Mirage Eclipse Review: Pedal Board And Accessories


The Mirage Eclipse is a stand-up paddleboard with some pretty unique features. Paddleboarding is a fairly low-risk sport.


While in the lake, river or ocean you can use the paddle board to calmly glide across the shores. Some people even do yoga on paddle boards.

There are various ways to successfully paddle board. Users can use their legs, arms or paddle to glide them across the water. Paddleboarding isn't quite as intense as surfboarding.

This is the perfect activity for someone who loves the water but isn’t yet ready to tackle big waves. People of any age can paddle board.

What Is Paddle Boarding

Two man Standing In Paddle Board

Paddleboarding is a water activity where you use either your legs, paddle or arms to propel across the water in a lake, river or ocean. This is a relatively low-intensity sport and should be done on calm waters.

Some people may confuse this with surfing. Although the motions are similar surfing is much more high intensity.

Some people choose to exercise and do yoga while on a paddle board. This can be a very relaxing experience. This is actually one of the best ways to get a full body workout in.

Although many people don’t yet know about this activity it’s definitely one of the fastest growing water sports out there. 

What’s Unique About the Mirage Eclipse?

Mirage Eclipse paddleboard comes with a unique feature called the Mirage Drive Leg Power. This is a tool used to allow you to keep your balance while on water.

Yellow Stand Up Paddle Board

Think of it as being similar to the handles and pole on a scooter. You can maneuver the paddle board with this feature while securing your spot. This is perfect for beginners who need to get used to the water.

The durable rubber and maneuverability make for both a speedy and precise paddle board. You can get this product in either yellow or blue. The retailer (Hobie) also lets you take it for a test drive to make sure it’s the right product for you.

If you’re interested in trying it out, go to their website. They connect you with their nearest location. This company is reputable since they’re also known for selling fishing equipment and kayaks.

Other accessories and surfing supplies can be purchased through them as well. 

Accessories Available

You may be wondering exactly what accessories they offer and how you can use them. Consumers can buy life jackets, speakers, and belt packs. They have a wide range of accessories for other products, but these are the accessories which pertain to the paddleboard.

Hobie Clothing

Clothing accessories that represent this brand can be purchased as well. They have a limited selection of hooded jackets which could come in handy for windy days.

Sunglasses may be an interesting accessory as well. They have both a men’s and women’s selection to choose from.


It is 12 feet long and weighs 275 pounds. Aside from buying directly from the retailer certain online shops offer this product as well.

Other top-notch paddle boards cost this much as well, although there are tons of cheaper options out there. The Mirage Eclipse is for those who go paddle boarding on a regular.

Most consumers wouldn’t invest in this board if they didn’t plan on using it for years to come. Certain paddle boards such as the BOTE are in similar prices ranges. 

How It Compares

In this section let’s consider how well the Mirage Eclipse paddleboard does against similar products on the market.

The paddleboard industry is actually pretty big, especially in spots like California. We will take a look at some of the top competitors to get an idea of which is worth the money.

No products found.

No products found.

This paddleboard receives 5 out of 5-star reviews on google. This paddle board a bright professional design. It comes with a paddle and is 6 inches thick for optimum use.

It also comes with tie down ropes for use when getting off the board. It’s made from military grade materials for optimal durability and toughness.

This paddleboard is inflatable like many others on the market. This means it's also lightweight. It comes in both blue/grey and yellow/grey.

It can be bought through various online retailers.

No products found.

No products found.

BOTE is another company which creates top of the line paddle boards. Their paddle boards are inflatable and used amongst professionals.

They also offer a wide range of accessories similar to the Mirage Eclipse. There’s a nice paddle board zip up bag which can be purchased from BOTE.

The design of these paddle boards focusses on a mix of wooden looking materials and blue colors. They look very aquatic. The paddleboard comes in a variety of colors and sizes. A paddle is also included.  

The BOTE website is a great place to order this product.

Body Glove Raptor Paddle Board
  • 22 lbs / 10kg - 10' 8"" / 328 cm length - 33 in / 84 cm width - 5 in / 13 cm thick
  • Flatwater and river
  • Heavy duty drop stitch material

This paddleboard is 11 feet long and can be purchased through Amazon or Dick's sporting goods. It comes in both lime green and a bright yellow design. It's also 34 inches wide to provide lots of room for yoga and other activities.

This product comes with a package of a pump, leash, back-pack, and repair kit. It’s perfect for family use as well.

On Amazon, this product has great reviews. Consistent ratings of 5/5 stars are on the website. It's both reliable and durable. Consumers also like the package which is included.

Occasional discounts can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods for this product as well.

Lifetime Freestyle XL 98 Stand-Up Hardshell Paddleboard - 2 Pack...
  • EVA deck covering for increased traction
  • Front deck bungee for accessible storage
  • Design provides great stability and tracking - 220 lb. Weight capacity

This paddle board can be purchased in a lime green color. This paddleboard is 9 feet 6 inches long with polyethylene protection and a durability surface.

The paddle which comes with the paddleboard is made from durable fiberglass materials. This product even has UV protection to defend against discoloration.

When purchased through Lifetime themselves you get a 5 years warranty on the paddle board.

Red Paddle Co 2019 10'6" Ride MSL
  • Comes with: Red Original All Terrain Backpack, Titan Pump, Repair Kit, Water-Resistant Phone Case.
  • Length: 10'6", Width: 32", Thickness: 4.7", Volume: 245 litres, Rider Weight: up to 220lbs.
  • If you could only ever have one Red Paddle Co board, the Ride 10'6" is the one we'd tell you to get. It's already the...

This paddleboard includes a package with purchase. Accessories within the package include an air pump, free paddle, and a bag. According to Google reviews, this product gets 4/5 stars for its durability.

It also has a great aquatic design. The paddle board itself is blue and white with the Red company label on the front of the board. This company also gives you the option to choose exclusive paddles such as the nylon and co carbon paddles.

These paddles will cost extra since they're a special edition. This paddleboard compares very closely to the Mirage Eclipse.

Sea Eagle Classic NeedleNose 12'6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board...
  • Patented NeedleNose Design. Razor Sharp, Wave Piercing Bow
  • Straight-line hull design with NO UPTURN increasing performance, speed and efficiency
  • Exterior: 12'6" x 30" / Weight: 25 lbs./ Board Thickness: 6"

When looking at this paddle board the main feature that sticks out is the seat. There's a built-in backrest which makes this paddleboard almost resemble a small boat.

It weighs 24 pounds and can withstand up to 200 pounds of weight while on the water. Customer’s love this paddle board for its strength and durability.

This light-weight paddle board is great for people of any age group. This product is very popular and well known so it can be purchased from a variety of different retailers.

This seat or backrest is a nice addition since it allows the user to have the ability to sit back and relax while paddling away.

The foam pad makes is very comfortable to sit on too. It even has front and center handles for easy maneuvering.

Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Bundle w/...
  • Junior-sized inflatable standup paddle board for small adults (recommended weight limit is 120lbs)
  • Very durable military-grade PVC paddle board inflates to 8'x30x4", just as rigid & stable as traditional SUP, perfect...
  • Rolls up into a tight, compact package for simple transporting & simpler storage

This paddleboard comes in bright pink, light pink, sky blue and light green. It’s $499 and comes with an air pump and carrying pack. It's only 8 feet long which may be a downside for some consumers.

It also comes with a black paddle. You have the option of purchasing just the paddle board itself or the package that comes with it. It’s made of drop-stitch military grade materials.

The soft foam pad attached to the board makes it great for sitting on as well. Tracking fins are on the board and consumers have the option to remove them if they choose.

Be aware that the weight limit of this paddle board is 120 pounds.

Hydro-Force White Cap Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, 10' x 32" x 4"...
  • Can be used as an SUP or kayak, Sleek, lightweight and fast
  • Extremely rigid and strong - Weight limit of up to 209 lbs. on the water
  • Durable 3 ply reinforced polyester mesh-core encased in two layers of laminated PVC and drop-stitch construction

This paddleboard is one of the least expensive competitors to the Mirage Eclipse. This paddleboard is family sized and will fit 6 to 8 people on it. Even though it isn't as large.

This board comes with 4 paddles for various people to use. It’s another inflatable yet durable paddleboard. It also includes 2 hand pumps as well.

This is one of the only paddle boards of its kind. There aren’t many 17-foot paddle boards available for purchase. This is the ideal product for families who love to do everything together.

What We Think

Lady with kayak

Although the price of the Mirage Eclipse paddle board may be a downside for some we do recommend this product. When compared with similar product’s and manufacturers the price isn’t off by much.

The Mirage Eclipse gets great reviews across the board which means this product must be doing something right. It has a sleek great design and color pattern. The board is large enough to do yoga and other fitness related activities on.

On top of all of that, the Mirage Eclipse comes with an accessories package which makes the price well worth it. Consider the money you'd spend on each accessory if they didn't come with the Mirage Eclipse.

Don’t forget this paddle board also comes with a unique feature which isn’t available on other boards. It has a steering handle to make water maneuverability easier.

This board is perfect for beginners and intermediate users since it looks very professional and is made from military grade materials. Consumers won’t have to worry about durability with this product.

Now you can make the decision for yourself. Will you choose the Mirage Eclipse?

  • Performance
  • Price
  • Ease Of Use


The Eclipse can transform into a high-performance SUP by simply removing the Mirage Drive and handlebar. If you put in the effort, it straight up boogies. The durability is top notch. It kicks up in shallow water and can also lock into place for improved tracking when the Eclipse is used as a traditional SUP – just one alternative way to enjoy this board for upper body fitness paddling. The price tag is a bit hefty and heavy in terms of using it as a comparison against other paddle boards.

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