It shouldn’t take you so much time to realize that you need an inflatable stand up paddle board for your summer vacation; it’s one of the most convenient and most practical choices you could ever make. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are made to make water activities reachable for everyone as they make sure it adds more fun to it.

The thing about inflatable SUP boards is that they’re extremely portable so you don’t face the usual obstacles when it comes to packing, storing or transporting them, and with an all-inclusive package like this one we have here you’ll be pretty satisfied with what an inflatable stand up paddle board has to offer.

The PathFinder P73 comes in 2 different colors; blue and orange, and both are 9.9 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 5 inches thick which, for me, puts it along with other SUP boards that are of a perfect size for almost everyone.

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  • Large, comfortable deck pad will keep you on your feet.
  • Bungee tie down for securing on-board cargo
  • D-ring to attach a leash or to tie the board to docks.
  • Amazing Durability – PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch.
  • includes :
    • Adjustable aluminum paddle
    • Pump
    • Detachable center tracking fin
    • Carry bag (with shoulder straps)
    • Valve wrench.

Dimensions 9’9″ long x 30″ wide x 5″ thick
Material Durable PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch
Weight limit 240lbs
Number of D-rings
  • 4 stainless steel rings near the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 extra stainless steel ring near the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 large removable tracking fin
Volume NA
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year

This board features an all-round design that is great for long distance touring, recreational paddling, and why not yoga; it’s large enough as it is very sturdy.

You’ll find that this board is made of very durable PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch to protect it against any possible damage, which also means more stiffness and rigidity when fully inflated; the PathFinder P73 can take up to 15 PSI using the included high pressure pump.

In addition to that, and like most good quality iSUP boards out there, this one is featured with a very comfortable deck pad that covers a large space of the board’s back as to serve you best. Also, a central carry handle is included to help you carry the inflated board around as you can hold on to it to get on board while in the water.Speaking of which, the PathFinder P73 delivers a great performance in flat water thanks to its hull design, sturdiness and thickness.

However, you won’t be disappointed when you try it on shallow water or on some waves thanks to its thin and well-made fin; it’s removable to facilitate packing the deflated board as it does the job knifing the water, and allowing for a smooth cruise.

Pathfinder p73 inflatable SUP Board Review

Another item that does the job greatly is the included adjustable paddle; you can adjust it according to your height, and it’s made of aluminum which makes it durable and hard to damage, yet, it’s not heavy and you’ll have a firm grip of it thanks to the T shape design given to its end.

Now, let’s speak about my favorite part concerning any SUP; the bungee system. This is something you won’t find on an authentic/rigid board; it’s one of the perks of having an inflatable SUP board.

The PathFinder P73 is featured with a bungee cord that will allow you to secure any desired item to the board including your meal-box for those moments where you need a break. Also, a D-ring is located on the board’s tail to attach a safety leash or to tie up the board to a dock if needed.

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Moreover, this SUP board come with with a very practical backpack which will make the transportation dream come true; you don’t have to worry about where to put your huge board or how to carry it around while traveling.

The PathFinder P73 can easily be deflated using the featured valve wrench, and can be easier to roll up like a sleeping bag after you detach the fin. Once you do that, you’re ready to put it in the bag and hit the road with it on your back or in the back of your car.

Finally, and if there is anything left to say it would be a little complaint about the missing repair kit; it’s always a good add especially if something bad happened.


  • The Pathfinder P73 is a great, budget-friendly inflatable SUP board that comes in an-inclusive package with everything you need to handle it.
  • It’s sturdy, strong, and convenient for all riders.
  • It performs great in both flat and shallow water.
  • It comes with a very practical and easy/comfortable to use backpack.


  • As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I’d say the Pathfinder P73 package is missing a repair kit, which you won’t need if you take good care of your board.

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Pathfinder p73 inflatable SUP Board Review