Imagine a world where everyone is enjoying their new inflatable kayak… Now imagine a world with no inflatable kayaks! Frightening, isn’t it? Luckily, Sevylor isn’t about to let that happen because it has just dropped a new model in the market and this one is like nothing else.

But before we get to that, let’s talk a little bit more about this brand. Sevylor is known for being a leading manufacturer in the industry of inflatable kayaks but before that, it has been even a more established producer of inflatable sport items in general. Nonetheless, Sevylor was only made visible due to their quality inflatable kayaks.

If that doesn’t say enough about the Coleman line then note down the fact that almost every model on this series harvested 4 stars reviews at their worst and that’s especially hard to achieve for ‘inflatable’ kayaks.

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  • 2 Person fishing inflatable kayak
  • NMMA® certified to hold up to 470 lbs.
  • Multiple air chambers allow another chamber to stay inflated if one is punctured
  • Adjustable Berkley® Quick Set Rod Holders are adjustable for hands-free fishing
  • Sevylor® trolling motor fittings
  • Paddle holders
  • Double Boston Valve for easy inflation/deflation
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Multiple D-Rings to easily attach other equipment
  • Adjustable seats
  • Carry handles
  • 1-year limited warranty

Inflated Dimensions 10 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.
Hull Design  Flat
Load Capacity 470 lbs (213 kg)
  • 18-gauge PVC
  • 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover
Chambers  Multi Air Chambers
Warranty 1 year

Coleman Colarado 2 Peron inflatable fishing kayak Review


Undeniably, the word inflatable tends to be a little bit suspicious and it makes you wonder: How tough can an inflatable kayak be? Well, in the case of the Coleman Colorado, the answer is simple.

Note this, the Colorado™ is made of 18 gauge PVC material which is evidently military grade, making this kayak virtually indestructible. If you’re wondering what that means then imagine a colony of ants trying to take down an elephant, it just won’t happen.

As if that’s not enough, Sevylor thought it’d be a good idea to coat the bottom of this boat with a 1000D Tarpaulin shield and a 840D nylon cover, thus making the Coleman Colorado’s bottom as solid as a rock. Accordingly, not only is it punctures proof but the extremely rigid build quality makes it even more salt water and sun resistant.

Coleman Colarado 2 Peron inflatable fishing kayak Review

Beyond the quality of core materials, the quality of build is also very vital for making a reliable kayak. In this respect, Sevylor made sure that this boat gets all the attention it needs in this area. Hence, the core was put together through meticulous I-beam construction and double end industrial drop stitch which can only have made this boat an actual hulk.

All in all, the Coleman Colorado™ is undeniably a solid kayak and that is something that goes beyond the general guidelines. That is to say, even a quick scan over the smallest details of this kayak can tell you a lot about how much dedication and hard work has been invested in this boat.


The finest details on the Coleman Colorado™ are one more reason to seriously consider putting this boat up high on your purchase list.

First of all, let us address the elephant in the room and that is “how good is an inflatable when compared to a solid kayak?” In brief, I personally believe that inflatable kayaks are rigid enough for recreational activities but even more practical in every other aspect and specifically two.

Inflatable kayaks take the lead because of their practicality more than anything else and that is illustrated through simplifying storage and transportation.

For me, nothing can beat the fact that you can simply deflate, roll up and put your full sized kayak in a bag. Now imagine how easy it’ll be to travel with your kayak or store it in your garage.

Beyond practicality, endurance gets an equivocal amount of attention on this kayak and that can be seen through its multiple air chambers. The separated chambers serve sustainability more than aesthetics as they are meant to make it even more impossible to sink this boat when on of the air chambers is punctured.

Before moving on, let us address the fact that this kayak is gigantic and for a very good reason too. The Coleman Colorado™ measures 11 feet in length crossed by 3 feet in width, making this boat perfect for company or family rides.

Coleman Colarado inflatable fishing kayak Review

What makes the Colorado™ even more user friendly is its adjustable seats that can cater for 2 adults at ease. So forget about jamming your seat or cramming your legs because comfort is a priority on this boat.

Speaking of which, the cockpit plays a great role at making this whole process a lot easier for everyone. One thing which you’ll realize on the spot is how easy it is to access and exit the cockpit which can’t be said about every kayak out there.

Further, you’ll find that the Colorado™ is equipped with an abundance of useful rigs that will enable you to do pretty much anything that can be done on a boat.

To begin with, the Colorado™ is equipped with adjustable Berkley® Quick Set Rod Holders that will enable you to enjoy hands free fishing at least once in your life.

Additionally, the boat is hooked with trolling motor fittings that will expand your experience to whole different scope. This rig will enable you to install a motor that will make it a lot easier for you to navigate this huge kayak.

Moreover, it should be noted that this boat is equipped with two paddle holders for both passengers to make it easier for you to store and secure your paddles once you tend to move to another activity or when you want to pick the boat out of the water.

Then comes an abundance of other equally useful features, features that will enable you to install fishing rods, secure and tow your boat and keep your cargo dry.

Coleman Colarado inflatable fishing kayak review


When it comes to performance, you can safely assume that this Coleman is solid. Perhaps it’s not fitting to compete with professional racing kayaks but for a recreational kayak the Coleman Colorado™ is over the top. This boat is extremely rigid but at the same time extremely flexible, making it very simple to manoeuvre on flat water.

Speaking of which, this boat is primarily designed to perform best on flat water which is standard for recreational kayaks. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t possibly take it to different surfaces, just stay safe and avoid white water.

Another great thing about this boat is that it is a beast even when it comes to weight capacity. On standard, this kayak can handle up to 470 pounds without affecting performance a bit which is more than enough for two paddlers plus their cargo.



  • The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of positive things to say about this boat is the quality of materials and that of build. The Coleman Colorado™ is tough and that’s the first thing you need to look for in an inflatable boat.
  • The boat comes in an all inclusive set of features that will make it a lot easier for you to use and abuse this kayak.
  • The degree of stability and straight tracking that this boat has to offer is exemplary when compared to similar models in the market and that is significant as it’ll shape your whole experience.


  • If there’s anything that should be criticized about this boat, it would be the lacking packaging that doesn’t include a pump and paddles which are necessary for every inflatable kayak.

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Coleman Colorado inflatable kayak review

Coleman Colorado inflatable kayak review