The ISLE Surf and SUP is here again to do some work like usual; and by that I mean impressing paddlers like you who are looking for something innovational, durable and practical. This brand is known for their quality all-inclusive packages which will definitely meet the needs of a lot of you out there who are in need of a good inflatable stand up paddle board.

ISLE Explorer Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board

What we have here is the ISLE 11′ Explorer Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board with the following dimensions; 11 feet tall, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick. I find such size convenient for anyone be it a beginner or an advanced paddler for many reasons; looking at the pictures you can notice that this iSUP has a slick design which is perfect for touring and spending long periods of time in the water.

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  • 14 D-rings on the nose, center and on the tail, perfect for quickly attaching a leash, kayak seat, or tying up to a boat or dock.
  • 3 Carry handles to easily carry the board around when inflated.
  • Diamond Groove Traction for a maximum no-slip grip for quick turns in flat waters and for riding larger waves in the surf.
  • Inflation Valve – Quality, high-pressure inflation valve rated for up to 15 PSI.
  • 2 + 1 Fins Setup – Comes standard with a removable center box fin and 2 small fins for better performance and tracking in the surf and flat water.
Dimensions 11’0″ x 32″ x 6″
Material Drop Stitch PVC – known as double layer construction
Weight limit 275 lbs
Number of D-rings 14 Stainless D-Rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose (attached with a bungee cord)
  • 4 D-rings on the tail (attached with a bungee cord)
  • 4 more center D-rings for kayak seat or backrest attachement
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 center removable fin + 2 small fins

for better performance and tracking in the surf and flat water.

Volume 238 L
Carry handles 3
Warranty 1 year


Additionally, the colors chosen to cover the ISLE 11’ Explorer Airtech’s body are gray, black and yellow; they match perfectly as you can see, and the way they are put together makes it look very sharp and professional. Also; notice the nose? It’s not an all-round one, you can see it becoming tippy at the end and that’s going to support a smooth glide especially in flat water.

Not only that, the wideness of the ISLE 11′ Explorer Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board provides a large and stable platform for any paddling position. Add to it the traction diamond-grooved pad that will boost your balance when you decide to hit some waves. Its super softness will also reduce foot fatigue and won’t hurt your knees in case you like it that way.

Let’s talk business now; the ISLE is making iSUPs that are furnished with all the strength of a double-layer construction without the extra weight resulting in a stronger, sturdier and lighter board that’s also up to 8lbs lighter than ISLE’s previous models. This is something the company is proud of.

Moreover, you’ll find 3 durable carry handles on this board to facilitate moving it around when fully inflated; they are rubbery for comfortable use and rigid for a firm grip. Beside that; you’ll find the famous bungee system that features most of the ISLE’s inflatable stand up paddle boards. This one has a complete system that contains 14 stainless steel D-rings; 6 are on the front with a bungee cord, 4 are on the back with a second bungee cord and the last 4 are distributed on the sides for those of you who wants to attach a kayak seat or a backrest. It’s actually a monster bungee system for multiple uses and activities.

Furthermore, this iSUP comes standard with a removable center box fin and 2 small fins for better performance and tracking in the surf and flat water. Being mentioned, if you’re into speed and waves you might like to check out the ISLE Airtech 12’6″ Touring Inflatable SUP Board.

Now, the ISLE 11′ Explorer Airtech inflatable SUP board comes in a package with everything necessary to handle it. First, you’ll find a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle which is really functional and perfect for traveling.

Second, a high pressure hand pump is also included so you can inflate the board anywhere needed. It can pump the Explorer up to 15 psi which is enough to make it extremely hard.

Third, a carry backpack is my favorite part; this bag will help you pack and store the whole thing with minimum effort and space as it is perfect for all of you paddlers who love traveling with their iSUPs on them. Finally, a repair kit is part of this whole package for days where you don’t know what could happen.

It’s not the end yet; the 11′ Explorer Airtech will be sold to you with a whole year warranty for the best paddling experience while you’re completely covered.

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  • The Airtech Explorer is 32 inches wide for more comfort on board as it is 30% lighter thanks to the ISLE Fusion technology.
  • It is featured with a complete monster bungee system and its performance is perfect in flat water or for recreational paddling.
  • It can also do really good if you’re into the waves thanks to its tippy nose and the fins set.
  • It comes in an all-package with literally everything you need to handle it.
  • It’s backed up with one year guarantee.


  • None that we can think of.


ISLE 11 Explorer Airtech – Video

ISLE 11′ Explorer Airtech – More Images

ISLE 11 Explorer Airtech inflatable Stand up Paddle Board



ISLE 11 Explorer Airtech inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ISLE 11 Explorer Airtech inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

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