Best Tandem Kayak are used for seating two or more passengers. Usually tandem kayaks will cost more than their single counterparts. To find the best tandem kayak look at some of the most reputable brands.

Tandem kayaks are great for adventures, camping trips, and other extra-curricular activities. Kayaking is a great sport, which provides a little bit of an adrenaline rush.

Kayaking can be done in calm waters and as well as rivers with fast currents and flows. For this adventure you want to make sure you purchase the best kayak, so we’ll take a look at some of the top kayaks on the market.

Best Tandem Kayak Comparison Table

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Why Choose a Tandem Kayak?

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Reasons to use a tandem kayak are family outing and get together with friends. Many tandem kayaks can be used for one person if needed. It’s smart to get a tandem kayak rather than a one seated kayak.

This is because you may decide you want to take friends or family with you. Even a dog can go kayaking as long as they’re not scared.

A day in the mountains, hiking or camping may call for a fun relaxing kayaking adventure. Sometimes kayaking can be an adrenaline rush as well, if on windy river waters. 

How We Choose Our Ratings

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We formulated this list of the best kayaks by looking at the price, manufacturer, features and durability of the kayak.

Finding kayaks with the best tracking and space for supplies and baggage was also another important factor in creating this list. Stability and durability while kayaking are, probably two of the most important features.

Some companies fair better than other and are very well-known for their kayaking products. When looking at the price we also took the time to consider customer reviews.

Top 10 Best Kayaks

We rated each kayak on this list out of 5 stars. 5/5 stars are the best rating, while 1/5 stars are the worst. The top kayak on this list is what we consider the best for all its features, its price, and durability.

Any of the 10 kayaks on this list are suitable for kayakers. These kayakers are the best on the market due to their customer reviews.

[amazon link=”B0186UYKGK” title=”SUN DOLPHIN BALI 13.5 FT. KAYAK” /]

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This tandem kayak is 13 and a half feet long, so it can fit three people on board. It’s packed with storage compartments, shock cords, foot braces and paddle holders.

This tandem kayak can support 500 pounds of weight which makes it very durable. The adjustable seating is a great addition to this tandem kayak as well. This product makes sure consumers or anyone who uses it will be completely comfortable while kayaking.

Consumers report that this product has great tracking, durability, and strength when in windy areas.

We rate this product 5/5 stars for the extra comfortability and durability.

[amazon link=”B00J0S0JGS” title=” SEVYLOR COLEMAN” /]

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Sevylor is a company which has been around since 1945. They have decades of experience making tandem kayaks.

It comes with both spray covers and adjustable seating to make kayaking more enjoyable.

A 1-year warranty is included with this kayak as well as, a duffle bag, different air chambers to prevent deflation, and carrying handles which make lifting the inflatable kayak out of the water easier.

This kayak can withstand 490 pounds of weight which is comparable to other tandem kayaks on the market. We rate this kayak 5/5 stars for its great price, durability, and features.

[amazon link=”B00HPSHVH0″ title=”OCEAN KAYAK 12 FT. MALIBU TWO” /]

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This Kayak comes in both bright yellow and green. The basic look of this tandem kayak doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with features. 

Features included are hybrid seating, a sleek design, a large bungee tank, and paddle holders.

This kayak also comes in a wide variety of colors. Some of the color options include orange, blue, green, and yellow.

The polyethylene materials make this kayak as durable as the top of the market tandem kayaks. We rate this product 4.5/5 stars for its durability, and basic design.

[amazon link=”B07D21341R” title=”ADVANCED ELEMENTS LAGOON 2 PERSON KAYAK” /]

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When looking at this kayak it appears more comfortable than others. The two seats have foam padding and extra comfort measures taken to make the kayak ride more enjoyable. It’s designed to withstand calm waters like lakes and low current rivers.

It has a tracking fin which helps it speed through the water. Mesh pockets on this tandem kayak make it easier to pack lunches and other smaller gear.

This is another tandem kayak with a year warranty which may come in handy if consumers ever damage the kayak. The seat rests are inflatable as well which makes them very comfortable.

We rate this kayak 4.5/5 stars for its price and features.


Red Kayak

This kayak only comes in one design which is orange, grey and white. The pointy tail makes it run faster through the water.

Pelican claims this is one of the most stable tandem kayaks on the market. Much consideration went into the creation of this kayak. Computer designing helps this kayak to combat lag and increase cruising speeds.

The multi-layer of polyethylene makes it very durable and steady while going afloat. Pelican also claims that this brand of polyethylene is more rigid than others. This makes the kayaks much more study than its competitors.

The tie down paddles makes it easier to store the paddles for their next use. We rate this product 4/5 stars for its durability and design.


Blue Kayak

This kayak comes with a drainage plug, 2 paddles, foot pegs, padded seating and backrests, and an anchor for floating in mid sea.

It’s 12 feet long, 30 inches wide, and weighs 68 pounds. This kayak can withstand 400 pounds of weight. It has a camouflage design which comes in teal, green and dark brown.

Customer reviews for this kayak are great across the board. They receive 5/5 stars for them

This kayak is durable and also comes in a great unique design. We rate this product 4/5 stars for its design and durability.


Yellow Orange Kayak

What sticks out the most about this tandem kayak is the design. This kayak is yellow, green and orange all in one which makes for a very vibrant look. This is a solid kayak which is a benefit for many kayakers. Some believe solid kayaks are more durable than their inflatable counterparts.

This is a large tandem kayak measuring 13.5 feet in length. It’s designed for both beginners and intermediate kayakers to enjoy.

Unlike other kayaks on this list, the Abaco is a sit on top kayak versus a sit inside kayak. This gives users a much better view of the lake or other surrounding waters.

This is no light-weight kayak, although it gives you the option to withstand 550 pounds of weight. The impact resistance of this kayak and deluxe deck make it a very unique kayak.

We rate this product 3.5/5 stars for its design, durability, and stability.


Red Kayak

This tandem kayak comes in both orange and a blue-green color. It can seat two passengers and has a small backrest attached by black cords. The seats on this kayak are adjustable to better fit your needs.

It can hold up to 500 pounds of weight, weighs 69 pounds, and can be used for light rivers and lakes.

The spacious design makes it suitable for people of all ages and sizes. This product is sold by L.L. Bean which is a retailer that sales a variety of outdoor activity products.

We rate this tandem kayak 3/5 stars for its price, design, and comfortability.


[amazon box=”B00TSBVAXS”]

The Perception tandem kayak gets great reviews across the board. It’s long and very spacious, comes in bright colors and features two paddles.

This is a sit-on-top kayak which is very versatile with 3 different seat configurations. It can fit two adults and one small child or dog at the most. The polyethylene on this kayak makes it durable and stable. Cruise through calm ponds and rivers on this tandem kayak.

500 pounds is the weight limit on this kayak. It weighs 67 pounds, but it doesn’t include a tracking system.

We rate this product 3/5 stars for its durability, design and seating arrangements.


Blue Kayak

The Aquaglide will fit two people in it. It comes in blue and white color schemes with a pointy tip for speed. There’s extra netting on the tip of this kayak as well. The fins on the bottom of the tip help increase speed and tracking.

It’s designed to cover long distances and fast waters. The non-skid rigid flooring prevents slips and falls in this kayak. Some of the best features of this kayak are the splash guards, neoprene padding on the rails, and a deck for extra storage.

The only downside is that this product won’t come with an air pump, so you’ll need to purchase it separately.

We rate this kayak 3/5 stars for its features, design, and price.

Buying Guide

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Tandem kayaks can be purchased from a variety of retailers. If you know what you’re looking for purchasing a tandem kayak online is no problem. Go to your favorite retailer’s website or check out Amazon and see what they have.

Local outdoor or sporting stores will most likely carry tandem kayaks. If not, you can always call in ahead of time and see if they can be ordered for pick up.

It’s best to find a retailer who has warranties available. You never know if the paddle will break, a part will come loose or your kayak becomes damaged. If you’re investing a lot of money in the tandem kayak, then be sure to get a warranty.

The majority of tandem kayaks on the market are inflatable. This is because they’re more durable and easier to carry around. They will bounce off of hard surfaces and are usually scratch resistant when made from polyethylene.

Also, consider how much space you want inside the kayak. Are two large adults going to be kayaking? Will you bring a dog or child with you? Adjustable seating options can free up space when necessary.