The 2018 Hobie Adventure Island Kayak offers a fun way to get around an island location. You can use it to pedal, sail, paddle and motorsail to all types of destinations. It is a great way to interact with other island adventurers in your area and offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer. It is easy to set up once you get the hang of it and is sure to provide you with hours of excitement and adventure, as the name implies.

Sailing kayaks may not be as popular as SUP boards or standard kayaks, but that could be because many people are intimidated by them and are unsure about how they function. For many years, Hobie has dominated in the sailing kayak industry with their line of high-quality models. And they continue to be a leader in the industry by creating more innovative and high-quality kayaks such as the double seat Tandem and the single seat Adventure Island.

While it is capable of sailing along the lake or river, one look at the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak and you will know that this product is designed for the beach. It may be the bright and colorful sail that gives the kayak the look of an actual sailboat, that makes us feel like this kayak belongs on the coastal waters. But regardless of where it belongs, this Adventure Island sailing kayak will help you get back to what you enjoy most about the water, and that is total peace and relaxation.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Hobie Adventure Island Kayak?

We know that aesthetically, the Hobie Adventure Island Kayak is a beautiful item. It is available in three unique color styles including a fiery red Hibiscus, the cool Papaya design, or the impressive Ivory Dune design. This sailing kayak is made from some of highest quality materials in the industry. It is designed to be extremely sturdy so that even those who are new to using this type of watercraft can have a fun and relaxing time while out on the water.

The Features

The features for the Hobie Adventure Island Sailing Kayak include the following:

  • 2 molded-in rod holders
  • Mirage Drive System
  • Twist & Stow rudder system
  • Two 8” storage hatches

This sailing kayak is an absolute joy to have out on the water. You will love gliding along at the beach or lake and enjoy the cool and relaxing breeze off the water. This kayak is one of the few that has received positive reviews for sailing better than expected. It has excellent maneuvering capabilities and it was designed with efficiency in mind.

The Comfortable Vantage C Seat

The designers of this watercraft apparently had comfort in mind because all areas of this kayak are very comfy as they allow you to relax and unwind. The Adventure Island kayak features the Vantage C seat, which is very easy to adjust and disengage from the kayak if you would like to use it somewhere else. Right below the seat, there is a built-in Venturi self-draining system. This system makes it possible for the excess water in the cockpit to run off into the sea. So, along with providing the user with optimal comfort, the Vantage C seat can also help you keep your cockpit area dry and clean.

Easy-to-Use Rudder System

The Hobie Adventure Island Kayak also features an easy to use rudder system. The rudder steering controls are located nearby the Vantage C seat. Next to them is the toggle that is used for lowering or lifting the rudder in and out of the water.

Two Fishing Rod Holders

There is a pair of rod holders right behind the Vantage C seat. They can be used to hold a fishing rod or net in place so that this sailing kayak may double as a fishing kayak. You may also attach fishing gaffs to the rod holders and relax in your seat as you wait for a bite.

This is a great alternative to purchasing a regular fishing boat. The sailing kayak is much easier to store, and it will require less maintenance over the years. It also eliminates the need to pay for dock rent and the Hobie Adventure Island costs much less than your average fishing boat.

Plenty of Storage

The Hobie Adventure Island Sail has plenty of storage to protect your essentials while you are sailing. It has a several main 8” screw top hatches. One of them is conveniently located nearby the seat so that you can access your necessities quickly and easily. This is a great place to store items such as angler knives, a first aid kit, snacks, or a raincoat.

The stem hatch also has storage that contains a gear drum which is great for items that you don’t want to get wet such as extra clothing, electronics or food. To be on the safe side, you should place all items in a plastic bag before you put them in the drum. While the stern hatch is located a good distance from the seat, it is still not too far away.

Between the stern hatch and the seat is an open molded-in cargo area This is a great place to store your bags or additional fishing gear such as nets and tackle boxes. To make sure that your items stay in place the cargo area is fitted with several elastic nylon and fabric straps which are attached to both sides of the kayak.

Additional storage includes two mesh pockets found in the cockpit area located on either side of the seat. These can be used to hold those frequently used items that you may need access to often while you are sailing such as binoculars or a cell phone.

There is an extra-large tank hatch is located at the far end of the sail’s bow. The hatch is the best place for you to store those large items that are not widely used, but essential while sailing such as camping gear. The lid for the tank hatch is held securely in place by using straps that are the same as those used in the cargo area.

If you need additional space, you can always add an Aka trampoline to both sides of the hull which can hold your additional items. Doing so will also help to increase the buoyancy of the Hobie Adventure Island Sail.

The Pros and Cons of the Hobie Adventure Island

While the Hobie Adventure Island is a great product to own, there are some customers who aren’t as pleased with their purchase. Here are some of the pros and cons about the sailing kayak that you should know about before you make a purchase.

The Pros

  • Users are able to achieve very high levels of speed while using this kayak because of the large sail
  • The Hobie Adventure Island Kayak AMA features extra- long Akas that provide it with additional buoyancy.
  • This kayak features the traditional Hobie MirageDrive 18-0 system that ensures fast and easy paddling so that you always get where you need to go with ease.
  • The sailing kayak also has a strong and efficient rudder system that is easy to use
  • The Hobie Adventure Island Sail has plenty of on-board storage that make it an excellent choice for long trips at sea
  • This kayak features transducing lines and is available in 3 brilliant colors

The Cons

  • When compared to many other similar kayaks, the Vantage CT seat may be uncomfortable for some
  • The Hobie Adventure Island Kayak is priced at more than $4,000 which is considered expensive for this type of product.
  • This kayak is not designed for normal paddling, and even if your legs get tired of pedaling, you still can’t use the paddle with the sail and hull attached
  • The sailing kayak features a cockpit that may be difficult for some users to sit in or get out of

How Does the Adventure Island Compare to the Hobie Tandem Island?

The single seat Adventure and the dual-seat Tandem which are both part of the Hobie Mirage line have both been upgraded recently. The main difference between the two is obviously the seating capacity with the Tandem having two seats versus the Adventure Island’s one.

The new features for these sailing kayaks include a fuller hull, AMA forms with reverse wave-pitching bows, an updated Mirage Drive system with bearings that improve the smoothness and efficiently of your ride, and a pivoting centerboard that replaces the old dagger board. The sailing kayaks also have larger AMA’s and a stiff two-piece carbon-filter mast that has much more sail area.

Aside from the two-seat capacity the only difference between the Hobie Adventure Island and the Tandem Island is the price. The Adventure Island is priced on Amazon at $4,799 while the Tandem Island is priced at $6,749. The significant price boost is obviously due in part to the dual seats on the Tandem Island and the fact that it is much larger than the single passenger Adventure Island Kayak.

About the Hobie Brand

Hobie has been a brand known for quality since they started in 1950. It was then Hobie Alter introduced the world to his woodworking skills and his first surfboard.  As the years passed, Hobie became well known for their large selection of watercraft products such as kayaks, paddle boards, fishing boats, surfboards, and skateboards.

Hobie Alter began his company in his parent’s garage in 1950. He was interested in woodworking and decided to try to make a surfboard of his own, which was another passion of his. He made his first surfboard out of Balsawood that his dad ordered for him. Not long after that, all of Hobie’s friends wanted him to make them a surfboard as well. And it was all uphill from then.

A few short years later, the first surf shop was opened in Southern California by Hobie and his best friend Gordon Clark. They started to experiment with different types of material to use for surfboards and soon came up with the very first polyurethane foam surfboard. It was lightweight which made it much faster on the water. And that was a feature that many surfers were looking for at the time. Soon all surfers in the area only wanted a surfboard if it was made by Hobie.

The Hobie Cat Company started expanding their product line and in the 1960s they designed their first boat that was smaller yet designed after the Polynesian Twin-Hulled Catamaran. The boat which was fast and easy to sail was known as The Hobie Cat.

Decades later, Hobie continues to make some of the finest watercraft in the industry. And they continue to draw in customers with their brand new and exciting products such as the Adventure Island and Tandem Island Kayaks. They have added products such as fishing floats, stand-up paddle boards, and various other items that have helped them stay at the top of their industry for many years. And thanks to the quality of their products and the good reputation they have, a new generation of surfers and boaters will get to experience what it is like ride on an authentic Hobie board or boat.

Is the Hobie Adventure Island the Perfect Kayak for You?

If you love the sense of adventure and enjoy doing something out of the ordinary, the Hobie Adventure Island Sail Kayak is the ideal choice. It allows you to sail along peacefully at the beach or lake. It has plenty of awesome features that make it the perfect kayak for anyone who loves to spend their weekends lounging in the water.

With ample storage, and Hobie’s Mirage Drive pedaling system, this sailing kayak is easy enough for practically anyone to use. For many people, the biggest downside to the Hobie Adventure Island Sail is the price. But if you would like to invest in a kayak that you can use year after year, this is the product for you.

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