Indeed, there is nothing that can actually compare to an inflatable paddle board in terms of practicality but on the performance margin, opinions may vary. That might sound like a degrading opening statement but it’s absolutely not since we are not talking about all inflatable paddle boards. Undeniably, there are quite a few knock offs out there with the least decent reputation and sadly the cheaper boards put the whole industry to shame.

Bestway is an upcoming brand in the domain and it is one of the brands to admit to this overwhelming challenge. The challenge is to make inflatable paddle boards which can endure pretty much anything and thus came the Hydroforce Wavecrest Mini.

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  • Anti-slip traction pad
  • One stainless steel D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
  • Package includes :
    • Air Pump
    • Carry bag

Dimensions 6’8″ long x 30″ wide x 4″ thick
Material Heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric
Weight limit 132 lbs
Number of D-rings 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 12 – 15 PSI
Fins Two fixed side fins
Volume N/A
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 180-day


Bestway HydroForce Wavecrest Mini Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard reviewWhen it comes to measurements, length is always a big issue for a lot of people because it can determine whether the board will fit you or not. In this case, the Hydroforce Wavecrest Mini stands at 6 feet and inches in length which makes it pretty obvious that this is a children’s to teenagers board. The board is thus perfect for children that are capable of riding a board and some smaller teenagers. So, if you happen to be anywhere outside these categories then chances are you’re looking at the wrong board.

The width of any inflatable stand up paddle board is often disregarded as irrelevant where it is in fact of great relevance to the overall performance of the vessel. The mini thus measures around 30 inches in width which is remarkable for a board this long and that comes with a lot of good things. Namely, the width of the board will help improve its stability and consequently make it easier for you to balance yourself which is crucial for the sport.

Then there is thickness which is not less important than the other 2 dimensions since it can also impact the performance and well being of the board. Accordingly, at 4 inches, this Bestway will stand strong and high above water level but most importantly, it will not bend under excessive weight which is pretty common for big boards that are around 4  inches in thickness.


The Hydroforce Wavecrest Mini is potentially one of the least expensive boards in the industry with quite the build. The board is undeniably rigid as it is strictly made of some of the most durable PVC materials which are often found in zodiac boats. The board is further enhanced via an industrial drop stitch construction, making it virtually un-breakable.


You might be thinking that a board within this price range wouldn’t carry along as many useful features as an expensive board but you’d be wrong. The Bestway HydroForce Wavecrest Mini actually exhibits quite the set of features and they’re not so far from every other board out there.

  • First things first, take a look at that gracefully extended Eva gripping pad which covers almost the entirety of the board’s platform. The gripping pad is indeed one of the board’s most attractive features and it is very practical too. This feature will not only improve your sense of balance but it will also grant you a firmer grip over the board and consequently improve your navigation as a whole.
  • From the gripping pad to the rear stainless steel D-ring hook which is a lot more useful than you would think. The d-ring is meant for safety leash attachment.
  • Then there is the central handle whose purpose is pretty obvious yet still very useful. The handle will make it a lot easier for you or your kids to transport the board inside or outside the water single handedly and that is something which is deemed impossible without a central handle.


Bestway HydroForce Wavecrest Inflatable SUP board reviewIn terms of performance, you can’t really say much about this board beyond the fact that it is designed for children. Consequently, for a recreational paddle board with safety as a priority, the Bestway HydroForce Wavecrest Mini performs very well and that has got a lot to do with the design and engineering of the body.

The round and smooth edges of the board make it a lot more flexible and less likely to escape your control whereas it would be a concern with sharp edges. Also, the board features an interesting double fin navigation system which is excellent for both straight tracking and smooth manouevers.


Packaging is always the factor which either pushes people to certainty or injects doubt into your brain and that is something which this brand was really aware of when making this board. The HydroForce Wavecrest Mini is indeed a rich little board and so is the package in which it comes.

  • Accordingly, the mini comes with a necessary high pressure hand pump which will make it possible for you to pump the board to an approximate 12 PSI in under 7 minutes. If that sounds like a lot then think of it as a necessary warm up before getting in the water because you need it after all.
  • The board also comes with a travel bag which is quite essential for an inflatable paddle board especially that it makes the entire difference. The bag will make it very simple for you to transport or store the board in the smallest places. All you need to do is deflate the board, roll it up, slide it inside the travel bag and you’re ready to go.


  • The HydroForce Wavecrest mini is a very good, budget-friendly board for a kid.
  • It features a minimalist design.
  • It can take up to 132 lbs.
  • It’s quite stable for a beginner and It tracks quite well.


  • This isn’t by any means a fast board.
  • It doesn’t come with a paddle.
  • It’s not loaded with features.


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Bestway HydroForce Wavecrest Mini Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board

Bestway HydroForce Wavecrest Mini Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board