The best part about Saturn is that it produces some of the simplest inflatable paddle boards in the industry. If you’re a simple person who enjoys minimalistic design and robust quality then you are going to love this board.

The Orange Top is an ultra light inflatable paddle board and that’s primarily what sets it apart from most iSUPs out there. This board is the descendant of a great legacy and just like any other rightful descendant, it carries the legacy well. Would you like to know more about the Saturn 11’ Orange Top iSUP?

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  •  Ultra Light SUP Paddle Board. Weight Only 19 lbs!
  • Large, comfortable deck pad will keep you on your feet.
  • A set of 4 D-rings along board side for attaching a kayak seat or a low profile beach chair.
  • 1 Extra D-ring on the nose to nose for towing the board
  • Amazing Durability – heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric
  • Package includes :
    • Air Pump
    • Detachable center tracking fin
    • Carry bag

Dimensions 11′ long x 30″ wide x 6″ thick
Material Heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric
Weight limit
  • Max Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Suggested Capacity: 190 lbs
Number of D-rings
  • A set of 4 D-rings along board side for kayak seat attachment.
  • 1 Extra D-ring on the nose to nose for towing the board
Recommended PSI 12 – 15 PSI
Fins 1 large removable tracking fin
Volume N/A
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year


First things first, when talking about paddle boards in general, we are always curious about length. At 11 feet in length, the Orange Top towers over its competition and for a pretty specific reason too. There is a slight yet significant difference that a board’s length can make, at 11 feet, this Saturn is made perfect for young adult and adult paddlers. Hence, if you’re younger or not the same size as an average adult, you might want to consider a different board.

Then comes the width of the board which is equally significant but for a completely different reason. The Orange top measures a solid 30 inches in width and that’s very promising. At this size, the board will perform far better in disturbed water and maintain a reasonable level of stability throughout the ride. Accordingly, you’ll get to enjoy an improved sense of stability and that is definitely critical for any paddle boarder.

Last but definitely not the least dimension is the thickness of the board and depending on the overall size, it can make one hell of a difference. This is undeniably a gigantic board and at 6 inches in thickness, it is safe to assume that it is also solid. The thickness of the board won’t only keep space between you and the water but it’ll also prevent the board from bending at the center under a lot of weight.

Saturn 11' Orange Top Inflatable Paddle Board Review


Quality is quite the cherry on top of the cake for the Orange Top as it is definitely one of its strengths. Indeed, the board isn’t only made of the strongest PVC material but it is also reinforced via an industrial drop stitch construction, making this board virtually indestructible. Seriously, this board has been through a set of torture tests and it has managed to pull through some of the toughest conditions. Hence, if you’re looking for quality then this should be quite the catch.


Describing the primary features of this board is definitely going to be challenging as it seemingly carries near 0 features. However, the Orange Top is more than just that. This board exhibits an impressive set of practical features and nothing else.

The Orange top primarily features the signature orange gripping pad which extends to cover over 70% of the board’s surface and for a very good reason. The fact that this Eva pad is so large makes it a lot less likely for the paddler to lose control over the board by placing his or her feet on a slippery spot. Further, the pad doesn’t only improve your overall balance but it also grants you a better grip over the board and consequently better navigation.

Right around the pad, you’ll find a couple stainless steel D-rings on each side of the platform of the board. The said D-rings can serve multiple purposes but primarily it can be used to attach shoulder straps and help your carry the board or more likely they can be used to install a kayak seat and that in itself opens up a world of possibilities.

[alert-note]PS: the board also features one single D-ring on the nose of the board which is meant to help you tow and secure the board at ease.[/alert-note]

Yet the most important feature of the Orange Top remains the same and that is the fact that it is an inflatable paddle board. The idea of an inflatable is extremely satisfying and for multiple reasons. The prime reason is practicality and boy is this board practical. The Orange Top is not only very light (19 lbs) but it can also be deflated, rolled up, packed and carried seamlessly to the closest body of water.

Saturn 11' Orange Top Inflatable stand up Paddle Board Review


And from features, we jump right to performance which is equally important when it comes to paddle boards because it significantly contributes to the experience. Overall, Saturn boards are known for their solid performance and for a recreational board, this 11’  Orange Top paddle board does not disappoint.

With its slender and minimalistic body, this board will easily cut through water and maintain high aerodynamic properties at the toughest weather conditions. Also, if the water doesn’t help, the solo fin navigation system is there to break through it and help you maintain a straight trajectory.


This should have been amongst the first things to review on an inflatable paddle board because it truly makes a whole lot of difference depending on the components of the package. The Saturn Orange Top fortunately knows exactly the power of a healthy package and comes with the following:

  • The package includes a high pressure hand pump which is essential since the board is inflatable.
  • The board also comes with a carry bag and that will make your life a lot easier as it will make it extremely simple for you to transport or store the board at ease.


  • The best thing about this board has got to be the minimalistic design and the positive impact of that on the overall performance of the board.
  • This is a friendly inflatable paddle board for beginners.
  • The price tag of the Orange Top is definitely another serious reason to seriously consider getting this board as soon as possible.


  • This paddle board doesn’t come with a paddle, However, do not let this catch slip between your fingers especially considering the price tag of this board.
  • The included air pump is nothing write home about. It gets the job done, but it’s better to invest in a quality electric air pump to save yourself from the hassle of pumping this giant board.
  • The top, the bottom and the rails on this board are all only a single layer of material. This makes the board lightweight but less durable compared to other sups on the market

Saturn 11′ iSUP – More Images

Saturn 11' orange top inflatable SUP board review

Saturn 11' orange top inflatable stand up paddle board review

Saturn 11' orange top paddle board review

Saturn 11' orange top paddle board review

Saturn 11' orange top inflatable paddle board review