One thing about inflatable products is that they happen to be a best choice when it comes to practicality and functionality. With all of the technological advances that we have witnessed in the last few years, I can tell you an inflatable product is no more something to have a second thought about.

Sevylor is one of the companies that undertook the challenge and brought out the best of it when it came down to water sports’ products. Doing a little research, you will find iSUPs, floats, boats, towables and kayaks all under the same label; Sevylor, and what we have here is the Syvelor Fiji Kayak which I was and still very impressed with.

On this review, we will have a closer look at the details and everything we think is important to know about this kayak.


  • ​22-gauge PVC construction is rugged for lake use
  • ​Multiple air chambers allow another chamber to stay inflated if 1 is punctured
  • ​Airtight System is guaranteed not to leak
  • Mini Double Lock and Double Lock valves use 2 locking points for easy inflation/deflation
  • Spray covers block splashes to help keep you dry
  • Fits 1 to 2 people (removable middle seat)
  • NMMA certified to hold up to 400 lbs
  • It comes with a paddle and a carry bag



​Recreational (Lakes, Bays, Water bodies…)


  • ​Length : 10’4″
  • ​Width : 2’9″


​22-gauge PVC construction

Weight limit

​400 lbs

Number of Chambers

​Multiple air chambers



# Carry Handles



​90 day limited warranty

# of persons

​1 – 2


We can see and sense the quality of any inflatable product by looking closely at its details, the way it is constructed, and the materials used to do so. The Syvelor knew that in order to maintain a good image of their name as well as a great deal of trust, they have to choose nothing less than what’s best. In respect of what is universal, the Syvelor Fiji is made of 22-gauge PVC material that is dense and durable for a kayak made for recreational kayaking. However, it’s also rugged and stiff that you won’t have to worry too much about how to deal with it.

Additionally, the PVC material can stand up for years of use as well as multiple seasons thanks to the Airtight System which features most of the Syvelor’s kayaks. This system is actually a Double Lock Valve™ for a dual seal which is guaranteed not to leak, thus, the Syvelor Fiji is up to maintaining a stiff and strong body under high air pressure levels.

Moreover, this kayak is NMMA® certified; it’s a program designed to help boat manufacturers comply with industry safety and construction standards and federal regulations. That being said, I can sum up the quality section assuring you that for such a price, the Sevylor Fiji is quite the deal.


The Sevylor Fiji is a 2-person kayak; it is 10.4 feet long, 35.5 inches wide and 34.8 inches deep. Basically, the Fiji is featured with everything a kayak needs, and the idea behind inflatable kayaks’ design is that they should keep you safe, no matter what, until you get back to the shore. For that reason, the Fiji is featured with 3 separate air chambers; if something happened to one chamber, the other two will definitely support you. These chambers are featured with Mini Double Lock valves and Double Lock valves which are soft, low-profile valves to help prevent injury while allowing fast inflation and deflation. Once inflated, the inflation device (pump) can be removed without losing air.

Also, you’ll find that the Fiji comes with 2 seats; the one in the middle is removable if you think that you’ll be solo kayaking, while the one at the back is fixed. I’d say that the middle seat doesn’t provide enough support, but if the rider is small sized it’ll be just fine. Getting

​here, you should know that this kayak can hold up to 400 lbs, but according to my experience, its load better not exceed 250-300 lbs to maintain the expected performance.

​Moreover, this kayak is featured with spray covers at each end to prevent water from getting inside the kayak; however, the cockpit on this one is an open one which means that the skirts won’t be doing much work. I believe that the open cockpit is a good thing especially for novice kayakers; you’ll get to access and leave the kayak easily and smoothly. Back to the skirts; those covers are pinned to the kayak using zigzag side bungee laces that are durable and hold so much detail into them which adds to the kayak’s sporty design.

Sevylor Fiji 2-Person Kayak

  • ​22-gauge PVC construction is rugged for lake use
  • ​Multiple air chambers allow another chamber to stay inflated if one is punctured
  • ​Airtight System is guaranteed not to leak


The Sevylor Fiji is absolutely not a competitive kayak; it is better used on flat water such as lakes and calm rivers. However, I can’t really ask you to not take it on a tour to beach for some fun. The thing about the Fiji is that it’s stable and rigid, but without a skeg, it can be a bit demanding to be fully controlled.

For a kayak that is over 10 feet, you’ll need the skeg more that you can think, thus, maybe you should consider ordering one along with the kayak; that way, you won’t have to worry about speed or tracking because such accessory usually improves the kayak’s whole performance.

Further, the Sevylor Fiji is featured with a flat bottom hull like most recreational kayaks and that makes this it a lot more agile and beginner friendly.To be honest, a kayak for such a price couldn’t get any better.


​The Sevylor Fiji’s package is not that of a fancy one, yet, you’ll get what’s essential. You’ll find:

  • ​The Sevylor Fiji kayak.
  • ​A bag where you can fit the deflated kayak.
  • ​The detachable seat.
  • ​A 5-Piece touring paddle with corrosion resistant Aluminum shaft.
  • ​A repair kit and a wrench.


  • ​The Sevylor Fiji is a budget friendly inflatable kayak.
  • ​It’s very well-made.
  • ​It’s great for entry level kayakers.
  • ​It can take multiple persons.
  • ​It’s featured with 2 seats; one is removable while the other is fixed.
  • ​It’s NMMA Certified with safe and secured valves.


  • ​It’s quite slow and hard to maneuver.
  • ​It  has no skeg or a tracking fin.
  • ​The middle seat is not as rigid as the back seat.
  • ​You’ll need to buy an extra paddle as it only comes with one.
  • ​The paddle that this kayak comes with is nothing to write home about, so you may want to consider upgrading.