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Today, we are going to be considering a highly popular kayak, the Hobie Mirage. If you have been shopping around for a new kayak, you have most likely stumbled across Hobie products. They make incredibly high-quality kayaks with all sorts of different designs and colors. So, we will be specifically looking at the Hobie Mirage, to see if it is worth your money and time.

It can be really difficult to know what you should be looking at in a product like this, there are so many things to consider. We are first going to discuss what we will be basing our rating on, and then going over the features.

How We Rate the Products

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It is vitally important to us that our reviews are as honest and accurate as possible. To obtain this level of trustworthiness, we take a few additional steps in our research before writing the review.

First, we make sure to read and research customer reviews and testimonials thoroughly. This provides us with a few different insights. It allows us to get a wide, less biased view of each product we review, and a broader idea of what type of people like the item. On top of that, it allows us to pinpoint any widespread issues and complaints that may occur in the reviews.

We also make sure to research the product specifications thoroughly. This lets us know the exact size and dimensions of the item, as well as any extra features or accessories it may have. We want you to be able to purchase an item from one of our reviews and know exactly what you are getting.

One last aspect of an item we heavily consider is the reputation of the company that manufacturers it. It is important that a company has ethics, as well as excellent customer service and return/warranty policies. Customers like to know that they can trust the business they give their money to, so we research that as well.

For this particular review, we will be considering a few different specific features as well. Overall quality, pricing, durability, aesthetics, and sizing will all be aspects we discuss. 

What is the Hobie Mirage and What is  Unique About It?

Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback
  • Features the multi-adjustable Vantage CTW chair
  • Features H-Track storage pockets, Guardian Transducer shield, dual steering handles, 4
  • Includes a kickup rudder system for easier navigation in shallow water

Now let’s talk about the Hobie Mirage, and what makes it unique.

This kayak is an incredibly strong, durable boat that is built for hardcore fishermen who want to spend all day on the water. It comes with the Hobie Vantage CT Seat, to ensure that you will be comfortable all day long. You are able to easily adjust it to make it perfect for you. Most of the time in a kayak, you run across the issue of just being too comfortable to stay in the boat for that long, but that is not the case with the Hobie Mirage.

Hobie Kayak Vantage CT Seat Mirage Vantage
  • Replacement seat for 2015 and newer Hobie Mirage kayaks excluding the Pro Angler and I Inflatable Series
  • This seat features adjustable back support, thigh support and lumbar support
  • The deployable kickstand can be used to raise your seat on the water

While this is a boat that is marketed towards fishing purposes, it is also a fantastic choice for a recreational kayak. The boat has a maximum weight capacity of about 400 pounds, meaning you can bring quite a bit of gear with you if need be. It also has three hatches and two dry hatches, which allows you to pack any valuables you may need, as well as a rear bungee tie down area for backpacks and other big items.

This kayak is ideal for day trips in a lake or other calm areas, but it is also able to handle its own in choppy waters or the ocean. It is an incredibly durable kayak, but keep in mind that it does have its limits when it comes to really big, choppy surfs. It is still a small little boat after all and will perform its best in a calmer setting.

Some of the other features that come with the 2019 Hobie Mirage are:

  • A large bow hatch with a detachable clip
  • Mirage Drive 180 with ST Fins
  • Carrying handles on the front, back, and middle of the kayak
  • A sail mount that allows you to install a Hobie sail (must be purchased seperately)
  • Rod holders
  • 8” twist and seal mid hatch
  • A mesh storage side pocket
  • Rudder Up/Down control with twist and stow rudder
  • A two-piece paddle
  • Rear cargo well area
  • Lowrance Ready System

Also, if you are someone who wants to customize their kayak, the Hobie Mirage is an excellent choice. There are a few different features you can easily add to the boat with no issues.

The first one is a fish bag. If you need something to keep your catches out of the hot sun or mouths of other animals, this is a great additional feature to include. You can purchase one from Hobie, as they have a large or medium sized fish bag, and the medium will fit in the front hatch of your Hobie Mirage kayak.

The large and medium bags come in a 70-quart size, and a 26-quart size. They feature D Ring Tie downs, a convenient drain plug, and carrying handles.

You can also add an H-Crate to your Hobie Mirage kayak. This is something you can build on your own, or purchase from Hobie. It fits in perfectly to the cargo well of the boat and comes with additional clips to attach to it as well. You also receive grid walls on the crate that will allow you to drill and add what you like to it.

Like we discussed before, the Mirage Sail Kit is easily attached to your kayak as well. This is a great additional set to have, in case you get too tired to peddle or paddle. Just like most of Hobie’s products, this kit comes with the options of many different colors, as well as a very durable storage bag for when it is not being used.

If you need a standing aid to get used to standing up in a kayak, or simply to assist you in getting up, Hobie also has the H-Bar and H-Rail system for your Mirage kayak. The system goes on each side of the boat and has all sorts of customizations of its own.

Lastly, you can customize with the Sidekick Ama Kit. This feature installs into your kayak and provides you with additional support while you are on the water. 


Hobie Mirage Pedal Kayaks

Image via Amazon

This is a moderately priced kayak. This is also for a brand-new kayak, you can easily find them used for a lower price as well.

Public Perception (Other Hobie Mirage Reviews)


  • ​Stable and durable
  • ​Excellent quality
  • ​Spacious for any additional gear
  • ​Customizable
  • ​Comes with Mirage Drive, Lowrance Ready System, and Twist and Stow Rudder
  • ​Beginner-friendly
  • ​Vantage CT seat


  • ​Pretty expensive
  • ​One of the heavier kayaks
  • ​Unstable in waters or winds
  • ​Not easiest to unload by yourself
  • ​Does not come with the H-Rail System

Now that we have gone over all of the Hobie Mirage features, let’s see what customers thought of them. There were quite a few positives and just a few negatives, so we will discuss the good aspects first.



Our Final Thoughts

Hobie 2020 Mirage Outback

Image via Amazon

Overall, we absolutely love this kayak. It is strong, durable, high-quality, and comes with many amazing features that you would not see on another design for the same price. We love how it looks and how customizable it is.

The only features really keeping it at a 4 instead of a 5, is simply that it is rather steep in price, as well as a very heavy boat that can be difficult to transport.

If you have bought or used a Hobie Mirage before, what are your thoughts? Would you recommend it to others?

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