Nobody dares to compare inflatable paddle boards to their rigid counterparts but it’s truly not that difficult to see the gap in between the two. Obviously, both designs have their advantages and shortcomings and it eventually boils down to one thing and that is preference.

Indeed, hard boards are more robust and authentic but when compared to something like the Thurso Surf Horizon inflatable paddle board, you begin to understand why so many people make the transition.

The Thurso Surf Horizon inflatable paddle board is one of the latest and greatest accomplishments for the brand. However, most importantly, it is an inflatable and that makes it an even more interesting choice.

Inflatables might not be as robust as hard boards but this iSUP is definitely more flexible and practical. Indeed, the main difference between this Thurso Surf Horizon and a hard board is that this board will actually enable you to deflate it, roll it up and pack it inside a tiny bag which can go anywhere.

The logical question which arises right now is: what makes this inflatable paddle board better than all others on the market? Well; let’s find out.

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  • Comfy non-slip EVA diamond groove deck traction pad
  • 6 D-rings; 4 of which are attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 extra D-ring at the tail for safety leash attachment
  • 1 central detachable fin + 2 fixed small fins
  • 1 easy-carry handle at the center
  • Package includes :
    • Carbon shaft paddle
    • High pressure hand pump with gauge
    • backpack
    • 1 removable fin
    • Repair kit
Dimensions 11′ x 32″ x 6″
Material Military grade PVC & Drop Stitch Material
Weight limit 280 lbs (experienced paddlers can go over)
Number of D-rings 6 D-rings

  • 1 D-ring on the nose
  • 4 D-rings on the tail attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 extra D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 2+1 fin setup
Volume NA
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 2 years


THURSO SURF Horizon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board reviewDimensions are pretty critical when it comes to paddle boards in general because they define performance to a great extent and even more so your ability to ride the board comfortably.

Starting at length, the Thurso at hand measures an astounding 11 feet, making it a perfect fit for young adults and adults. However, if you happen to fall within a different age/size category then you might want to stop reading this article right now because this board is a little bit of a giant.

The length of the board will also impact tracking which is an essential asset for boards in general. Luckily, the longer the board, the better it will perform within that range and that’s a plus for the Thurso Surf Horizon.

Length might be significant but width should be your primary concern as a paddler because it can make one hell of a difference. At 32 inches in width, the Thurso Surf Horizon stands at a solid point where it’s not too small nor too large and that’s exactly what you need. The 32 inches wide surface will function as a stabilising factor, enabling you to maintain firm balance on top of the board and progressively adjusting yourself without fear of falling in. That is to say that the platform will be wide enough for you to position yourself comfortably without risking capsizing the board at any moment and that’s an insurance all paddlers need.

And from width, we move straight to thickness which is the 3rd yet equally significant dimension. Indeed, it might seem like thickness doesn’t have much of an impact on your board but when it comes to inflatable paddle boards, it especially does.

The Thurso Surf Horizon measures a formidable 6 inches in thickness which places it way up on the latter of reliability because it isn’t uncommon for thinner boards to bend at the center under a lot of weight. Nevertheless, that will never be a concern for this board because it is capable of handling a little bit over 300 pounds and that should say a lot about it.


In terms of quality, you can easily argue that this is one of the best builds that has ever landed the market of inflatable paddle boards. Truly, the Thurso Surf makes one hell of a board and it all boils down to the build material and process.

The Horizon iSUP is thus made of military grade PVC material layering an internal fabric which is probably the safest design that has ever been featured on an inflatable paddle board. Also, note that the outer layer is reinforced via an industrial drop stitch construction, making this board virtually indestructible.

In case you’re wondering what that means in the real world, it is actually pretty standard. Under such build quality, it is ensured that the Thurso Surf Horizon is capable of pulling through any kind of environment, be it a river, a lake or the open sea. Hence, this might not be a hard board but it is definitely capable of taking strong collisions with rocks and rough circumstances. So, don’t be afraid to live the adventure.

THURSO SURF Horizon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board review


When it comes to features, it should be obvious by now that the Thurso Surf Horizon harbours one of the most resourceful sets of features that has ever been on an inflatable paddle board.

  • First thing first, the gripping EVA pad makes a necessary appearance here since it is the only thing which will keep you up and going on the board. This pad is strategically extended on top of the board to cover the commonly covered areas by the paddler and consequently preventing you from accidentally slipping off the board.
  • Beyond the gripping pad, there is the D-rings set on the nose of the board which features 4 D-rings connected via a bungee cord. This makes a solid cargo net which will enable you to transport anything from your fishing gear to your paddle.
  • Then there is the navigation system which consists of 1 detachable fin and 2 small fins.

THURSO SURF inflatable paddle board - Features


 THURSO SURF Horizon inflatable SUP reviewPackaging is also a significant aspect of the inflatable paddle board because it can literally make all of the difference. Luckily, this board comes with about everything you’ll need to maintain for along time and it goes as follows:

  • 1 carbon light weight / adjustable paddle
  • 1 removable fin
  • 1 leash
  • 1 deck bag for smaller accessories storage
  • One back pack carry bag to fit the big board
  • 1 high pressure hand pump
  • 1 repair kit


In terms of performance, there is no way you can compare this board to a competitive hard board but it is still very powerful. The Thurso Surf Horizon actually makes a solid entry level board for all beginners who wish to establish a firm grip over the base techniques and skills before proceeding to a more professional product or a permanent choice for those of you who just need a nice board for leisure.


  • The Thurso Surf Horizon is a very well made inflatable paddle board.
  • It comes in an all-inclusive package.
  • It performs quite well on various water conditions.


  • There is absolutely nothing which deserves solid criticism on this board. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to get yourself one because it is undeniably one of your best options.