Since the genesis of the paddle board, the struggle of practicality has been a constant obstacle in the way of so many people who really wanted to give this experience a go.

Most people see paddle boarding as a soothing yet exciting sport; it is a sport that can either give you an adrenaline rush or guide you to find your inner peace and that is why it has been growing more and more popular since the day it dawned. However, it could’ve been more impactful if only manufacturers found a way to eliminate transportation and storage obstacles for everyone to enjoy paddle boarding equally.

Actually, they have found a solution and it is called ‘YOLO Board White Nose’.

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  • Large anti-slip deck pad
  • Integrated bungee systems and multiple D-rings for storage and attachments
  • 2 small fixed fins +1 central removable fin
  • 2 comfortable center carry handles for easy transport
  • Multiple stainless Steel Tie-Down Points.
  • Package includes :
    • High pressure pump and gauge
    • Safety leash
    • Repair kit
    • Removable Center Fin
Dimensions 10′ x 32″ x 6″
Material Marine grade durability – Industrial grade rubber and drop-stitching
Weight limit 195lbs
Number of D-rings 11 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 More D-rings on the tail attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 Extra D-ring on the tail to attach a safety leash or tie up the board to docks
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 2 small fixed fins + 1 large detachable center fin
Volume 225L
Carry handles 2 carry handles
Warranty 1 year


Yolo board 10' white Nose inflatable stand up paddle board reviewNothing compares to a long board because it’s more about the efficiency than the actual size. A board that is 10 feet long and over is guaranteed to make one hell of a speed racer because it can accumulate momentum continuously whereas smaller boards are going to be significantly slower. This explains why the YOLO Board White Nose stands right at the 10 feet bar. The fact that this board is 10 feet long makes it that much steadier but most importantly, it makes it compatible with teenagers, young adults and adults alike. Hence, if you’re younger, then you might want to reconsider your choice.

Width on the other end of the spectrum is also a very influential dimension; except that this one impacts stability more than it does speed. The YOLO Board White Nose is 32 staggering inches wide and that’s immense because most boards hardly transcend the 30 inches limit. This board is thus engineered to enhance stability and balance to the maximum. Its wide platform is also going to resist turmoil a lot better which will keep you in charge of the board at all times.

As for thickness, the rule goes: if a board is 4 inches or under, it’s a waste of money because it’ll give in at the center so quickly under excessive weight. Luckily this YOLO Board White Nose inflatable paddle board is 6 inches thick which means that it’s far more rigid, far more robust and far less likely to sink at the center under excessive weight.


In terms of quality, I still believe that nothing can really compare to a marine grade rubber core. The body of the YOLO Board White Nose is made of such material that is robust yet flexible enough to embody that perfect paddle board. Also, instead of just gluing the board together cheaply, the makers of the White Nose thought it would be much more practical to run it through an industrial drop stitch construction, making this board virtually indestructible.

Simply put, this means that the YOLO Board White Nose is designed so as to take on the roughest environments and cut right through them. This is a board that was made to last and at that it’ll do best. So, do not worry about how you handle this board because it can handle itself.



Another significant attribute of the YOLO Board White Nose has got to be the wide variety of practical features which will make your journey a breeze. These right here are some of the features that make this board a must buy:

  • The first thing that grabs your attention when looking at the board has got to be the shifty gripping pad covering over half of the platform. This right here is a premium pad which will significantly improve your grip over the board thus improving your control. Also, a great pad can make a huge difference when moving around on top of the board and you’ll be able to easily notice that once you get on top of this board.
  • The multi leveled D-rings attached with bungee cords is also quite the feature and one which is exclusive to inflatable paddle boards. This installment is not only a fancy design but it’s an excellent cargo net which can help you store / transport anything from your sandals to your paddle.
  • The board also features a similar net on the rear of the board with 4 D-rings this time, serving the same purpose for extra cargo. The YOLO Board White Nose is also hooked with one extra D-ring at the very end to help you secure / tow your board whenever needed.
  • The navigation system has got to be one of this YOLO Board White Nose’s strongest features as it is both dynamic and extremely efficient. The tri-fin system is known for being excessively functional when it comes to resistance and straight tracking. Note that the central largest fin is also removable for easy packing.

Yolo board 10' white Nose inflatable stand up paddle board review


As far as packaging goes, this board is guaranteed to impress you. The YOLO board white noise comes with a complete package, including everything you’ll need to maintain this board. What does it exactly include? Let’s strip it:

  • YOLO Board® 10' White Nose Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board reviewThe YOLO Board White Nose package includes a high pressure hand pump which is an essential tool in the paddler’s back pack. Hand pumps don’t have a solid reputation however as they can take just under 8 minutes to pump. If you ask me, I think it’s the best warm up you can have before hitting the water. The pump is hooked with a pressure gauge so that you can pump your board to the appropriate degree (15 PSI).
  • The board also comes with a central removable fin as mentioned earlier which is a nifty idea that helps with storage, transportation and also preserving the fin when paddling in shallow water.
  • The package will also include a basic repair kit which I don’t think you’ll ever need with a board this robust. So, rest assured!
  • Last but not least, the YOLO Board White Nose also comes with an ankle leash to keep you connected to your board at all times and not lose it to waves or current.


As far as performance is concerned, let’s just settle down that this is an entry level recreational paddle board which doesn’t make it necessarily weak but simply optimized for beginners. The YOLO Board White Nose might not be opt for competition but it’s definitely a solid performer with a little bit more focus on stability and control. That being said, if you’re a beginning / intermediate paddler, you’ll definitely love this board.



  • The Yolo Board White Nose is a very well-made recreational inflatable paddle board.
  • It features 2 cargo nets.
  • It boasts a 6″ deck height which makes it easy to paddle and provides maximum stability.
  • When fully inflated, you can’t tell that it’s air that’s pumped into it as it feels quite rigid and sturdy.


  • The Yolo Board White Nose paddle board doesn’t come in an all-inclusive package as most iSUPs do (the paddle and the carry bag are missing).
  • This inflatable paddle board might not be the right guy for you if speed is high on your requirements list.