The RAVE Sports® is one of the biggest brands in the water recreation industry. They offer a wide range of products that will keep you in water for a long, long time. This brand is known for their innovational inflatable water trampoline; you can only guess what they’d make out of an inflatable paddle board.

The RAVE Sports® guarantees that their customers will find what they are looking for no matter how big or small it is, and since you are here; it means that you’re interested in the Outback inflatable stand up paddle board, and I can’t blame you. Let’s get to it.

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  • Large EVA foam deck pad
  • 4 stainless Steel D-Rings
  • 1 comfortable flat carry handle
  • Removable tri-fins
  • Package Includes
    • Backpack carry bag
    • High pressure air pump & pressure gauge
    • Removable tri-fins
    • 3 piece adjustable paddle
Dimensions 10’8” x 30” x 4”
Material Highly durable drop-stitch PVC fabric construction
Weight limit 200 lbs
Number of D-rings 4 bungee tie down rings
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Removable tri-fins
Volume NA
Carry handles 1
Warranty 1 year


RAVE Sports Outback Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewThe Outback is 10.8 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 4 inches thick. An almost 11 feet is never a bad size, on contrary, it’s one of the best because it’s usually suitable for everyone; that’s at least what I think.

Being a beginner, you should go for an inflatable paddle board that is responsive and easy to control, and with these measurements you will not have it hard learning how to stand up paddling.

The Outback might only be 4 inches thick but it’s a stiff buddy that does not get easily submerged underwater if you don’t surpass the weight limit (200 lbs).

Concerning its width; those 30 inches are the regular size you’d find on most quality inflatable paddle boards in the market. Now, if you’re a beginners or intermediate paddler who wants to make a change; the Outback is not a bad choice at all.


The RAVE Sports offers quality, innovative water recreation products, and to do that, one needs good materials. The Outback is made of highly durable drop-stitch fabric construction, and that means thousands of tiny threads that connect the top and bottom of the 5 PVC layers creating a much stronger inflatable board that can withstand higher air pressures and outsider natural conditions.

The Outback is one of those inflatable stand up paddle boards that are meant to leave you full of questions the moment you see it. The details are finely made that the board’s parts looks perfectly glued together. Also, it’s almost impossible to bend the board once fully inflated unless you’re intending to ruin it. I shouldn’t forget to mention that you’ll also get one year warranty to have you covered.

RAVE Sports Outback iSUP board review


Features are the best thing about an inflatable stand up paddle board; they allow you more options and possibilities in and outside the water. Making use of these features, you’ll be able to enjoy a full paddling experience. Let’s state the obvious:

  • One great thing about the Outback is its design; it’s slim, sleek and sharp. The first thing I noticed was the combination of colors that make it look wild and adventurous in a classy way; that’s really how it felt. Also, the pad is made in a shape to make it look like more of a natural skin than just a pad.
  • The EVA foam pad which is quite appealing compared to other SUPs, it covers more than two thirds of the Outback’s back and it is made of a soft material to keep your feet comfortable and help you stay balanced on top of the board by preventing your feet from skidding off.
  • A fin set that consists of 3 removable fins; one of which is large and central while the other 2 are smaller and lateral. Together, they allow smooth water tracking which you can absolutely feel while paddling; the board feels stable and light with these fins. Not only that; they’re so easy to attach/detach for practical and quick usage and packing.
  • The Outback is featured with 4 stainless steel bungee tie-down D-rings and they are fixed at the end of the board. They are rigid and durable but they are not connected with the usual bungee cord, thus, if you are like me and you rely on the bungee system once in the water, you will have to get purchase a bungee cord separately.


Every inflatable stand up paddle board comes in a package that may or may not contain everything and anything you could possibly need to handle it; the Outback comes in one of these packages that will seal the deal for you. In this one you’ll find:

  • RAVE Sports Outback Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewA high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge which will enable you to inflate the board anywhere you go. This pump can inflate the iSUP up to 15 psi which is the point where you can sense a great amount of stiffness.
  • A 3 piece adjustable paddle that is really functional and practical to use. It’ll be easy to find the right measurement for your perfect stroke as well as the fact that it is easy to pack once broken into 3 pieces.
  • A backpack carry bag where you can fit the board and paddle together for easy transportation and storing. The bag does the job and carrying it feels comfortable thanks to the patted carry straps.
  • Finally, the previously mentioned fin set that consists of 3 fins; one is large and central and the other 2 are smaller and lateral.

As you can see, the package lacks a repair kit which you can do without if you are a friendly user.


The Outback is one of those recreational iSUPs that are made to do great things. I can’t deny the fact that there are inflatable boards that are 6 inches thick which means more stability and balance; however, it’s hard to put the Outback down.

This board can take up to 200 lbs without any trouble; it’s stiff, rigid and versatile. It is also easy to control as it responds to your body movement smoothly thanks to the fin set. Additionally, its sleek and sharp design gives it a natural glide on the water surface. I tried the Outback in flat water only, but if you’re interested in riding some waves I believe it should be fun.



  • The Outback is a decent recreational inflatable paddle board that comes in an all-inclusive package.
  • It’s suitable for all-levels.
  • It’s constructed with 5 layers of PVC material, making it one of the stiffest inflatable paddle boards out there.


  • The Rave Sports Outback is just 4 inches thick, which could have been better. However, as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit of 200 lbs, you won’t notice any flex or bend.
  • This board doesn’t come with a bungee cord, you’ll have to buy one separately.

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RAVE Sports Outback Inflatable paddle Board review

RAVE Sports Outback Inflatable SUP Board review

RAVE Sports Outback iSUP Review