Having tried and reviewed different inflatable stand up paddle boards throughout the last few years gave me a whole different perspective from which I consider this friendly water sport.

Stand up paddle boarding is making the time spent in the water a privilege for anyone to get and enjoy. WaveDream; as a brand that is making its way into the industry, presents their inflatable stand up paddle board which does not only meet the universal requirements for an iSUP, but also promises a great deal of durability and professionalism.

We will go through the features and details of this board as to have a better idea about what it has to offer. Keep reading…

  • Large EVA anti-slip deck pad
  • 1 center carrying handle
  • 1 removable nylon fin
  • 4 stainless steel D-rings on the deck attached with a bungee cord.
  • Packages includes:
    • Ultra lightweight 3pc adjustable aluminum paddle.
    • Removable nylon fin
    • High-pressure manual pump with PSI gauge
    • Nylon strap to keep board tautly wrapped
    • Beautiful lightweight carry bag (with shoulder straps)
    • Coil Leash
    • Repair kit
Dimensions 10’8″ x 32″ x 6″
Material Drop stitch reinforced 1000D PVC tarpaulin fabric
Weight limit 300 lbs
Number of D-rings 5 Stainless D-rings

  • 4 heavy duty “D” ring on the deck attached with a bungee cord for carrying coolers or attaching gear.
  • 1 extra D-ring under the nose for towing the board.
Recommended PSI 15 – 20 PSI
Fins 1 removable nylon fin
Volume N/A
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty WaveDream’s Lifetime Warranty


WaveDream 10'8" inflatable paddle board reviewThe WaveDream comes in some of the most convenient dimensions for an iSUP especially for beginners and intermediate paddlers. This board is 10.8 long, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick; sounds about perfect, right? Well, given its width; the WaveDream is built to target stability.

Usually, the majority of inflatable paddle boards do not exceed 30 inches, but an extra 2 inches is pretty cool if you ask me.

Additionally, thickness is an essential aspect when it comes to any iSUP regardless of its brand name, and WaveDream understands that. This board is made to withstand your weight without diving into the water thanks to its 6 inches thick body.

Moreover, the WaveDream’s design as a whole is generally basic with an authentic touch to it which makes it look a bit similar to hard boards with enough space for you to do anything you could think of. Further, the rocker nose is high enough to reduce water resistance as well as preventing any probable damage on the rocky shores.


One of the things that WaveDream is highly aware of is the necessity to choose the best material with which their iSUP is built.

An inflatable product is always a challenge, because unlike a hard board, an iSUP is exposed to different ways of damage, however, this WaveDream paddle board is made of double-layer reinforced PVC for extreme strength against any possible strike. Not only that; the body of this board is covered with reinforced 1000D tarpaulin fabric so that no matter how much weight or pressure you put on it, it will maintain its shape and rigidity. This board can actually be ran over by an SUV and you’d still get nothing on it.

Moreover, the thing about these materials used to construct the board is that they are stiff and durable, yet, light and extremely functional when it comes to transportability and comfort.

WaveDream 10'8" inflatable stand up paddle board review


Inflatable paddle boards are known for a set of features which I’m sure you are familiar with since you are here; so starting at this point, we’ll try to provide you with a better or closer look at what to expect once you order the WaveDream.

  • This board is featured with a traction pad that covers the center area in what is half the board’s back. It’s really thick adding to the stiffness of the board, as it is also soft and grippy for maximum stability and control once you’re on the board.
  • The WaveDream also has 6 stainless steel D-rings, four of which are connected with a bungee cord so you get to secure any of your tools or cargo to the board while the 5th one is on the board’s tail like usual for safety leash attachment, and the 6th is beneath the board’s nose for towing the board.
  • The navigation system on the WaveDream consists of one central large fin which is really strong and durable. This fin makes the board a versatile one via boosting its stability in different water conditions.
  • You’ll also find one central carry handle that is really rigid and very comfortable to use thanks to the rubbery material with which it is covered. It’ll allow you to carry the inflated board around easily with one hand, as it’ll also support you to get on the board’s back once in the water.


Wavedream 10'8" inflatable paddle board reviewYou’ll get a good deal for this one because the WaveDream comes in an all-inclusive package with everything necessary to handle an iSUP. So, along with deflated board itself, you’ll find:

  • A 3-piece adjustable paddle that is made of fiberglass paddle that can extend from 65 to 84 inches; it’s ultra-light and strong at the same time. You can adjust it to fit your height exactly, and with the T-shape grip you’ll have full control over it.
  • A hand pump that can inflate the board up to 20 psi, however, 15 psi is enough, and you’ll know when to stop pumping looking at the gauge. It won’t take you more than 5 minute to fully inflate the board if you pump fast and hard.
  • A carry backpack that will allow you to pack and store the board along with the other tools safely and in an organized manner. It’s easy and comfortable to use, and to me, it’s one of the best things about inflatable paddle boards; you can roll up your board and take it with you anywhere you go.
  • The large fin that we’ve already talked about.
  • A coil leash and a repair kit are also included in the package.


The WaveDream is superior when it comes to stability; even if you are a beginner, you won’t face that big of a challenge getting on top of it thanks to the 6 inches thickness. As for speed, I can’t be completely honest unless if I state that it’s not that of a speedy board, yet, I can tell you that it runs very smoothly on flat water as it’s relatively responsive to body movements and whatever move you want to make.

The WaveDream can take up to 300 lbs and it would still give its best performance. You can also try riding some choppy waters with this board; it’ll be fun I give you that because the dimensions helps significantly stabilizing the board in such water condition.


  • The WaveDream comes in an all-inclusive package (Paddle, pump, fin, leash, carry backpack and repair kit).
  • It’s made of reinforced 1000D tarpaulin fabric and double-layer PVC material for maximum durability and pressure levels.
  • It’s 32 inches wide which is wider than most inflatable paddle boards on the market.


  • Everything went smoothly with the WaveDream; there is nothing I could possibly complain about.

WaveDream 10’8″ iSUP –  Video