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Whether you have years of experience with kayaking, or your brand new to the sport, there are many things to consider when shopping for a new kayak. It may be tough to navigate the market at first, we’ve done some of the hard work for you with our Lifetime Lancer Kayak review.

Shopping for a new kayak is often influenced by your personal experience with kayaking. Are you a hobbyist or seeking to enter competitions? Perhaps you like a long kayak journey as opposed to short quick sessions. Maybe you need a versatile kayak that can handle any of these scenarios?

With all of the different brands and styles of kayaks to choose from, it is best to educate yourself if you don’t already know the ins and outs of kayak shapes and sizes. Will you need a sit-in or sit on top style of kayak? What materials are best for your needs?

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With our Lifetime Lancer Kayak review we found that this kayak is great for almost any situation: beginners and seasoned kayakers alike. This versatile kayak has all you need to hit the water, without breaking the bank.

Lifetime Lancer Kayak Review

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So what is the Lifetime Lancer 100? Upon first glance this kayak may look like any other, but the subtle design specifications and overall performance of this kayak stands out as one of the best available kayaks in its price range.

For great performance in slow, lazy rivers, or cutting through the ocean, this kayak performance is excellent, and it’s also easy to handle. Even beginners will find that this kayak is easy to handle and offers a stability not found in many other kayaks within this price range.

For comfort and performance the Lifetime’ Lancer 100 is tough to beat. It is lightweight enough that you can carry it long distances and yet durable enough to withstand a beating in shallow or rocky waters. Let’s look deeper into the details of our Lifetime Lancer kayak review.

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Product Specs

The detailed specifications of the Lancer 100 only reveal more and more versatility and reliability as we tested the kayak. Not only did it exceed our expectations for an inexpensive kayak, it also offered insight into how well a kayak can perform.


This kayak meets and exceeds industry standards for a sit-in kayak. Built of durable, high-density polyethylene, the Lancer 100 can take a beating without causing you too much stress worrying about damage. The polyethylene is also incredibly lightweight, making transportation a breeze.


The Lancer 100 is 10 feet long with a carriage capacity of 275 lbs. This is the standard for many basic sit-in kayaks. At its widest the Lancer is around 30 inches, and it measures at 14 inches tall, making a relatively compact kayak for easy transportation and storage.

The cockpit measures in at 19.5 inches by 38 inches, offering plenty of space for you to sit and readjust during long trips. The kayak only weighs 48 lbs, so lifting or carrying is not too strenuous for most healthy people.


The manufacturer designed the seating for the Lancer 100 with a wide variety of users in mind. It’s obvious that comfort is a top priority for the designers. They padded the molded seats and also included a footrest mechanism for increased comfort. The Lancer 100 will stay comfortable even during the longest journeys.


Many less expensive kayaks lack the performance quality needed to navigate tricky waters or balance on treacherous turns, the Lancer 100 is an exception to this common complaint. This kayak offers easy handling and stays balanced on top of the water.

The hull design is exceptional, enhancing the performance of the kayak as it cuts through water effortlessly. Even if the rider is moving around or readjusting their body, the kayak stays balanced, offering added reassurance so you can focus on the course.

How It Compares

There are any kayaks in this price range on the market. We’ve taken the time to review and compare some popular models to the Lancer 100. These other kayaks are within the same price range and are close competitors to the Lifetime’ Lancer. The kayaks we reviewed are as follows;

  • Scubapro Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak
  • Scubapro Ocean Kayak Frenzy
  • Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak

When comparing these kayaks we took all the key aspects into consideration: design, price, style and overall performance were all tested against the Lancer 100. Let’s look at our findings and how they hold up to our Lifetime Lancer review.

Lifetime Lancer 100 Sit-In Kayak

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Ease of Use

The Lancer 100 is incredibly easy to use. The kayak’s hull design cuts through the water and stays balanced. The kayak’s design does most of the work, making it ideal for beginners. This added stability and performance is invaluable for any level of experience.

The Lancer 100 is lightweight, weighing in at 48 lbs. You can easily transport or store this kayak, making it accessible to a variety of riders.

Design Quality

The Lancer 100 is designed to have great performance while also being stylish with added features. The cockpit is extremely comfortable, with padded seating and footrest. There are adjustable backrests to help find a position to fit your personal needs. This kayak also has foam blocks built-in to improve floatation and balance on the water.

There is added storage with come in handy for most adventures. The oval hatch beneath the deck area has plenty of space for personal items or emergency kits. They also equipped the Lancer 100 with front and rear shock cord straps that help to secure and store loose items.


The performance of this kayak is its most impressive quality. It handles so smoothly you would assume it costs hundreds of dollars more than it does. The dense polyethylene material makes maneuvering in any water easy, and the hull design allows for smooth travels as the kayak cuts through the water.

The capacity of this kayak is 275 lbs, and even as this weight is approached the kayak stays balanced. This added assurance makes for a stress-free ride, even for the least experienced rider.


  • Excellent hull design
  • Lightweight
  • Polyethylene material


  • Rear storage is not waterproof
  • Lower weight capacity

Scubapro Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak

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The Scubapro Old Town Vapor 10 kayak is perfect for a variety of different kayaking adventures. It has all the basic features that you would expect from a high performance kayak. The hull design is efficient and offers easy maneuvering in all types of water.

The cockpit is comfortable with adjustable back rests, cup holder, carrying handles and storage space. The cockpit measures 48 inches by 19.5 inches, giving slightly more space than the Lancer 100, but the Old Town Vapor is not as compact.

Ease of Use

The ease of use for the Scubapro matches up with the Lifetime’ Lancer 100. The Scubapro weighs in at 48 lbs and is built of the same material. Handling isn’t as easy, but overall its ability to be transported and stored is identical.

Design Quality

The polyethylene material used in this kayak is identical to the Lancer 100. This material is durable and lightweight, but the Scubapro’s hull shape isn’t quite what we would expect from a much more expensive kayak.

This kayak has a 325 lb capacity, offering more than the Lancer. But the comfort level of the padded seating and back rests don’t match the Lancer 100.


The handling of the Scubapro was not up to par with the Lancer 100. It took more effort to keep this kayak moving in the desired direction. This is the main reason the Scubapro Old Town Vapor 10 gets a lower rating than our Lifetime Lancer kayak review.

Other performance qualities were comparable to the Lancer 100. The Scubapro balances well and seems to stay on top of the water even when capacity is reached.


  • 325 lb weight capacity
  • Large cockpit


  • Tough to handle

Scubapro Ocean Kayak Frenzy

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This kayak has an attractive design and distinct shape, making for a versatile, sit-on-top kayak. The tri-form hull offers stability and balance while cutting through the water smoothly. Sit-on-top kayaks are tougher to maneuver than sit-in styles, so this one doesn’t compare to the Lancer 100 for handling.

Ease of Use

This kayak measures in at 9 feet and weighs only 43 lbs. This is considerably smaller than the Lancer 100, making it much easier to transport or store. Although not as easy to use in the water due to its lacking handling capabilities, the Kayak Frenzy is easier to use outside of the water.

Design Quality

This kayak is designed with comfort in mind. The 4-way adjustable seat adds a nice ability to customize the position you are seated in, offering comfort throughout long trips. Storage is small compared to the Lancer 100, but there is still ample storage space and removable bungee straps.


The distinct hull design for the Kayak Frenzy makes for a smooth ride, although it is less easy to maneuver. In our Lifetime Lancer kayak review, the Scubasport Ocean Kayak Frenzy receives a lower score.


  • Distinct hull design
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to maneuver

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak

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The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak is our final kayak on our list. This 12-foot kayak is designed to ride smoothly and quickly through many types of water. Its maneuverability is smooth, and it handles nicely for a longer sit-in kayak.

The Pungo is not as comfortable to ride as the Lancer 100, so it may not be as ideal for long distance adventures; but for quick trips and moving fast through the water, the Pungo delivers.

Ease of Use

The size of the Pungo makes it much more difficult to transport or store than the Lancer 100. The design with the seating is also an issue, as it is not nearly as comfortable as the other kayaks on our list. In our Lifetime Lancer Kaya review, the Pungo gets a lower rating in this category.

Design Quality

If you have the space, the design on this kayak is excellent. It cuts right through the water and moves quickly as you paddle. There is plenty of storage to keep your belongings dry, and overall the boat is high quality.


The Pungo performs wonderfully, it’s easy to maneuver and can pick up speed with little effort, even compared to our other kayaks. It balances nicely on top of the water even as the 300 lb capacity is reached.


  • Great maneuverability
  • Excellent design


  • Heavy and difficult to transport


When searching for a new kayak it is always best to consider you personal needs. We have taken the time to find versatile kayaks great for beginners and professionals alike. These kayaks all perform well; but for versatility and affordability, the Lifetime Lancer 100 is our number one choice.

For our Lifetime Lancer kayak review, it hits the top of our list for quality and performance.