​Most people have heard of paddle boards. The light, fun items are not only fun, but they are a great way to exercise while out on the open water. However, as enjoyable as they are, they are not the only option for getting a workout on top of the waves.

In addition to paddle boards there are pedal boards. These devices appear like traditional boards, but they require no paddle. Rather, they have a built-in system that allows you to move them with your feet.

Pedal boards are relatively new to the market, but there are a few models out there. However, none of them compare to the sheer power, excellence and utility of the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

A Fun Way to Cruise

Two woman enjoying board ride on the beach

Few boards give you the power of the Hobie Mirage Eclipse. This machine is driven entirely with MirageDrive leg power, which enables you to speed around and burn calories at the same time.

Not only is this Eclipse incredibly fast, but it also strong, high-quality, and incredibly stable.

Those features come together to create a great device, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The following sections will go over the numerous attributes of the Mirage Eclipse and cover what makes it such a great purchase.

A Pure Upgrade

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse is unique because it gives you a brand-new way to enjoy and experience paddle boards.

Traditional paddle boards give you a great workout. They require balance, form, and strength. However, the Mirage Eclipse goes beyond that because of the way it brings cardio out onto the water.

This item can be used by just about anyone, but it is not something you can cruise on. As a result, it is best for people who really want to get in a good workout as they travel around.

Another bonus of this model is its speed. It is much faster than traditional choices, which makes it perfect for people who think that paddle boards are a bit too slow.

For those reasons, the Hobie is a fantastic device that brings your regular run into a whole new area.

An Option for Everyone

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There are many reasons to choose the Hobie Mirage Eclipse over paddle boards, and one of the most striking is how easy it is to get the hang of.

While paddle boarding is fun and exciting, it also comes with many beginner limitations.

The hobby can be difficult to get into because people who do it must learn quite a bit. They have to get up onto the board, balance properly, and figure out its different limits.

That takes a lot of time and can often lead to numerous frustrations.

In contrast, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is sturdy in a way that makes balancing much easier. As a result, it is easy to pick up and has a low learning curve for beginners and long-time users alike.

This also comes with handles that you can hold onto for extra balance and support, which make this much easier to use than you might first think.

Two Incredible Modes

Blue mirage eclipse


Every water related item can be used in its own way and the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is no exception. This model, which is mainly for recreational purposes, has two distinct modes that are both useful in their own right.

First, you can have it as a straight pedal board to glide and travel across the water. This is how you’re going to use it most of the time.

However, if you desire, you can also remove the handle bars and transform it into a paddle board. That type of versatility is extremely useful because it means you can upgrade without needing to give up paddle boarding entirely.

The mode you choose typically depends on the distance you have to travel. If you need to go for longer periods of time or if you are traveling with a friend or family member it is best to use the pedal drive system. That is because it helps you move faster and gives you much more control.

If you’re going a shorter distance or are in no hurry, the paddle board mode is a great way to cruise. This is also a handy option to have when you’re out with other paddle boarders and you want to travel at their pace.

ACX- Advanced Composite Epoxy and Excellent Design

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse is built to last, a feature shown through the Advanced Composite Epoxy (ACX) the entire device is made from.

This material gives the board an edge over other models because it is incredibly tough.

Pedal boards take a beating while rolling over waves and currents, and it is always important to make sure you have one that can handle a hard ride.

ACX is specifically designed for such abuse. The high-quality exterior allows the Mirage Eclipse to bounce off of objects or large waves and keep on going.

That then gives way to the impressive hull design, which features both a pointed nose and square tail. Each of those work to cut through the water and provide a sleek, good-looking shell.

Though many boards come with rounder designs, that would not work with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse because water would get on your feet wet and lead to drag.

The Eclipse’s design is much more efficient and leads to better rides.

The Wonders of MirageDrive

MirageDrive on a blue surface

The hallmark feature of the Eclipse is its special MirageDrive technology. This is apparent in many of Hobie’s items (including their kayaks) and it is on full display here.

This technology is uniquely inspired by the way penguins move themselves through water, which means it enables you to use your legs to move you forward at great speeds.

Everyone likes going fast, and the ability to travel at full force can add an extra layer of excitement to this pedal board.

However, it is also important to note that you do not only have to travel fast. You are in full control of this board, which means you can easily adapt on the fly depending on what you need.

Every time you step on the pedals the drive causes the fins to move in a criss-cross motion that pushes the board forward. If you want to go faster, push harder. If you want to go slower, stop pushing.

That motion is what makes the Mirage Eclipse such a workout and keep you exercising as you ride.

Alloy Handle Bars and Squeeze Steering

As impressive as the speed technology is, a board is pretty useless unless you have total and complete control of its functions.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse tackles that on two different fronts. Not only does it come with excellent handlebars, but it is also equipped with a special squeeze steering system that makes piloting easy.

First, the great handles are important for balance. They keep you on top of the board and make it so that it is easy to keep upright.

That allows you to cruise without worrying about tipping over. Though not as important in calmer waters, this feature is incredibly useful when you’re riding through less stable areas. This addition is yet another reason the Hobie Mirage Eclipse has an edge over its competitors.

The handle bars also have a squeeze system that allows you to drive your steering and direction in the same way you would on most modern bikes.

Squeeze the right bar and the board turns right. Squeeze left and you go left. It truly is that simple.

Not only that, but the Mirage Eclipse has a fantastic turning radius that allows you to pilot it though tight or tricky situations with ease.

Finally, the handlebar is fully adjustable. This is one of the features you may not think about up front, but it is extremely useful.

The bar can go from anywhere between 36 to 43 inches, making sure it will always sit at exactly the right height.

Kick Up Rudder

Man riding paddle board

The next attribute to discuss when analyzing the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is the kick up rudder. The Squeeze Steering System is incredibly effective, and that is mostly due to the rudder that sits on the back of the board.

This feature offers pin point, accurate steering that goes far beyond any paddle. It can also be used as a locked in tracking skeg on long straights.

As it is a kick-up, the rudder can be removed in more shallow waters where it might get in the way.

That is a great feature to have, not just for added versatility, but for people who often find themselves coasting along the shore.

Strong No-Slip Grip

Another fantastic attribute of the Hogie Mirage Eclipse is the Eva Deck Pads. These features sit on both the pedals and the board to give you the handle and traction no matter how slippery the conditions get.

Even if you are out on a bright, sunny day, you’re probably going to get wet at one point or another. While certain models don’t take precautions against such situations, the Mirage Eclipse has you covered.

The Eva Deck Pads are not only traction heavy, but they are comfortable as well. Paddling can get tired, and it can wear on your feet. The pads counteract that and keep you fresh no matter how much you work.

A perfect upgrade for people who like being out on the water for extended periods of time.

Handle Any Body of Water

Woman under sunset

Versatility is the hallmark of any good pedal board, and Hobie knows that. As such, they have crafted the Mirage Eclipse in a way where it can be used on just about any waterway.

Most people break out the pedal board for the ocean (which is where paddle boards are the most popular). However, it also does a wonderful job of cruising around rivers and lakes. It would even work on particularly large ponds.

While this model can hit some more extreme environments, it is best suited for calmer waters. The Mirage Eclipse does a particularly good job of sliding around on glassy open lakes.

It does not matter how you enjoy your time on the water. You can live on the coast, travel to a local river, or rent a lake house. Regardless of what you do, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse will give you the speed, power, and fun you want.

Plenty of Room and Customization Options

Wrapping up the long list of features, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is large, comes with plenty of accessories, and breaks down without a sweat.

This stand-up pedal board has plenty of room. That extra space can go unused, or you can bring along a child or pet for the ride across the waves with you. Company is always great to have during your travels.

Hobie also offers a range of different items to help you personalize your board for your individual life.

For instance, you can get a Trax Cart for easy transport or a Hobie H-Crate to hold fishing poles. Those are just two examples of how to upgrade your purchase, and there are many more available.

Finally, the board disassembles quite easily. This is easy to overlook when making a purchase but being able to quickly and efficiently take pieces off or put pieces on is wonderful for someone on the move.

It takes a few seconds to remove the MirageDrive or handle bars. It also then takes no time at all to quickly put them back on.

This adds to the customization and further allows you to personalize your board.

A Board Unlike any Other

Yellow paddle board on seashore

There are many reasons to choose the Hobie Mirage Eclipse over paddle boards. It is fun, serves as exercise, and is incredibly simple to use.

Regardless of why you want it, or which of those features most calls to you, the above sections reinforce what makes it so special. If you want an exciting way to cruise along oceans, lakes, or rivers, this is the choice for you.