Many companies out there took the risk of investing their budget, time and effort in making water sports’ products were nowhere near regret. NIXY is one of those companies and that’s for a reason; NIXY makes sure that their product line is trustworthy via using quality materials, good services and super warranty deals.

NIXY’s iSUPs production line is really divers and considerate; it took into consideration the different types of water activities, levels and paddlers’ sizes, and since you’re here, that means that you’re considering the Newport to be your new water friend.

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  • Super Soft EVA Flat Large Traction Pad
  • 10 Stainless D-Rings, 4 of which are attached with a bungee cord
  • Paddle holder
  • EZ Push Hi Pressure Valve
  • 1 comfortable center carry handle
  • Package includes :
    • 3 Pieces Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
    • 10′ Coil Leash
    • High Pressure Double Action Pump & Gauge
    • 3x Removable Travel Fin
    • Travel Back Pack
    • Repair Kit
Dimensions 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″
Material Drop Stitch PVC
Weight limit 240 lbs
Number of D-rings 8 D-rings

  • 4x d-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 2x d-rings for kayak seat
  • 2x d-rings – front and rear
Recommended PSI 12 – 15 PSI
Fins 1x 8″ Center Fin + 2x 4.5″ Side Fins
Volume NA
Carry handles 1 center comfort carry handle
Warranty 2 years


The NIXY Newport is an all-round inflatable standup paddle board with a sleek design that is so much similar to an authentic one and which makes it really versatile.

It is 10.6 feet tall which is the same length as the Nixy’ Venice yoga inflatable paddle board. This exact length is very convenient for touring and recreational paddling because it’s about perfect for everyone even if you’re a big sized paddler.

The Newport is 6 inches thick and that’s why I pointed to the big size paddler thing; this dimension is enough to hold up to 270 lbs without twitching or flexing. It is also the best you can find on the market since the majority of quality inflatable paddle boards don’t go under 6 inches.

Finally, the Newport is 33 inches wide which is more than enough for you stand up, sit or lay comfortably on the board’s back. Not only that, you’ll have enough space to take any needed gear on board with you once you hit the water.

All in all, the Newport’s dimensions might be standardized but they’re absolutely convenient and practical and are meant to adjust to almost all water conditions.


With NIXY’s boards I don’t think that you should worry about your board; the company emphasizes the necessity of using the strongest material out there to build a board that will withstand the sun, the weight and the environmental circumstances for years. The Newport is made of high grade PVC material which guarantees that the it will turn rock-hard once fully inflated. Also, the drop-stitch material makes sure the board is stiff and durable making it nearly indestructible.

You know a good iSUP once you see one, and the Newport does look and feel good. To end this section, you’ll be glad to know that NIXY will have you covered for 2 years once you purchase one of their iSUPs; it’s a winning deal if I may say.

NIXY Newport 10'6" All-Around Inflatable SUP Board Review


I’m not the kind of person who would compare an inflatable stand up paddle board to a hard one but the features that I’m going to state down below are what make an inflatable paddle board a more practical and functional choice for those of you seeking practicality. The Newport is featured with:

  • 8 stainless steel D-rings that work as a complete system which allow you a maximum use of the board. 4 D-rings are on the front like usual and are connected with a bungee cord so you can secure any gear or cargo to the board once in the water. 2 D-rings are on the sides for those of you who like to use a kayak seat. 1 D-ring on the tail to attach a safety leash, and the last D-rings is underneath the board’s noes for towing.
  • An EVA deck pad that covers two thirds of the board’s back to insure your safety and comfort. The pad works perfectly fine preventing your feet from slipping off the board when it gets wet. It’ll also support your balance providing you with more control over your body movements since your whole weight will be put right on your feet.
  • The Newport comes in 4 different colors from which you can choose the one that fits you better: red/white, blue/white, pink/white and turquoise/white.
  • You’ll find a fin set of 3 well-made fins; one of which is large and central while the other 2 are smaller and are located on the sides. The 3 fins are removable which adds to the transportability of the Newport because once you detach them you’ll roll up the deflated board like you’d role a sleeping bag. Those fins work beautifully in flat water stabilizing the board and mitigating its movement; you’ll love how safe it feels.

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A complete package is always what would instantly get my attention every time I’m trying to check out something new. The Newport should be your winning deal looking at its quality, price and package. This latter includes:

  • A 3 piece adjustable aluminum paddle that I found really functional and comfortable to handle. It doesn’t float so be careful not to lose it to the water. You can adjust it to fit your height and once you’re done paddling you can break it down and pack it along the board.
  • A high pressure double action pump that can inflate the board up to 15 PSI in quite short time. You’ll be able to get the right pressure level looking at the pressure gauge so you’d know when to stop pumping.
  • A carry backpack to pack the deflated board along with the other items all at once. The bag is strong and is great for traveling since it’s bigger than other bags that I’ve tried. It’s also comfortable to carry thanks to its patted shoulder strips.
  • An ankle leash.
  • Repair kit.


The NIXY Newport is an all-around inflatable paddle board that is designed to glide on flat water like calm rivers and lakes. I don’t want to expect a fast board but you’re going to experience a very balanced one which will make you way safer than you could have though. You don’t have to make so much effort to control the Newport since it’s responsive and easy to guide, it also knives through the water smoothly and swiftly allowing you to enjoy the calm and water.


  • The NIXY Newport is a great inflatable paddle board.
  • It features a sleek design and comes in four different colors.
  • It’s 6 inches thick.It feels stiff and rigid when fully inflated to the point you can’t tell that’s it’s pumped with air.
  • It’s stiff and rock-hard once fully inflated.
  • It’s featured with everything necessary to handle it (paddle, hand pump, fins, repair kit, leash & carry backpack).
  • It’s backed up with 2 years warranty.


  • As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I’d say that this board is not that fast. As a matter of fact, it’s designed for racing.