Summer time! What could be better than a relaxed beach vacation or a warm lake house adventure? Well, how about all that + a Stand up paddle board.

Stand up paddle boards generally, and inflatable ones specifically are getting more and more radiant in the market of water sport items and for all the good reasons too. Compared to surfing, paddle boarding is more of an older / wiser sibling.

Indeed, paddle boards are more poise and elegant but they still carry the flame for adventure within which might just be everything you need for a perfect vacation. Speaking of perfection, say hello to the Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12′ inflatable SUP board.

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  • Large EVA anti slip deck pad featuring “Z Ray – Soft Grip Technology” for superior grip and comfort
  • Elastic bungee cord for cargo and personal belongings
  • Soft fabric handle provide more comfort to your hand
  • All around design for lake or river
  • Professional detachable central fin
  • Quick inflation and deflation – Includes Dual Action High pressure hand pump with gauge
  • High Pressure screw valve and wrench – guarantees air tight seal
  • Double layered outer skin for superior durability
  • Package includes :
    • Zray professional floating paddle which supports 3 section adjustments (65-85 inches)
    • Z-ray extra high pressure pump & gauge
    • Removable central tracking fin
    • Rip-resistant polyethylene storage bag
    • repair kit
Dimensions 12′ x 30″ x 6″
Material Military grade PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch construction
Weight limit 286lbs
Number of D-rings
  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord.
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment or for tying up the board to docks
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 center removable fin + fixed small finx
Volume 270 L
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year

Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board review


Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12' Inflatable SUP board reviewThe Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray inflatable SUP board we have here is a 12 foot long giant which is not only admirable but also very dynamic. At 12 feet, you would think that this board is going to lag behind while others fly past you but you would be wrong.

Although longer recreational paddle boards tend to be slower during launch, they can actually pick up momentum way faster and reach higher speeds on steady water.

Is it normal for a board that is 12 feet long to measure 30 inches in width? Yes, very! Actually, the length of the Manta Ray is at its best to cause as little resistance as possible and at the same time provide you with a safe and stable platform to achieve balance. Actually, the width of the Manta Ray is not only enhancing stability but also providing you with enough room to move around freely on top of the board.

At 6 inches in thickness, this inflatable board is actually one of your best options. The problem with most inflatable paddle boards is that they tend to bend at the center under a lot of weight and that’s where thickness plays a major role. The fact that this board is 6 inches thick won’t only prevent the board from sinking under extra weight but also make it an excelling diving pad.


When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, quality is slightly more important than pretty much any other product out there and that’s mainly because these are ‘Inflatable’ boards.

This was and still is to some a daunting idea but fear no more because Blue Wave Sports has this under control. The story behind the Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12’ inflatable paddle board is quite interesting as it is strictly made of double layered military grade PVC material but that’s not all. The build quality is even more sophisticated and it is called ‘industrial drop stitch construction’ which stands for ‘fight me’.

Realistically, this paddle board is considered to be virtually indestructible as it has been through a bunch of ‘torture tests’ (I did not make the name up) and came out with flying colors. During the tests, the board had to overcome many obstacles but the two which stood out were the fact that it survived a roof free fall and getting run over by a large vehicle. If that doesn’t prove how robust the Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12’ iSUP board is then I don’t know what would.

Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12' iSUP board review


When it comes to the basic features of this Manta Ray you can tell that it’s quite the improvement when compared to its younger (smaller) siblings. Taking a look at this board you can easily tell that a lot of effort and dedication were invested to make this board look the way it does. So, let’s look at some of its most prominent features:

  • The special gripping pad has to be the most captivating element on this board but it’s a lot more than just a good looking pad. In fact, this pad is designed the way it looks to guarantee maximal efficiency and grant you more space to move around and stabilize yourself comfortably.
  • The D-ring + bungee cord placement also deserves a strong mention as it is officially an inflatable trademark. Indeed, most inflatable SUPs come with a ‘cargo net’ and it’s just so practical. This net can be used to transport or store pretty much anything from your paddle to your sandals or sunglasses. So, make sure to use it.
  • One central tracking fin + 2 smaller side fins was Blue Wave Sports’ idea of an effective navigation system and they were not wrong. Most boards nowadays go for the triple fin model because it works. A large central fin will further improve tracking in a straight line whereas the other two create more side wind resistance to induce stability.

Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard review


Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12' Inflatable Paddle board reviewPackaging is quite an essential influence on any board purchase because it can certainly make the difference between a fun experience and a lot of struggle. Luckily, Blue Wave Sports saw through that when they provided you with this complete package, including:

  • 1 extremely light and sturdy aluminium paddle but wait, it’s also adjustable. Yes, the paddle included in this package isn’t only robust but it can also be adjusted to fit your height and the depth of the water when necessary.
  • 1 high pressure hand pump which is also known as the paddler’s number one accessory. If you’re going to buy an inflatable paddle board then you’ll definitely need a high pressure pump and it just so happens that this one includes a pressure gauge which will help you inflate your board to the appropriate degree (15 PSI).
  • 1 removable central tracking fin is also found in the package. As mentioned earlier, this right here is definitely an asset and you want to preserve it as much as possible.
  • Last, but definitely first, is the storage bag that comes with the board. A bag won’t only save you a lot of trouble but it’ll also make it a piece of cake to transport and store your board.


When it comes to performance, you pretty much can’t argue that this Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12’ inflatable SUP board is a beast. For a recreational inflatable paddle board that is targeting beginner and intermediate paddlers, this board will actually impress you. Also, the swift dynamic design of the body and the lifted nose are going to make cruising a piece of cake. All in all, the Manta Ray is just right and that includes features and all. So what do you think?



  • This Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12′ inflatable paddle board comes in an all-inclusive package.
  • Blue Wave Sports doesn’t forfeit quality for price. This board is very well-engineered despite being budget-friendly.
  • This recreational board is a giant. It has enough room to accommodate two riders or a rider and a pet.
  • It has better buoyancy and bigger capacity, thus it can support riders up to 286lbs.
  • It’s also quite stable and tracks quite well.


  • This paddle board might not be a good choice if speed is high on your list of priorities. Granted, it’s a recreational paddle board.
  • Perhaps the color matching of this board could’ve been better but then again that’s only a matter of taste.

Blue Waves Sports Manta Ray – Video