Is YOLO always the motto? According to YOLO Board, it definitely is but what makes this brand any different from any other rap song and most importantly from any SUP board manufacturer in the business.

YOLO Board 12′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

YOLO Board is one of the fastest growing brands in the industry and I believe that it has a lot to do with the quality of their stuff. Yes, I am also surprised but also delighted that it wasn’t the name of the brand which made it worthy of a professional review because YOLO board are not playing games.

Actually, this brand has now established a firm ground in the market space thanks to some of their most appealing stand up paddle boards. However, today we will be specifically talking about the YOLO Board 12’ inflatable stand up paddle board.

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  • Light Weight & Solid Performance
  • Comfortable deck pad
  • Integrated bungee systems and multiple D-rings for storage and attachments
  • 2 small fins + 1 central removable fin
  • 1 comfortable carrying handle
  • Package includes :
    • 3 pc Adjustable Paddle
    • Backpack
    • High-Pressure Pump
    • Removable Center Fin
Dimensions 12″x 32″x 6″
Material High quality construction using marine grade rubber provides extra durability
Weight limit 230lbs
Number of D-rings 11 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 extra D-rings on the tail attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 extra D-ring on the tail to attach a safety leash or tie up the board to docks
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Two small fixed fins on sides + 1 Removable Center Fin
Volume 255L
Carry handles 2 center carry handles
Warranty 1 year



Length is influential when it comes to stand up paddle boards specifically as it can make a huge difference in terms of performance and most importantly in terms of user convenience. This YOLO board measures up to 12 feet in length, which is dazzling to say the least. 12 feet makes this board perfectly compatible with young adults and adults. Thus, if you’re smaller then you might want to consider a board under the 10 feet barrier.

As for width, this YOLO board SUP reaches out to 32 staggering inches which is far better than most inflatable SUPs in the market. A board this wide is significantly steadier which will enhance your balance and most importantly your ability to move around on the deck to keep up with the current.

Endurance is considered to be the strength of this board because this YOLO Board SUP just happens to measure 6 inches in thickness. 6 inches may not sound like much but once on water you’ll notice a huge difference between this board and your standard hard board.

The YOLO Board 12’ inflatable SUP board is not susceptible to sinking at the center under a lot of weight but most importantly, it is also extremely robust and can handle a lot of weight.

[alert-note]P.S : This Board is available in two colors : Blue pad with red nose & Blue pad with lime nose.[/alert-note]


Quality has got to be the strongest competitor on this review because this board is not playing games. The YOLO 12’ inflatable paddle board is strictly made out of marine grade rubber which is then sealed using an industrial drop stitch construction, making this board a war machine.

Simply, what the build of this board translates to is a board that is capable of undergoing the most extreme circumstances within its designated environment. So, as long as you’re using it properly, be sure that it will never get damaged significantly.


Interestingly, even the most minuscule details on the YOLO Board give away how much effort and dedication were invested into the build of this board. However, today we will be tackling some of the board’s most prominent features and it all begins with:

  • The board features a premium gripping pad, covering almost half of the platform to guarantee maximum efficiency. An extending pad is indeed a nice touch because it will grant you a firmer grip on the board and significantly enhance your control of it. Also, a good gripping pad will enable you to adjust yourself comfortably without risking falling into the water. Further, this pad will also prove to be very handy once you’ll need to get back on top of the board from the water.
  • The D-rings + bungee cord placement on the nose and the other on the tail of the board are definitely worthy of some sort of praise as it is ingenious to say the least. This feature is one of the most useful aspects of the inflatable paddle board as it functions as a great cargo net for anything from your fishing gear to your sandals. So, make sure to use it and enjoy a hands free experience.
  • The board is also hooked with an extra D-rings on the far rear of the board for safety leash attachment or tying the board to docks whenever needed.
  • The YOLO Board 12’ iSUP board features a solid navigation system also known as the tri fins. This is quite a successful navigator as it will significantly reduce the influence of side currents and significantly improve straight tracking.


Packaging is certainly one of the most influential aspects on decision making because it can make the difference between a fun experience and a pain in the back. Luckily for you, the manufacturers behind this piece made sure to hook you up with a complete package and it includes:

  • This paddle board comes with its own back pack which is solid as it will make transporting and storing the 12’ inflatable paddle board a piece of cake. All, you need to do is deflate the board, roll it up and slide it inside a small back which can go anywhere. (That’s the best part about inflatable paddle boards)
  • This board also comes with a high pressure hand pump which is an essential tool in the paddler’s inventory. The pump also comes with a pressure gauge to help you inflate your board to the appropriate degree (15 PSI)
  • The board also comes with a central removable fin which is a neat touch as it’ll enable you to remove the large fin when in shallow water thus preserving it better.
  • Last but definitely not least, the YOLO 12’ inflatable paddle board comes with a 3 piece adjustable fiber paddle which is both robust and light weight.


In terms of performance, what I can tell you is that the YOLO 12’ inflatable SUP Board is able to perform as good as a recreational board can which is not bad at all. Don’t get me wrong, this board can definitely compete with race boards but it’s simply optimized to be at the expectations of beginning and intermediate paddlers which grants more focus to navigation and ease of control.

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  • A 6″ deck height and 12′ length provide maximum stability and allow the board to handle a lot of weight.
  • The basic features of the YOLO Board 12′ inflatable SUP board are also a huge influence on the board as a whole, making it a great choice.
  • This paddle board has a great comfortable traction for those who want to give paddle boarding yoga a try.


  • The only downside we can reasonably think is that you’ll have to shell out some serious dough to get this inflatable paddle board.