right up to everyone and looked just like Dory? You missed it, and you vowed never again.So to that end, you need to march out of the kids’ pool aisle, and take a look at the best snorkel masks available for your next adventure. You can choose from full masks or barebones goggles, and you can find ways to spend a lot or a little depending on what is important to you.

[amazon link=”B00LNOCC1W” title=”Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Free-Diving Mask” /]

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​This Cressi model is one of the best snorkel masks available for recreational snorkeling because it gives you a clear and vivid view of the marine life around you. Its lens is ultra-clear for capturing stunning movement and color, and its frameless body gives you a wider view.That means an unobstructed view of fish, and coral. It means you can form a closer connection to the ocean life, and you can do it feeling free and unencumbered. The old, framed masks will make you feel almost claustrophobic when you compare it to this model. You can see so much more, and you can feel immersed in the experience rather than slightly removed from it by all the gear.Plus, this mask is comfortable. Of course, you care about the clarity of your vision, but you also have to be able to wear your mask without constantly pulling at it, or readjusting it. The mask has a push button buckle that makes adjusting the strap easy and fitting the mask securely to your face is a breeze.It comes with a snorkel, but you can use it as both a snorkel mask and a free-diving mask, so it’s a great option if you enjoy both activities. By buying gear that pulls double-duty you can free up some space in your closet, or your carry on.This mask also lets you choose from several bright, fun colors. Not that your snorkeling mask has to be bright and fun, but it can’t hurt either. And anyway, when you’re exploring paradise, everything should be colorful.

[amazon link=”B002GX6PGW” title=”ScubaPro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask” /]

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​Once you get over the sticker shock of this mask you will be able to see why it is one of the best snorkel masks available. It is simply a quality mask, and quality doesn’t always come cheap.If you are looking for a snorkel mask for a weekend getaway, this mask might not be worth your investment, but if you frequently snorkel and scuba dive in some of the world’s most exotic waters, this mask pays for itself in experiences. Its wide panoramic view is unparalleled. It offers a clear and open view of the ocean, and its dual-colored single-lens design gives you stunning clarity. The seal that it provides is also highly-praised, and highly important. It has a double-sealed silicone skirt that gives you comfort and a watertight seal. You don’t get leaking, and the lens stays clear from fog.Few things are worse than setting off in the water to explore the ocean life only to discover that your snorkel mask keeps leaking. You put up with it for a bit. You try not to let the little bit of water in the bottom of your mask bother you, but at a certain point it overwhelms your face and you have to take off the mask, and shake out the water. Fine. No big deal, right? But when you go to put the mask back on, somehow the seal is worse and water begins to leak in faster.The ScubaPro won’t let that happen.You won’t waste your precious snorkeling time wrestling with your mask. The straps are easy to adjust, the lens is tempered glass for your safety, and the design is modern, sleek, and streamlined.Wearing it will make you feel like a pro, and it will help you enjoy snorkeling more than you ever have before. Because with the right mask, that is actually possible.

[amazon link=”B01LZTLCFX” title=”GoPro Hero5 and Session Dive Mask for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling” /]

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​Snorkeling is all about what you see. The experience is 100% visual, and you might find yourself wishing you had a way to capture what you are seeing. Still photos can only take you so far, and telling stories to friends and neighbors about your close encounters just don’t convey the immediacy of it all.  That’s where this slightly unusual mask comes in handy.Fitted with a mount that supports all GoPro models, this snorkeling mask allows you to film and capture the wonders around you almost as if your eyes themselves were recording it. If you’re planning the snorkeling trip of a lifetime, then you need to make sure that you can have an incredible experience and a lasting memory of it. The ScubaPro makes both possible. The nifty camera mount can help you get that viral video you’ve always dreamed of, and the silicone skirt and frameless lenses let you have a great experience in real-time.You can even have prescription lenses put into your mask. You no longer have to struggle to get your glasses underneath your mask, and you don’t have to give up vision for comfort. Get a crystal clear view of the ocean, and a crisp recording to share with everyone when you’re done.

[amazon link=”B01K3Q178O” title=”WildHorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask” /]

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​If your only experience with snorkel masks is from your neighborhood kiddie pool 20 years ago, then you have a lot to learn. The best snorkeling masks have made some radical changes, and this full face snorkeling mask is a perfect example of that.The full mask gives you a 180-degree panoramic view of the ocean life around you. You won’t miss a thing with this mask, and the seamless design makes both breathing and seeing easy. No wrestling with tubes, or constantly refitting the goggles over your eyes.In fact, by combing everything into a full-face mask, you can actually breathe easier. The dry snorkel technology helps to prevent salt water from going back down your snorkel tube, which helps to reduce gagging. That also means spending less time worrying about water in your mask and more time observing nature.And of course, you can observe a lot more nature when your lenses aren’t fogging up. WildHorn takes care of that too. A separate breathing chamber directs air away from the mask to reduce foggy lenses and frustrated swimmers. You can swim longer, see more, and with the optional GoPro mount, get a pretty nice recording of it all. It is important to consider how you want to use your mask before you purchase it. Masks like this one are specifically designed for surface snorkeling. Unlike some of the other masks on this list, it cannot be used in free-diving or scuba diving. If you are looking for a mask that is versatile enough to take on all your underwater activities, then you will want to pick a mask that is not a full-face mask.

[amazon link=”B07FSCNM6V” title=”DOUPRO Snorkel Mask Universal Size” /]

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​This next mask is another full-face snorkeling mask. It has many of the same features as the last model. You can mount your GoPro camera to it, you can enjoy a 180-degree panoramic view, and it has separate air-intake and outtake chambers to reduce fogging.The pricing on this model and the WildHorn is also fairly similar. The difference with the Duopro is the soft nose cushion that helps to relieve ear pressure when you’re underwater. Because the nosepiece is soft, you can pinch your nose while underwater and help relieve pressurized ears. That means you can spend more time in the water, chase more fish, and feel happy and comfortable the whole time. You don’t have to keep taking your mask on and off to reduce ear pain, and you can make the most of the time you have in the water.Comfort is a real key with this mask. In addition to the flexible nose, it also features an airbag silicone seal that fits nicely around your face and provides maximum protection from water leakage. It won’t hurt your face as you swim, and again, it can extend the amount of time you feel comfortable staying in the water.

[amazon link=”B073PKV1DM” title=”Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Dive Mask” /]

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​This is one of the best snorkel masks if you just want a sturdy pair of goggle without all the extra frills. It’s not a full mask, and it can be used for diving or snorkeling. It takes a more simplistic approach to snorkeling. There’s no GoPro mount, but it does provide a really great view.The single lens provides a full ocean view with no distractions, and the double-silicone skirt around the lens means you don’t have to worry about water.  The lens is tempered glass, and it’s a perfect pair to throw in your pack and go off in search of adventure.This mask is one of the most affordable on the list, which means you can use it and not worry about keeping the mask in pristine condition. After all, you aren’t buying gear to treat it with kid gloves. You want your mask knocked and dragged around. You want it to withstand the surf and keep on going. It’s harder to do that with a more expensive pair.

[amazon link=”B01AAXZ97A” title=”U.S. Divers Lux Purge Grenada LX Snorkel Mask” /]

[amazon box=”B01AAXZ97A”]

​U.S. Divers is a division of Aqua Lung and together they have made major strides in diving and snorkeling equipment, so their snorkel masks make for a nice reliable choice. This mask offers 180-degree panoramic views, 4 viewing windows for maximum visibility, and ergonomically designed comfort features.The nosepiece is soft, which again allows you to adjust your ear pressure as you swim, and the hypoallergenic silicone is soft to give you a customizable fit and a comfortable wear. The lens has anti-fog technology to give you the clearest view possible, and you have the option of mounting your GoPro to the front. The mouthpiece is flexible, and it is designed to reduce jaw fatigue as you swim. If you do a lot of snorkeling you know that feeling, so it’s nice to have some relief from it.This snorkel mask also features a fully submersible snorkel. You don’t just have to skim the surface. You can actually dive below the water momentarily thanks to the drop top technology that prevents water from going down the snorkel tube. It also has a one-way purge valve just in case any water does end up in the tube, you can get it out easily without interrupting your snorkeling excursion.

Upgrade Your Snorkeling with the Right Mask

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These 7 of the best snorkel masks will help you experience the ocean like never before, and they are perfect for beginners and experts alike. All you have to do is decide what shape and what comforts are most important to you, but no matter which one you choose, you will get a waterproof seal and an incredible view.