In the whole history of the world, a leak has never been a good thing. Leaks sink ships, they collapse governments, and they even ruin friendships. But those leaks are big. Fortunately, you don’t really have to deal with leaks like that in your daily life, but unfortunately, the ones you do have to deal with are pesky and annoying. And as if leaks aren’t bad enough, you have to deal with equipment and belongings that break and tear. Do they make anything like they used to? When everything around you seems to crumble under your touch it certainly doesn’t seem like it. It can be pretty frustrating that the stuff you own can’t stand the test of time.

It’s especially hard when you are dealing with leaks and breaks on items that are used in and around water. A hole in your canoe or a snag in your wetsuit can be a real pain to fix because you need an adhesive that not only firmly bonds the materials together, but that also can create a watertight seal.

Elmer’s doesn’t cut it.

When your snorkeling mask gets a hole in it, you need to plug it up with something strong. Sure, you could buy a new mask, but that’s even more of a pain. You just bought that mask. You barely used that mask, and now a tiny little hole stands between you and seeing the wonders of the ocean.

Or what about your inflatable inner tube, or your pizza shaped float? You just look at them and somehow your eyes burn a tiny, undetectable hole that lets all the air, and the fun, out.

And so you patch. You buy patches and glue, and you glue, and hold, and wait. The results are usually mixed and almost always frustrating. The new seal might work when you’re standing on the pool deck or the dock, but as soon as you hit water that annoying little leak does what leaks do best.

Are you getting that sinking feeling yet?

Get the Full Scoop on Marine Goop

Marine Goop

Thankfully, you are not the only person with this problem and consequently, companies have spent lots of time and money trying to develop a suitable solution to an age-old problem. How can you create a watertight seal once your equipment has been compromised? Marine Goop claims to have the solution. This little, unassuming tube of glue is possibly the answer to your prayers. But does it work? Let’s find out.

Here is everything you need to know about Marine Goop including its uses, its instructions, and what other consumers are saying about it.

It Bonds to Everything

If you only ever had to depend on glue to adhere 2 pieces of paper together, your life would probably be pretty easy, but most people aren’t that lucky. Most people need adhesives that can work on metal, wood, plastic, and beyond. Luckily, that’s what Marine Goop can do. It works on anything. It works on glass, metal, and even rope. You can use it on rubber and vinyl too. If you spend your free time in and on the water enjoying any number of watercraft and watersports, then Marine Goop can come in handy in just about any situation.

It can repair your windshield. It can reseal hoses, and fix tears in seats, cushions, and canopies. Your sporting equipment is subject to so much wear and tear and Marine Goop is ready to handle all of it. Did a buckle fall off your life vest? No problem. Marine Goop can handle it. What about a crack in the rubber sole of your water shoes? Easy. If you take the time to think about it, you can probably come up with 10 things that you could fix with Marine Goop right now.

You might even be able to think of some precious items that you gave away, donated, or threw out that could have benefited from a little dab of glue. Try not to focus on those what-ifs too much, but instead, think of all the things you can still save.

It is Formulated for Marine Use

Whether you’re dealing with equipment that goes in lakes, rivers, or the ocean, you know that marine environments can be especially tough. The rushing water, the pounding waves, and the unexpected outcropping of rocks can all be hazardous to your equipment. These same harsh elements make it very difficult for adhesives. Once you get a tear, a hole, or a leak, it can be hard to repair it. That’s why Marine Goop’s waterproof seal is so important. If you have a crack in your snorkel mask you need to make sure that your glue can keep the water out.

Marine Goop is the only single-bond adhesive that’s up to the waterproof task, and that is one mighty task. Especially when you consider that fixing your equipment almost always involves your personal safety. Remember that pizza float of yours? What happens if you’re floating around on it and that patched leak doesn’t hold? Before you know it, you are tangled in a mess of sinking float, and you better hope your swimming skills are strong. That’s why you should entrust your equipment and your safety to Marine Goop. It can patch a hole in a canoe. It can pretty much do anything.

It Creates a Flexible Seal

There are other glues that can create a strong bond between dozens of surfaces, but they often sacrifice flexibility in favor of brute strength. They have no finesse. Ordinarily, that might not be a problem. If you are gluing 2 pieces of wood together they don’t need to be flexible, but if you are gluing the blade of your kayak paddle together, it does.

Marine Goop is both strong and flexible which means that it works well in situations that involve movement or vibration. The seal on your snorkel mask, for example, needs to remain tight and firm, but it has to flex with the movement of the rubber. It has to be able to move and stretch as you move the mask on and off your face. If the bond is simply strong and hard, you won’t be able to maneuver it into position, and you won’t be able to get a comfortable fit around your face.

The same goes for that kayak paddle. You need a bond that is strong enough to keep your paddle slicing through the water with ease, but your paddle also has to bend when it meets rocks and obstacles. If your repair job is too stiff, you risk breaking your paddle again when it meets resistance. You’ll find that this flexible bond comes in handy in so many situations, and it helps set Marine Goop apart from other competitors. Super glue is great, but you know how hard and crusty it gets once it dries. The wrong kind of glue can ruin whatever it is you are trying to fix, but a little goop can go a long way.

You Can Paint Over it

This feature is purely aesthetic, but if you have equipment that you need to repair, it’s nice to know that you can fully repair it. Once you fix that ding on your kayak or paddle, you can paint over it and make it good as new.

It’s all a part of making sure that the watersport equipment you use can last without constantly needing to be replaced. For most equipment, that’s not really a viable option anyway, right? You don’t buy a new sailboat because one of the deck cushions gets a gash cut into it. Of course not. Your watersports equipment is too expensive to replace, so when accidents happen, you need to reach for a reliable alternative.

It’s Trusted by Consumers

When you buy your first tube of Marine Goop, you will need to be prepared to enter into a secret circle of believers who swear by the stuff to fix just about everything in their lives. Marine Goop has a nearly perfect rating on Amazon, and reviewers often contemplate buying it in bulk. In fact, you can select from a single tube to a 6 or 8 pack depending on how deep your adhesive needs run. Buying 6 or 8 tubes at a time might sound excessive, but remember all the places you can use it. That means it might be good to have a tube in the car, the boat, or your workbag.

You name it, customers have used Marine Goop to fix it, and with a few exceptions here and there, the results have been great. It’s been used on tubs, chairs, motorcycle jackets, and kayaks. You might feel a little apprehensive covering up a hole in your canoe or kayak with goop, but people have done it, and it has worked. That’s amazing. Think of all the wear and tear your kayak encounters. It gets hammered by water, dinged around on the roof of your car, and scraped by rocks and sand, and yet, a little tube of glue can help keep it together.

A less than $10 investment sure beats buying a new kayak.

It’s Easy to Use

The applicator tip makes the glue easy to apply, and then it takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to dry. Obviously, the waiting is the hardest part, but if you have the willpower to apply the adhesive and set your project in a dry out-of-the-way place, it will cure and form an incredible bond.

You can use it in conjunction with patches to help cover bigger areas, but that’s about as intense as it gets. You don’t have to be a skilled carpenter to use Marine Goop. You don’t have to have a woodworking table or a set of vices at your disposal. All you have to do is figure out how to get the applicator top off, and you are good to go.

The Incredible and Incomparable Marine Goop

The Incredible and Incomparable Marine Goop

Accidents happen. Equipment breaks and fails. At this point, you are pretty used to these daily hiccups, but you’ve never had a great solution up your sleeve until now. Marine Goop can bond just about anything that you can think of, and it forms a perfect waterproof and weatherproof seal that prolongs the life of your equipment. It’s perfect for all your watercraft and watersports equipment, and it can ensure that a little snag doesn’t send you overboard, or get you sunk.

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