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Interested in entering the world of kayaks with paddles? Let’s see if the Mirage Quest 13 from Hobie is worth your time and money.

This revolutionary kayak allows you to use the strength in your legs to move the boat along with the paddle. It’s been proven to be an efficient and easy way to power and steer the boat in the water, and Hobie offers some top of the line products when it comes to boats with paddles.

We will be exploring the specifications, reviews, and details of the Mirage Quest to decide whether or not it is worth purchasing.

How We Choose Our Ratings

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It is more important than anything else that our reviews are completely honest and accurate. To ensure this, we take a few additional steps in our research to make the reviews as trustworthy and factual as possible.

We read and research customer reviews and testimonials online. This allows us to view a broad spectrum of unbiased thoughts on the product in question. Reading through reviews also allows us to pinpoint any widespread problems and complaints that may come up with an item.

In addition to researching customer opinions, we also look into the reputation of the company who makes the product in question. It is important to most customers and to reviewers that the business they give their money to is reputable, honest, and stands for decent values. We also consider their customer service quality, shipping and return policies, warranties, and marketing strategies (if applicable).

We also familiarize ourselves with the product specifications. Knowing the ins and outs of the object we are reviewing allows the reader to get a more in-depth picture of what they are purchasing.

For this particular review, we will be considering the overall quality, durability, pricing, and performance for the Mirage Quest kayak from Hobie.

What is the Mirage Quest and What Makes it Unique?

First off, what is the Mirage Quest?

This kayak is said to be the ultimate fishing kayak for paddlers. It has a very fast and stable hull design, as well a very convenient layout. You will have everything you need within reach, which includes two rod holders, two large hatches, some mesh-covered pockets for stowing items, and plenty of extra room for your gear.

The Mirage Quest 13 also comes with the extremely comfortable Vantage seat from Hobie, which also allows you to adjust it for additional comfort and efficiency. With this kayak, you also receive a higher capacity bow hatch, a Lowrance-Ready scupper, two drink holders, map pockets, and a center console with tackle box bungee tie-downs with rod storage.

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Another feature we like about this particular kayak is the raised floor it has, which allows you to have a much drier ride than you would with other products.

The transom has also recently been updated, in order to accommodate the optional Twist and Stow Rudder from Hobie as well.

This kayak is 13 feet (or 3.96 meters) long, it is 28.5 (.72 meters) inches wide, and is capable of holding up to 350 pounds (159 kg) safely. The fitted hull weight is 65.5 pounds (30 kg), and the fully rigged weight is 70.5 pounds (32 kg). The boat is made out of Rotomolded Polyethylene.

If you like to have options when it comes to color, Hobie is the right company for you. The Mirage Quest 13 comes in Olive, Ivory Dune, Papaya Orange, Red Hibiscus, Slate, and Seagrass.


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As far as pricing is concerned, it will really depend on where you purchase the kayak from. If you buy it brand new from the manufacturer, it will cost you about $1400.00-$1500.00 online.

You can find this particular kayak on Amazon and a few other online retailers, but they are still only marginally less than buying it directly from Hobie.

Public Perception (Other Mirage Quest Reviews)

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Now that we have looked at all the features that the Mirage Quest has to offer, let’s take a look at what the customers thought of this Hobie kayak. First, we will discuss the features that customers loved and talked positively about, and then the qualities that were complained about frequently.


The first aspect that users mentioned loving was how strong the boat was, even in choppy waters and in climate weather. Those who took the Mirage Quest into storms and windy weather were not disappointed by how this product performed. The kayak was able to cut through and continue straight through any type of natural turbulence they were put through.

Another aspect that reviewers really loved about this kayak was how much gear it could hold. While kayaks are not really known for how spacious they are, the Mirage Quest has room for everything you could possibly need for a fishing trip or other adventure.

Users loved that the boat does not necessarily need a rudder to run smoothly. Those that did not additionally buy one said that they were extremely surprised at how well their experience went without it. Also, those that did splurge and purchase an additional Hobie router absolutely loved the overall quality and performance of the product, and how convenient it was for their Mirage Quest 13 kayak.

Because of its width and length, it actually does get you to your destination faster as well. Customers remarked on how well it hugs the water, giving you both incredible stability and speed.

Lastly, buyers loved that this option from Hobie was less expensive than their other kayaks. At a price around $1400, the Mirage Quest is much more reasonable than a lot of the other paddle kayaks and Mirage options from the company.


  • ​Strong boat even in choppy waters and in climate weather
  • ​Spacious enough for everything you could possibly need for a fishing trip or other adventure
  • ​Does not necessarily need a rudder to run smoothly
  • Its width and length will get you to your destination faster
  • Less expensive than other kayaks


  • ​​Tankwell does narrow a bit and ends very abruptly at the round hatch
  • ​​Does not drain as fast as some other kayaks on the market
  • ​​Incredibly heavy and can be extremely cumbersome to carry around
  • ​If you are shorter, you may be slightly more uncomfortable than someone over 5’5 in the boat
  • ​Need hand grips on the boat


Now in addition to all the praise that this particular canoe receives, there are some negative aspects and qualities to keep in mind if you want to purchase the Mirage Quest.

Many reviewers mentioned that the tankwell does narrow a bit and ends very abruptly at the round hatch (this is a large flat area that is basically just wasted space). If the hatch was moved back slightly to the flat area, it would save quite a bit of space. Because it can’t be reached while you are actively paddling, this wouldn’t cause too many issues.

Another aspect that was mentioned in a negative light frequently was simply that the boat does not drain as fast as some other kayaks on the market. A few customers mentioned that if there was another pair of scuppers in front of the seat and another in the tankwell, it would assist with draining the boat much faster. In extremely choppy weather, customers were getting drenched while in the Mirage Quest.

Customers have mentioned that the boat is also incredibly heavy and can be extremely cumbersome to carry around and put in the water. This is important to consider, especially if you think you may have difficulty moving the boat around by yourself.

Something else that came up in reviews was simply that if you are shorter, you may be slightly more uncomfortable than someone over 5’5 in the boat.

Lastly, there were several mentions of wanting better hand grips on this boat. Because it is so heavy, and there are a lot of parts that need to be handled, it is important to have a good grip on the kayak.

How it Compares

Now let’s consider how the Mirage Quest from Hobie compares to other brands and designs. While this may be a decent kayak on its own, putting it up against other boats gives you more perspective when you go to make your purchase.

We will be looking at and comparing the Mirage Quest 13 with the Trident 11 from Ocean Kayak.

The Trident 11 is also a very high-quality kayak that you can attach a rudder too separately if you want. Both of them also have paddles for your feet as well.

The biggest difference between the two kayaks is their weight. The Mirage Quest is a dense, incredibly heavy boat that can be difficult to tote around, while the Trident 11 is smaller and lighter. So if you are looking for something that is easier to transport, the Trident 11 is what you will want to go with. However, if you are a taller, heavier person, the Mirage Quest is going to be able to carry you in the water more gracefully.

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Another difference to consider is the pricing. You can purchase the Mirage Quest for around $1400 to $1500 online, and the Trident 11 will cost you around $1100 to $1200 online. Because it is a smaller, more compact boat, it does cost slightly less.

So which boat is better? Honestly, it depends on what you are looking for.

If you are a taller, heavier person, you are definitely going to be better off with the Mirage Quest. This kayak can hold up to 350 pounds, and it is longer to accommodate taller riders. It is also much denser, so if you need something that can withstand any weather and can handle carrying more weight, this is a fantastic choice.

However, if you are someone who needs something that is light and easy to transport, the Trident 11 may be a better fit. This boat does weigh a little less and is smaller, making it easier to travel with and carry by yourself. Also, if you are shorter and don’t need something as dense and intense, then you will have no issues with this particular kayak.

What We Think

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Overall, we think the Mirage Quest is an amazing kayak choice. It is affordable, capable of all sorts of weather, high quality, and spacious. What more could you ask of a boat? We hope this review was helpful for you to discern whether this was the right choice for you or not.

We know it can be difficult to sift through different brands and even different models within a brand to find the perfect choice for yourself. However, making the effort to research what you want and need will be so rewarding in the end.

If you have a Mirage Quest kayak, what are your thoughts? Would you recommend it to others?