You might argue that miracles are a myth and for the most part they are, but do believe me when I tell you that this stand up paddle board is beyond of reality.

We have reviewed an abundance of boards on our website yet literally nothing measures up to the Isle inflatable paddle board we’re about to see. But first, let’s talk about Isle Surf and Sup.

This might sound like an overstatement but Isle is truly a leading manufacturer in the industry of inflatable paddle boards and that is something that the company takes pride in.

Hence, comes the Isle Airtech Megalodon which is literally one of the brand’s greatest achievements. Not only is this board tremendously gigantic but it also fills a gap for people who like to share their experiences.


  • ​Large comfortable deck pad
  • ​8 point expandable nose mounted bungee system
  • ​16 evenly spaced, reinforced rail, deck and center mounted carry handles
  • ​2 Quality, high-pressure inflation valves rated for up to 15 PSI
  • ​Package includes :
  • ​2 adjustable paddles (65-Inches to 86-Inches)
  • ​2 high pressure pumps with pressure gauge inflates to 15 PSI
  • ​Fins



​15’0″ x 56″ x 8″


​Military-grade PVC & dropstitch technology

Weight limit


Number of ​D-rings

​8 point expandable nose mounted bungee system

​Recommended PSI

​15 PSI


​Attached quad fins + 1 removable center fin



​Carry handles

​16 carry handles


​1 year


We have literally reviewed hundreds of inflatable paddle boards but never a board this size. The Megalodon measures an astounding 15 feet in length which is a never before in the inflatable paddle board record book. This however is not just a purposeless extra large inflatable paddle board.

In fact, the length of the board is specifically rounded up to fit up to 5 riders. Yes, the description on Amazon does say that the Megalodon can cater for 7 people max but on our website, we choose to keep it real because there is no way this board can physically carry 7 adults.

If the length of the board didn’t surprise you then wait till you figure out how much it measures in width. At 15 feet in length, it is only reasonable when I tell you that the Megalodon measures 56 inches in width. In case you’re wondering how large is that then just imagine 3 people standing on the board shoulder to shoulder with extra room on each edge. That is simply stunning! Most importantly, there is no way this board can agitate or capsize no matter the environment. Speaking of which, the stability of this board is remarkable and I can only imagine how that will impact the balance of the riders.

Moving to thickness, we must say that we are not really surprised to figure out that the Isle Airtech Megalodon measures around 8 inches. This is a gigantic board and to balance out the length and width, the board needed to be at least 7 inches thick. However, Isle decided to take it up to 8 inches just in case because after all this board is constantly challenging you to invite more people on it and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to test out just how many people you can get on it.

8 inches will not only keep you above water level but it’ll also prevent such a huge board from bending at the waist because that’s what would happen if it measured anywhere under 6 inches in thickness.


When it comes to quality, we believe that it’s safe to argue that Isle Surf and SUP  has built its entire reputation on the quality of its inflatable products and so far it still stands strong amongst the biggest pillars in the industry. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the Megalodon was strictly made of military grade PVC material which happens to be the same material some bullet proof vests are made of. So, forget about dings and collateral damage because this build is beyond any obstacle.

The quality of build material is undeniably unquestionable but Isle is not about to leave anything to luck which is why they decided to reinforce the body of the board with an industrial drop stitch construction which is far more efficient than cheap glue.


​This is truly a unique board and at this point, we believe that even its most basic features deserve an article of their own. Indeed, this is a gigantic board and that means it is loaded with cool little features. Some more prominent than others, the gadgets on this Isle are unique in their own way and that is why we chose to list its most attractive features, leaving the rest to you.

  • ​Isle features a solid set of 8 D-rings on the nose of the Megalodon. These D-rings are made of stainless steel but most importantly they are connected via a bungee cord, making an impeccable cargo net. This placement is going to make transporting anything from your fishing rod to your sandals a piece of cake.
  • ​Further; the next big feature on the Megalodon is the gigantic gripping pad, covering over 70% of the board’s surface. This is undeniably one of the board’s most impactful features as it will significantly improve your grip on the board which in itself enhances your balance and control. Also, with a pad so large, it is guaranteed that your co-riders will get enough room to enjoy the ride.
  • ​Another feature that hooked our attention is the abundance of carry handles spreading around the board’s perimeter. These handles are going to make it significantly easier to carry a slippery board but most importantly they will make it easier to get back up on the board once fallen into the water.
  • ​One more feature to tackle is the dynamic navigation system on the Megalodon which, like everything else on the board, is out of this world. The navigation system of this Isle features 5 separate fins which are only enough for a board this large. These fins will keep you on track for the most part because it will take a couple of people to alter its path without a paddle.


​With such a big stand up paddle board, the packaging is going to be a little bit of a concern. Undeniably, a package can either make or break your experience and that is something that Isle is fully aware of which is why they hooked this board with almost everything you’ll need to get it up and rowing.

  • ​The package includes 2 top quality paddles for you and your co-pilot because this board is just that large.
  • ​The board also comes with two high pressure hand pumps to make the process less tedious and tiresome.
  • ​The Megalodon also comes with a bungee system, carry handles and a set of fins.


Performance wise, there isn’t much to say about this board that can’t be observed. This is clearly a sharing type of board which means it’s not meant for competitive action or anything of the sort. This is a relaxation, sun bathing, yoga, hangout board and at that it will do great. Navigation wise, the board might be tough to handle outside the water but once in, it is relatively as light as a feather. So, make sure to enjoy it.

ISLE Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board (6″ Thick) iSUP…

  • ​AIRTECH CONSTRUCTION – Max Rider Weight 350 Lbs | Board Weight 22 Lbs | 5 Minutes to Inflate/Deflate
  • ​GREAT FOR ADVENTURE – Extra gear storage for those who like to paddle off the beaten path
  • ​ULTRA DURABLE – Constructed with Military Grade PVC | 6″ thick – No more dings or damage


  • ​The Megalodon is freaking gigantic and at this size, there probably is no match for it in the industry.
  • ​The second best thing about the board is the fact that it’s far more rigid than you can imagine.
  • ​It’s also quite stable and can support up to 7 riders at once.


  • ​Inflating this board to the recommended PSI can be a bit tedious.
  • ​The Megalodon’s Maneuverability is nothing to write home about.
  • ​This board costs an arm and a leg.

ISLE Airtech Megalodon – More Images