You must be wondering by now, what is taking a domain this large so long to produce some quality boards for women? Well, no need to look further because ISLE has just stormed the market with their latest Airtech women’s inflatable stand up paddle board and it’s out of this world.

ISLE is known for being a leading manufacturer in the industry of inflatable SUP boards as they’ve always took the initiative to create an abundance of products oriented to fulfill the needs of almost anyone. ISLE base their production value on the customer’s preferences and properties in order to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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  • Paddle Holder Rail Bungee System – The rail mounted bungee lets you attach your paddle to the side of your board keeping safely out of the way for Yoga routines and workout on the water.
  • 2 Carry handles to easily carry the board around when inflated.
  • Diamond Groove Traction for a maximum no-slip grip for quick turns in flat waters and for riding larger waves in the surf.
  • Inflation Valve – Quality, high-pressure inflation valve rated for up to 15 PSI.
  • 2 + 1 Fins Setup – Comes standard with a removable center box fin and 2 small fins for better performance and tracking in the surf and flat water.
Dimensions 10’4″ x 31″ x 6″
Material Drop Stitch PVC – known as double layer construction
Weight limit 200 lbs
Number of D-rings 3 Stainless D-Rings

  • 2 D-rings on the nose (attached with a bungee cord)
  • 1 extra D-ring on the tail to attach a safety leash or to tie up the board to docks
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 center removable fin + 2 small fins
Volume 224 L
Carry handles 2
Warranty 1 year



The ISLE Airtech women’s inflatable stand up paddle board is a 10’4” long giant which is not only extremely efficient at maintaining a solid posture but also at gaining solid momentum on any kind of environment. Indeed, from still water up to surfing waves, the ISLE will conquer whatever obstacle it is faced with. However, keep in mind that this board isn’t fit for white water which is dangerous even for kayakers.

In terms of width, this ISLE Airtech women’s inflatable SUP board measures at least 31 inches which is right above standard, making this board even more stable and less prone to capsize. Not only that but a surface this wide grants you more space to move around on top of the board freely until you strike the perfect balance.

As for thickness, the ISLE Airtech women’s iSUP measures 6 inches which is a solid number. A board this thick is more reliable and rigid when it comes to handling weight. Seldom do we find inflatable SUPs that can actually handle decent weight without sinking at the center but at 6 inches, that will be the last of your concerns. The ISLE Airtech 10’4” inflatable SUP board can hence support riders that weigh up to 200 lbs without affecting performance a bit.


Quality is also quite the asset for this inflatable paddle board as it is strictly made of military grade plastic / PVC which is then enhanced even further using an industrial drop stitch construction, making this board untouchable. Indeed, this board is so resilient to the point that it has been through torture tests including: getting thrown off the roof and then getting run over by a vehicle. And that left no permanent damage on the board.


The basic features of the ISLE Airtech women’s inflatable SUP board are definitely one more reason to seriously consider making this purchase.

  • Additionally, the board is equipped with 2 stainless steel D-rings attached with a bungee system to allow you to easily attach extras like sunglasses, camera, snacks – and the Coast Guard-mandated life vest now required on most waterways. It also comes with paddle holder rail bungee system to let you firmly attach your paddle to the side of your board keeping safely out of the way for Yoga routines and workout on the water. Its tail mounted stainless steel D-ring on the other hand is perfect for attaching a leash or tying up to docks.
  • The board is hooked with a solid EVA gripping pad which is not only comfortable but also very efficient at keeping you on top of your board. This kind of platform isn’t only optimized to enhance balance but it’s also designed for Yoga, meditation, sun bathing and light workout.
  • The ISLE Airtech 10’4″ SUP board also harbors quite the navigation system running 3 separate fins for an improved tracking and navigation. The fins are not only very flexible but the central one is also removable for your convenience. It is advised to remove your fin when riding in shallow water and strong currents.
  • Last but definitely not least is the aesthetic aspect of the ISLE Airtech Women’s iSUP board because it’s simply stunning. If the quality of the skin wasn’t enough for you then just take a look at this design. The design was inspired from Indian meditation in order to reinforce the feeling of sanctity and peacefulness when cruising on calm water.


In terms of packaging, I rather doubt that there is another women’s iSUP that can compete with the ISLE Airtech 10’4″ women’s inflatable paddle board. This board comes in a pack including everything you will need to maintain this board and that’s worthy of a review.

  • The package includes an aluminium travel paddle which is extremely light but also adjustable for a better handling.
  • Also, a high pressure hand pump, which is quite essential for any ‘inflatable’ stand up paddle board. Note: this process might take somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Further, a back pack carry bag to make it easier for you to transport and store the board whenever necessary. This board is deflated in no time and that enables you to roll it up, get it inside your bag and literally carry it on your back wherever you wish to go.
  • As well as the bag, the package includes a large central fin which can fit smoothly inside the carry bag alongside the deflated SUP.
  • Last but not least, the package also includes a generic repair kit which I doubt you’ll ever need with a board this sturdy.



In terms of performance, the ISLE Airtech might not be the competitor you’re fancying but it’s definitely one of the best performing recreational iSUPs out there. Indeed, the engineering of this board is very similar to that of a race SUP but the manufacturer had to make sure it’s also comfortable and accessible for all kinds of paddlers.

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  • The ISLE Airtech 10’4″ women’s inflatable paddle board is a quality beast and that is something that you need to look for first in any inflatable item.
  • The package in which the board comes is pure joy as it’ll save a lot of trouble trying to keep up with the basic requirements of the board.
  • Nothing says we trust our product better than a one year warranty and that is something you need to cherish because not all inflatable boards come with a warranty life.


  • Beside the fact that the paddle that comes with this board isn’t floatable, I seriously can not see an aspect of this board worthy of mentionable criticism. It’s just that good.

ISLE Airtech 10’4″ Women’s Inflatable SUP – Video

ISLE Airtech 10’4″ Womens Inflatable SUP Board – Images

ISLE 10’4 Womens Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board Review

ISLE 10’4 Womens Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board Review

ISLE 10’4 Womens Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board Review

ISLE 10’4 Womens Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board Review