This doesn’t come very often as a solid category in the industry of inflatable paddle boards but you would be surprised by the amount of yoga paddle boards out there. Many brands have already attempted to accommodate for the yoga community and they have produced some great and some not so great boards.

That is why we are here to save you the trouble of going through the tens, if not hundreds of inflatable paddle boards and singled out the 5 best paddle boards for yoga just for you.

Yoga on paddle boards is a growing trend and unlike most trends, this one actually has a solid basis. To be able to practice yoga on water is simply magical and that is why more and more people are doing it. Indeed, the fluid aspect offers a significant value to the whole practice as it induces the elements surrounding you, allowing the water stream to seduce your body and bewitch your mind.

So, now that you know exactly what you want, let us take a look at some of the industry’s best SUPs for yoga.

[alert-note]PS: The following boards are in no specific order.[/alert-note]


1 – ISLE Airtech 10’4″ Inflatable Paddle Board

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ISLE is a leading manufacturer in the market of inflatable paddle boards as it has already put out an abundance of inflatable boards that are specifically designed to fit the needs of different paddlers. However, only recently have they picked up on the yoga stream, introducing the Isle Airtech 10’4” Yoga.

This board is at its finest stages of development as it has benefited from the company’s accumulating proficiency and continuous upgrades. The Isle Airtech 10’4” Yoga is indeed a fascinating board but to be able to make up your mind, you need to know a little more about the board.


As far as length is concerned, the ISLE Airtech yoga board measures an astounding 10 feet 4 inches which might not sound like much on paper but you’ll learn to respect it face to face. The board is hence compatible with young adults and adults only.

The width of the board is also critical for its core faculties which is why the makers went with a full 31 inches. At this width, the board is guaranteed to be extremely stable which will consequently impact your balance and the mobility of the board.

As far as thickness goes, 6 inches is considered to be the best size for a solid yoga board which is why it is the exact thickness of this Isle. At 6 inches, there is no doubt that this board will keep you high above water level which is essential for yoga and staying dry.


Quality is a milestone for inflatable paddle boards and ISLE learned that quality is at the core of their corporation which explains the build of this board.

The ISLE Airtech 10’4” Yoga paddle board is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is similar to that of which zodiac boats are made of. Yet, to make the board even stronger, the company chooses to go with an industrial drop stitch instead of the cheap glue method.


The features of the board are also pretty neat and that is something you’ll learn to appreciate in the long run. In fact, the Isle Airtech 10’4” Yoga iSUP is considered to be one of the best yoga SUP boards for a reason and a large part of that reason goes to the board’s basic features.

  • The board features a fantastic gripping pad which covers all the critical positions on the platform which is needless to say essential for any yoga workout. The pad will also grant you a firmer grip and control over the board.
  • The board also comes with a cargo net placement right above the pad which is meant to help you store anything from your paddle to your sandals. Also, the Isle Airtech Yoga paddle board features a hand strap placement to help you transport the board easily outside the water.

ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10'4" Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board Review


The best part about the board must be the package in which it comes as it includes pretty much everything you’ll need to maintain it.

  • The board comes with a light weight aluminium paddle which is both rigid and flexible.
  • The package also includes a back pack carry bag which is intended to make the transportation and storage of the board a piece of cake.
  • The ISLE Airtech yoga also features a high pressure hand pump which is quite essential for an inflatable paddle board.

All in all, the Isle Airtech 10’4” Yoga iSUP is easily a first class board and for all of you out there who are looking for a serious yoga board, don’t look any further because it doesn’t get better than this board right here.


2 – Nixy Venice Yoga

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The NIXY Venice is a relatively young board when compared to some more mature brands. However, it is a prime example of why we shouldn’t judge a product before trying it. This right here is an exemplary paddle board as it harbours all the core criteria needed in a powerful vessel but it is also specifically designed for yoga and that gives it an advantage.

It isn’t an overstatement when we say that the Nixy Venice is a leading board because in an industry so large, only a few brands have produced decent yoga boards. But enough about that and let’s take a look at some of the most influential aspects of the board to help you make up your mind.


Length is considered to be a critical dimension for inflatable paddle boards and if you’re looking for a yoga board then it’s critically more valuable to you. At 10 feet 6 inches in length, the board is compatible with almost all young adults and adults. So, if you happen to fall anywhere far from these categories then look away right now.

The width of the board is also powerful as it impacts both balance and agility. Accordingly, Nixy thought that it would be safe to stick with 34 inches and indeed it is. At 34 inches, the board is going to be as solid as a horse which will reduce disturbance and grant you more balance which is crucial for yoga.

The thickness of the board is also impactful and at 6 inches, have no worry because you’ll be high and dry throughout your workout. The thickness of the board won’t only handle more weight but it’ll also make the board more rigid and less likely to bend.


The quality of the board doesn’t fall far from its concept as it is artistically designed to endure the most unsuspected mishaps. This is reinforced by the quality of build which relies on military grade PVC material: also known as the material out of which zodiac boats are made.

“That is not enough” was the thinking of the company which is why they sought to solidify the board even further via an industrial drop stitch construction instead of the cheap glue technique.

All in all, this is a solid board and for a yoga addict, it makes a great companion.


The basic features of the Nixy Venice are one more reason to seriously stick to this board because it really has everything you need. Let’s take it to ground level and look up some of the board’s most prominent features; Shall we?

  • The Nixy Venice Yoga iSUP is one of the best yoga inflatable paddle boards and that can be seen through the specially designed gripping pad. The pad is not only extremely efficient for manoeuvres but it’s also very comfortable, accommodating for long yoga workouts.
  • The board also features multiple D-rings attached with a bungee cord which serves as a nifty cargo net. The feature makes a nice little touch for those of you who wish to carry along a few extra items such as your shoes, sunglasses, water bottle or even the board’s paddle.
  • Nixy Venice has an endless supply of features but this last features is about to blow your mind. The board comes with a triple fin navigation system but here’s the twist: the fins are removable which will enable you to cruise comfortable even in shallow water.

NIXY Venice 10'6" yoga inflatable standup paddle board - colors


Packaging is usually a determining factor for paddle board lovers because it can easily make the difference between a fun adventure and a big burden. Luckily, this board isn’t about to let you down, introducing the complete package.

  • The Nixy Venice comes with 3 removable fins for your utmost convenience.
  • The package also includes a 3 piece adjustable paddle which is both light and compatible.
  • The board also comes with a back pack carry bag for easier transportation and storage.
  • In addition to that, the Nixy Venice also hooks you up with a high pressure hand pump with its own bag. (ankle leash + repair kit included)



3 – Aqua Marina Flow Yoga

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There is absolutely a huge difference between standard recreational paddle boards and yoga paddle boards and this board right here sets the distinction ever so clearly.

You can easily tell that this Aqua Marina paddle board was specifically designed for yoga and nothing else. This board isn’t only shaped differently from most if not all inflatable paddle boards out there but even its basic features contribute to the idea behind this concept.

But let’s not take any longer dwelling on the appearance of the board and get down to the minute details.


Aqua Marina Flow Yoga Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board ReviewThe Aqua Marina Flow Yoga is undeniably a remarkable board but unfortunately, that is not enough of a criterion to determine whether it’s the right board for you or not. Length is an essential criterion and the makers of the Flow thought that 9.75 feet is a perfect size as indeed it is compatible with teenagers, young adults and small-sized adults.

The width of the board is also crucial to your decision making because it is that which impacts the stability of the board to a great extent. The Aqua Marina Flow Yoga hence measures 32 inches in width which is outstanding since it only takes 30 inches to grant you an unshaken board and that is essential for any yoga practice.

The thickness of the board has not been missed since the board measures 6 inches. At 6 inches, you’ll have yourself a board that will keep you above water level throughout different circumstances and that is very interesting especially if you want to practice yoga while dry.


It’s needless to say that the quality of the Aqua Marina Flow Yoga is beyond expectations because it is of the company’s habit to create reliable paddle boards and it’s not about to tarnish its reputation. Indeed, the Aqua Marina Flow Yoga paddle board has been fortified with military grade PVC material which is the most robust material of build in the industry.

Also, the makers thought it would be a good idea to switch to an industrial drop stitch construction instead of the classic glue method which has proven to be inefficient over and over again.


The bare features of the Aqua Marina Flow Yoga are an outstanding example of the board’s compatibility with the yoga community. So, if you wish for a perfect yoga paddle board then believe you found your match. So, let’s take a look at the board’s most prominent features.

  • The Flow features an amazing surface which is completely covered in gripping pad material. The material is both extremely efficient at granting you a firm grip over your board and at being extremely comfortable for longer yoga sessions.
  • One of the best features on this board is the D-rings attached with a bungee cord which makes a great cargo net for all of you out there who wish to carry along an extra yoga pad, a pair of shoes or even a paddle. The board also has one extra D-ring by the far rear which is meant to help you attach a safety leash or to tie up the board to docks whenever needed.
  • You might think little of a yoga paddle board but Aqua Marina didn’t go short on this board when it came to navigation. The board features a tri-fin system which is both great for a better command and for straight tracking, reducing disturbance to the maximum.



Packaging has always been a big deal for inflatable paddle boards and it’s not about to stop either. Aqua Marina Flow Yoga comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you’ll need to maintain the board.

  • The board comes with a high pressure hand pump which is needless to say the most essential item in your pack.
  • The board is also hooked with a back pack carry bag for easier transportation and storage outside of water.
  • The package also includes 3 removable fins which is great for when you need to cruise in shallow water.


4 – Solstice Bali

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There is undeniably an outstanding number of inflatable paddle boards out there but only a few are specifically designed for the Yoga community and even fewer are a perfect match for you. But perhaps the Solstice Bali is just your board.

This might just be the best SUP for yoga in the industry and a lot of that credit boils down to the fascinating design of the Bali. Unlike the previously reviewed boards, the Bali is preciously designed to embody several tastes. That is why this board makes a great companion for both those of you who worship yoga and live for the adventure. But there is no other way to make up your mind than to look deep down at the minute details of the board.


Best yoga inflatable paddle boardSpeaking of minute details, the Bali measures exactly 10 feet 8 inches in length , which is pretty neat, considering the fact that it’s compatible with both young adults and adults. However, if you happen to fall within a different category then you might want to check out another board on this list.

The width of the board is also critical as it will significantly impact the vessel’s balance and consequently your stability. Not to worry, the Bali is wide enough to accommodate for a couple paddlers which makes it that much more stable and roomy. (That’s great for yoga)

Although the thickness of the board isn’t that bad, it could have been better. This is not exactly a cheap paddle board which is why thickness shouldn’t be a concern with respect to the weight limit. However, it’s always better to go a little bit above average.


The quality of the board definitely makes up for thickness because Solstice has no time for child play. The Bali is thus strictly made of 1000 denier 3 ply PVC material which is as rigid as it can get. Literally, this build is going to grant you maximum comfort and enable you to actually enjoy your ride without a worry.

The board is also fortified via an industrial drop stitch construction instead of regular glue, making the board that much stronger.


The more you look into the board, the more you observe features that are actually pretty helpful for both yoga lovers and paddlers in general. There is undeniably 101 features to go over here but we’ll take this part to inspect the board’s prominent features only.

  • The Bali features a premium gripping pad, covering almost the board’s entire platform. This feature is awesome for two reasons: First, it will grant you a firmer grip over the board thus better control. Second, it is very comfortable and that is especially profitable for those long yoga sessions.
  • The board also features a practical placement of 4 D-rings which can be connected via a bungee cord and serve as a cargo net. The net will enable you to safely transport your belongings with you and that includes everything from you paddle to your sandals.
  • The board also features a larger extra D-ring on the tail which is meant for safety leash attachment or securing the board whenever needed.



Packaging is an essential criterion for any purchase and that is why Solstice decided to hook you up with almost everything you’ll need to maintain the board.

  • The board comes with a mesh back pack carry bag which would make transportation and storage a piece of cake.
  • The package also includes a high pressure hand pump and that’s an essential item in the paddler’s package.
  • Last but definitely not least, Bali also comes with a detachable central fin.


5 – Red Paddle Co Activ

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Yes, you guessed it! We kept the most outrageous board for last. So prepare to have your mind blown because this board isn’t needlessly pricier than the previous ones on the list.

The Red Paddle Co industry is one of the pioneers in the domain and that has come through subsequent and consistent efforts to produce the best boards for a continuously growing market. Hence, comes the Red Paddle Co Activ which is a board great for both recreational paddle boarding and yoga. So, let’s take a lot at it, shall we?


Red Paddle Co Activ inflatable paddle board reviewIn lengths, the Red Paddle Co Activ measures about 10 feet 8 inches which is again very generic so that it would match a larger range of buyers. This board is hence compatible with young adults and adults alike. Accordingly, if you fall within a different category, check out some of the previous boards.

The width of the board is kind of outstanding since it measures 34 inches. At this width, feel free to dance the samba on top of the board as it will not be phased. The board is indeed very stable and that will make it much easier to maintain balance on top of it, especially if you’re doing yoga.

The thickness of the board is the tipping point of the Red Paddle Co Activ as it closes on the 6 inches barrier, making this board about perfect. There is no exaggeration there and that is something that you’ll learn to appreciate in the water when you’ll see how far that’ll keep you above water level.


Needless to speak of quality here, this board is a beast. If we were to designate the best quality board on this list, it would definitely be the Red Paddle Co Activ and it all comes down to its quality. The board is made of MSL fusion composite which involves fusing the second layer hard-wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core at the raw material stage.

Simply put, you paid for a beast and you’ll definitely get yourself a beast. So, forget about constantly babysitting a board because this right here is a hulk and it can definitely take care of itself.


The Activ is indeed an amazing board; so much that it would feel like a waste to review its prominent features in a 100 words. But since we don’t have a choice, let’s just get the best of it.

  • The board features a premium Eva pad, covering almost the entirety of the board’s surface which happens to be quite useful for almost any yoga workout. Not only that but once in command of the board, you’ll notice how much firmer your grip can be on the board as it cruises.
  • The board also features multiple carry handles for easier handling outside the water and that is something crucial for a board this large.
  • The board’s gem however needs to be the triple fin dynamic navigation system. The navigation system on the Red Paddle Co Activ is simply flawless as the central fin will cut through the water and improve maneuverability whereas the side fins will grant you an improved tracking ability.



The packaging of the board is critical which is why the makers of this beast thought it would only be fair to hook this board up with a complete package.

The package includes pretty much everything you’ll need to maintain it so that you can actually have the best experience you can get out of this.

  • The package includes a wheeled back pack for easier transportation and storage.
  • It also includes a basic repair kit which I doubt you’ll ever need.
  • On top of that, the board comes with a cell phone case for those of you who can’t live without music.
  • Lastly, the package also includes a high pressure hand pump which is essential in your case.


And with that we wrap up our list for the best paddle boards for yoga. We hope that our review has been of some help to you.