It could be a little tricky to find the perfect inflatable stand up paddle board for you sometimes; yet, with a brand like the Tower Paddle Boards you can easily find the best inflatable standup paddle board to practice your favorite water activity; be it yoga, touring or riding some adventurous white waters. Being mentioned, this is personally the greatest thing about iSUP boards; they’re made to cover a large number of different activities and answer the widest platform possible of costumers’ needs and preferences.


Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP

Let’s get to business. This review is going to be about one of the best inflatable SUP board presented to us by the Tower Paddle Boards; the Adventurer 1.  I said that it’s one of the best and I know what I’m talking about; the Adventurer 1 comes in a size that can be easily suited for almost all activities and paddlers; it’s 9.10 feet tall, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.Tower paddle boards adventurer 1 inflatable 9'10" SUP board

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  • High-end Tower branded diamond grooved deck pad with a rear kick tail.
  • 2+1 fin configuration with a removable center fin
  • Package includes
    • Board
    • Pump
    • 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle.

Dimensions 9’10” long x 32″ wide x 6″ thick
Material Military-grade PVC and drop-stitch
Weight limit 300 lbs
Number of D-rings 2 D-rings

  • 1 leash attachment D-ring on the tail
  • 1 towing D-ring on the nose
Recommended PSI Tested safe to 25 PSI, but only 10-11 PSI is necessary for optimal performance
  • 1 large detachable center fin
  • 2 small fins fixed on the sides
Carry handles 1
Warranty 2 year

Some of you might think that it’s a little short for activities like long distance paddling or touring because these need some extra length to make it less tiring, but I find that it’s not too big to be packed nor too small for activities that need width like yoga. Add to that, the large central fin along with the 2 smaller ones strengthen and sharpen the performance of this board when it comes to water tracking which is essential in flat water. Also, the 6 inches thickness makes it very stable which could be the best feature about a board that is less than 10 feet long.

You’ll notice that the Adventurer 1 has a very basic design which, to me, is really good; because what matters most about an inflatable SUP board is its performance and rigidity. This board is all white as you can see in the pictures with a black diamond grooved deck pad that will provide good comfort and grip for your feet. I find the color choice very simple and classy as it reflects a high level of maturity, yet, you’d still get the feeling that it’s made to take you on an adventure.

I’ve got to be fair though; the Adventurer 1 is not the fastest board that I’ve tried. It glides smoothly, it’s impressively stable as it also tracks nicely; yet, it’s not really made for speedy paddling. Being mentioned, if you’re a speed seeker, you’ll be glad to try the 14 feet tall Tower Xplorer.

The Tower inflatable SUP boards are generally made to hold what’s worth 350 – 700 lbs without flexing or bending; believe me when I say that it’s not an easy to bend these strong guys because they’re absolutely made to preserve their shape and performance. The Adventurer 1 here can take up to 350 lbs without it affecting its performance. It’s thick enough to keep your feet off the water and provide you with extreme rigidity and sturdiness. Also, the fact that the Adventurer 1 is made of military-grade PVC and drop-stitch materials makes inflating it sort of a magical thing; it changes from being deflated and soft to being rock-hard and stiffed in no time.

I guess that enough has been said about the Adventurer’s design and performance. There are some details that I’d like you to know about; for example, there is the usual central carry handle which comes really handy when you’re trying to carry the inflated iSUP around. Also, you’ll find only 2 D-rings on this board without a bungee system. I personally don’t need more than 2 or 4 D-rings but if you do you can check out the Tower Adventurer 2 which is featured with 5 D-rings and a bungee cord.

Now, as a package; the Adventurer 1 comes with a 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle that is stiff, strong, and light. Also, a hand pump that can inflate the board up to 15 PSI, and since the Adventurer 1 is only 9.10 feet tall it should be an easy task to do. Additionally, a wrap-strap is to be found as to fix the deflated and rolled up board in position. Finally, you’ll get 2 years warranty which was enough to impress me and encourage me get this board.

To conclude, the only missing thing in this package is the backpack where you put and store the board safely and practically. Many companies do not feature their inflatable SUP boards with a bag which is a bit sad, however, you can buy one separately.

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  • The Adventurer 1 is a wide and thick iSUP which makes it really rigid and stable.
  • It doesn’t bend or flex even when it reaches its weight limit (350 lbs).
  • It comes with a highly functional paddle.
  • The Adventurer 1 glides smoothly and tracks nicely.
  • It’s one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards in its category. It’s very well-engineered and it’s backed up with 2 years warranty.


  • The Adventurer 1 package lacks a backpack and a repair kit.
  • It has only 2 D-rings

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 1 – Video

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Tower paddle boards adventurer 1 inflatable SUP board

Tower paddle boards adventurer 1 inflatable 9ft-10in SUP board