One of the best things about inflatable stand up paddle boards is that they, in so many occasions, simulate authentic boards. I know; there is a vast difference between the two which leaves no room for comparison, yet, brands like “Ten Toes Board Emporium” were inspired to start an iSUP production line that is based on natural surfing and that looks up to building inflatable boards that will guarantee you the best of the two worlds.

On this review, we’re going to have a closer look at the JETSETTER which is one of Ten Toes’ most popular iSUPs for its size and sleek design.

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  • Textured foam deck pad for comfort and stability
  • 5 Stainless D-Rings, 4 of which are attached with a bungee cord
  • Standardized H3 Valve
  • 1 comfortable center carry handle
  • Package includes :
    • Three piece lightweight and durable aluminum adjustable paddle
    • One nylon removable fin
    • A high-intensity manual air pump with gauge
    • A repair kit
Dimensions 14′ x 30″ x 6″
Material Military-grade PVC & Dropstitch technology
Weight limit 350lbs
Number of D-rings 5 Stainless D-rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 Removable Fin
Volume NA
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year


ten toes theJETSETTER inflatable stand up paddle board reviewIt’s a fact that the longer your inflatable paddle board is the faster it will be; the JETSETTER will have your back on this one. This board is meant to do great things considering its dimensions.

It is 14 feet long which makes of it a perfect board for racing.Also, the company advises the JETSETTER for the intermediate to advanced speed demon.

Concerning width, this iSUP is 30 inches wide which is the regular size for racing boards. It provides enough space, if you ask me, not only for racing activities but also for touring if you like smooth and fast rides; you can take the tools and equipment you need on board safely and easily.

That being mentioned, you need a thick iSUP to do that, and the JETSETTER will have your back on this one as well: the JETSETTER is 6 inches thick which is the best you can find on the market for yoga boards, touring or racing. At this point here, I can tell you that the JETSETTER is a winning deal.


Ten Toes knows that strength is a crucial aspect about inflatable standup paddle boards. It’s simple; if you are going to invest a budget to get an inflatable paddle board it should be well invested because you want something that would be practical, functional, and that would maintain its shape and performance for a good period of time.

It’s also complicated; an inflatable paddle board will always be an inflatable one, thus, you should be glad to know that the JETSETTER is made of military-grade drop-stitched PVC for ultimate strength and durability.

The parts of this board are stitched and covered with a multi-layer protective shell that holds everything together making it feel like one whole piece. You won’t have to worry about neither natural circumstances nor the way you use it as long as it is right and appropriate; the JETSETTER is a quality board that will float over water gracefully like a hard platform thanks to its stiff construction. Further, you’ll have a one year warranty to cover your experience and enjoy this luxury once you order the board.

ten toes theJETSETTER inflatable stand up paddle board review


ten toes theJETSETTER iSUP Board reviewThe JETSETTER comes in 2 different colors, gray and black/red; that’s first. Second, if you think that this board is a bit big for you, you can check the 12 feet GLOBETROTTER. Third, every inflatable stand up paddle board is featured with a number of details that actually make stand up paddling a sport to consider.

  • The JETSETTER is featured with 5 stainless steel D-rings that have different purposes. 4 D-rings are on the front of the board and are connected with a bungee cord so you can secure any needed material or box to the board once you hit the water. The 5th D-ring is on the board’s back like usual for safety leash attachment.
  • You’ll also find an EVA deck pad that covers half the board’s back. It’s soft and works perfectly as an anti-slip pad; you’ll hardly ever skip off the board if you’re standing on it. Moreover; it’s soft and standing on it for long periods of time won’t bother you.
  • One central carry handle is all there is to help you carry the inflated board around; it’s strong and it’s covered with a rubbery material for a comfortable grip.
  • The navigation system consists of one central fin only; it’s large, made of nylon and it is removable for easy transportation once the board is deflated. It actually works smoothly water tracking.


The JETSETTER is one of these boards that come in an all-inclusive package, and there is no need for me to tell you why it is always a good thing to order such a package. Mainly, you’re going to find everything that is necessary to handle the board and you’ll hit the water in no time. So, you’ll find included:

  • A 3 piece aluminum paddle that is also adjustable; it’s pretty functional and easy to use. The T-shape grip makes controlling the movement of the paddle a piece of cake; it’s soft and comfortable to use.
  • A high-intensity manual pump that will inflate the board up to 15 psi in a decent amount of time. It’s easy to use and you can take it with you anywhere you go. However; the JETSETTER is a big guy which why I’d rather use an electric pump to save time and energy.
  • A repair kit in case something went out of control one day, and The previously mentioned central fin.

[alert-note]The only thing missing in this package is a carry backpack where you can pack the whole thing. It’s actually a bummer and it would have been the cherry on the top[/alert-note]

ten toes theJETSETTER inflatable paddle board review


Ten Toes has an iSUPs’ production line that covers most water activities with different colors and purposes; the JETSETTER is built to be a racing paddle board for intermediate and advanced paddlers. I’m not going to lie; this board is so light on flat water, it glides smoothly and effortlessly. Moreover; its pointed bow makes knifing through the water faster and more efficiently. Also, its shape is hydrodynamic, which means it encounters less water resistance while its narrow nose  results in better stability making it a great board for competitive racing and longer riders.


  • Ten Toes theJETSETTER is a great choice for racing and touring.
  • It’s quite stable and it tracks very well.
  • Its shape allows it to pick up speed quite quickly.


  • TheJETSETTER doesn’t come with a carry backpack bag.