No one of us ever wants to splurge on the most expensive item and end up disappointed; that’s why we do a lot of research before we decide on the best item to buy. The same thing goes for inflatable stand up paddle boards; there are so many out there and if you’re going to opt for one it better be the one that will endure and preserve.

The California Board Company is here with their big guy the “132 Current”; it’s 11 feet tall, 32 inches wide, and 5.5 inches thick. You’ll be amazed with everything it has to offer; it comes in a size that will make both advanced paddlers and beginners feel at ease thanks to its all-round design which can be easily used for different styles and activities.

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  • Made of 3-layer PVC coated and reinforced fabric
  • Drop-stich technology – 1000 PVC tarpaulin
  • High-pressure 15 psi pump included
  • Removable 3-fin set (2 small side fins + 1 bigger center fin)
  • 3 carry handles and 10 standard D-rings
  • Molded EVA/PE convertible seat
Dimensions 11′ long x 32″ wide x 5.5” thick
Material PVC tarpaulin, polyester thread mesh
Weight limit up to 350 pounds
Number of D-rings
  • 1 D-ring at the front, which can be used for towing the board.
  • 4 stainless steel D-rings near the nose attached with a bungee cord.
  • 4 stainless steel D-rings around the center of the board (two on each side) for kayak seat attachment.
  • 1 extra stainless steel D-ring at the back for attaching your safety leash.
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
  • 1 removable large fin
  • 2 attached side fins
Volume NA
Carry handles 3 carry handles
Warranty 1 year

What I loved most about the 132 Current is the strength you’ll get to feel when you inflate it and get on top of it; it’s made of three-layer PVC coats, reinforced fabric and a mesh of very fine polyester threads that connects the skin on the deck to the skin of the hull ensuring that the board has a controlled shape and can be inflated to very high pressures. If that means anything; it means that you’ll experience a great deal of stiffness, sturdiness and performance.

Speaking of which, this board is featured with a double-action pump which, though does the job and inflates it up to 15 PSI, might be a little tricky; thus , and like I usually do, you better use an electric pump instead, if possible, since it’ll save you so much time and effort with this big guy.

Additionally, the 132 Current features a great EVA traction pad which covers more than half of its back; it’s thick and soft and made to boost your balance no matter what position you choose to paddle. Also, you’ll love the 3 carry handles on this board because they come really handy when you need to move the inflated board around.

Moreover, this board is also featured with its own floating adjustable paddle which will allow you to choose the best adjustment for your height. It’s basic and easy to use as it is covered with rubber padding on the top grip and around the shaft for more comfort. The best thing about this paddle is that you can use it as a kayak paddle by only removing the handle part and attaching the other blade included with the kayak seat; I assure you that you’ll love how it feels and how easy it is to use.

Now this being mentioned; the 132 Current comes with a kayak seat which is not something that all other SUPs provide; you can easily attach it to the 4 side D-rings and begin to enjoy a comfortable seated paddling tour to relax. You’ll feel that your back is perfectly supported as the seat is a bit patted for more comfort.

Further, there isn’t only 4 D-rings on this board; it’s in fact 10 D-rings in total; 4 of which are on the sides as to attach the kayak seat as mentioned, another 4 are on the boards’ deck and are connected with a bungee cord so you can carry any necessary items on board. One of the last 2 D-rings is at the back and it’s meant for attaching a safety leash while the other one on the board’s nose is for towing the board.

The fins now are very essential to a board like the 132 Current because it’s not mainly made to be a super-fast SUP board but a good water tracking is always a plus. You’ll find 2 side fins that are fixed and a central removable one which is solid and durable once secured to the board. All you have to do is always put the tail of your board into the water first and push it away from the shore or rocks before getting on top of it so you don’t damage the fins.

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Finally, the 132 Current comes with a very functional waterproof backpack which will allow you to pack the deflated board along with all of the previously mentioned items and accessories; isn’t that amazing? You won’t have to worry about losing them or making a mess out of them anymore. It’s fairly comfortable and it’ll save you so much trouble worrying about where to put the whole thing.


  • The 132 Current inflatable SUP board comes in an all-inclusive package
  • A comfortable kayak seat is included
  • A big waterproof backpack where you can fit the whole thing is also included
  • This inflatable paddle board comes loaded with plenty of D-rings which is a nice touch.


  • As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I’d say that it’s better to invest in an electric air pump instead of the one included.

CBC 132 Current Inflatable SUP Board – More Images

California Board Company 132 Current Inflatable SUP board Review

California Board Company 132 Current Inflatable SUP Board Review