Thinking about how far you want to go using inflatable stand up paddle boards should make your choice an easy one when looking for one; the Carlos Burle by SupFlex is here to push you raise your standards about inflatable stand up paddle boards.

The SupFlex as a brand is known for its creativity and love of innovation; They offer a large variety of different inflatable SUP boards for different purposes and activities, but what they all have in common is their high quality and attractive design.

The inflatable SUP board we have here is one that is presented to us by the SupFlex in collaboration with the big wave world champion Carlos Burle. He designed it to meet the most wanted qualities in both; authentic boards and inflatable ones: speed, great performance and comfort.

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  • Large EVA traction pad
  • Central Keel: one adjustable fin
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
  • Package includes :
    • Board
    • Nylon backpack
    • Hand pump with manometer (pressure gauge)
    • Adjustable three-pieces aluminum paddle

Dimensions 10’8″ x 30″ x 6″
Material PVC & high-strength nylon fibers Reinforced Drop-Stitch Technology
Weight limit up to 290 pounds
Number of D-rings 1 D-ring near the tail for safety leash attachment.
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 detacheable tracking fin
Volume 230L
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year

Supflex Carlos Brule inflatable SUP Board Review

The SupFlex Carlos Burle is 10’8″ long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick; those dimensions are not chosen arbitrary because this size is a perfect one for speed, stability and practicality. You’re going to love the large EVA deck pad which covers the majority of the board’s back as to provide you with maximum balance and sturdiness while paddling, changing directions or maneuvering; you just name it.

This board was well thought before being designed; it features a modern design which provides comfort, greater fluctuation and agility. Looking at its sharp pointy nose you’ll know that the Carlos Burle wanted to knife the water and be as swift as never; your effort will be much lower during paddling thanks to its structure and size which will make your movements much lighter.

Now, like most inflatable SUP boards presented to us by SupFlex, this one as well comes in an-all inclusive package with everything that is essential to handle it.

Let me start with the pump; it’s a high pressure double action hand pump with a gauge and which will pump air on both the push down and pull up of the handle making the inflating process easier and faster. Also, a manometer is included so you can know when your board is stiff and ready so you don’t go over the recommended 15 PSI.

Supflex Carlos Brule 10'8" inflatable SUP Board Review

Being mentioned, the body of the SupFlex Carlos Burle is made entirely of flexible PVC, with reinforced inside with thousands of high-strength nylon fiber, which guarantees the durability of the board. When fully inflated, this board will turn into an extremely rigid platform which is so hard to bend or flex allowing you to gain more control and balance.

Additionally, and most importantly, the SupFlex Carlos Burle is featured with a highly functional 3-piece aluminum paddle which is also adjustable as to suit any rider’s height. The blade is made light and strong so it makes the experience of paddling a better one. Add to that the fact that this paddle floats which means that you’ll never lose it to the water.

Supflex Carlos Brule iSUP board reviewMoreover, this board comes with a safety leash which you can attach to the only D-ring on the board. Speaking of which; it might be a little sad for those of you who like to use the well-known iSUP board’s bungee system to find that it does not exist on this one. However, you’ll enjoy a fast & smooth ride with 290 lbs as a weight capacity.

Further, the SupFlex Carlos Burle is featured with one removable central fin which adds up to the board’s stability. It also plays a role in how smooth it glides on the water. Once you make sure that you have secured it to the board, put this latter’s tail into the water first, then push it away from the shore or west before you ride it so you don’t damage the fin.

Before I tell you about the last item in this package, you’ve got to know that Supflex team and Carlos Burle know what the are doing, that’s why this inflatable stand up paddle board is backed up with 2 years warranty. How cool is that? You can also return the SUP within 30 days if you don’t like it. ow! And; A repair kit is also included.

Finally, the SupFlex Carlos Burle comes with a great functional backpack; one in which you can fit the deflated board along with all of its accessories. You’re going to love using it; it’s comfortable, strong and it looks great. This way, you’ll get to pack and store this big and strong SUP anywhere in your apartment, as you’ll be able to take it anywhere with you.



  • The SupFlex Carlos Burle comes in an all-inclusive package.
  • It’s rigid, stable, and hard so hard to bend when fully inflated.
  • The SupFlex Carlos Burle meets the highest standards for a fast strong SUP.
  • It feels really rigid and stable when fully inflated that you won’t recognize it’s inflated.


  • The only downside we can reasonably think of is the fact that this board has no D-rings attached with a bungee cord to be used as a cargo holder on board.

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Supflex carlos burle inflatable SUP Board Review

Supflex carlos burle inflatable SUP Board Reviews

Supflex Carlos Burle – Video