Truth is harsh sometimes but it’s always better than fancy lies. So, we’re going to cut right through the chase and give it to you on a cold plate: Inflatable paddle boards are not as good as authentic boards. In fact, they are significantly better.

Take the Zray for example which is a leading manufacturer of inflatable paddle boards and one whose products literally invaded the market. Truly, not anything that takes over the market reflects quality but there is no argument that can stand in the way of the abundant positive reviews that Zray boards have accumulated one board after the other.

There is no doubt that Zray is a trust worthy source but that doesn’t abolish the fact that you still need to find a board perfect for you. That is why we chose to take you on a fancy review to explore the brand’s latest and great Zray A2 Premium. So, let’s get right to it.

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  • Fancy grey and white vertical strip EVA pad
  • Elastic bungee cord for cargo and personal belongings
  • Soft fabric handle provide more comfort to your hand
  • Tri-fin setup
  • Multiple D-rings for kayak seat/backrest attachment
  • Package includes :
    • Zray professional floating paddle which supports 3 section adjustments (65-85 inches)
    • Z-ray extra high pressure pump & gauge
    • Removable central fin
    • Backpack bag
Dimensions 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″
Material PVC & drop-stitch material
Weight limit 320lbs
Number of D-rings 9 D-rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 more D-rings at the center for attaching a kayak seat or a backrest
  • 1 exra D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 10 – 15 PSI
Fins 2 fixed fins + 1 removable large fin
Volume 270 L
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year


Zray A2 Premium inflatable stand up paddle board reviewSimilar to most Zray boards, the Zray A2 Premium measures exactly 10 feet and 6 inches in length which is a formidable size. There is a simple reasoning behind this number and it argues that a large portion of people interested in paddle boarding fall within two main categories: Young adults and adults. Hence, a 10 feet 6 inches board is going to be the perfect fit for most of you out there.

The width of the board is also relevant but to a different area which has more to do with performance than anything else. This Zray measures 32 inches in width which also happens to be the perfect balance relative to the length of the board. At 32 inches, you’ll experience comforting stability, thus reducing your effort to continuously attempt to maintain balance. Also, the board’s large surface makes it easier for you to move around easily on top of the board without risking falling in.

Thickness is a very peculiar dimension because as much as it is disregarded, it is efficient and that is why this paddle-board measures 6 inches in thickness instead of the standard 4 inches. An inflatable paddle board thin enough is a disaster waiting to occur and when it happens, it is pretty much irreversible. Yes, slim paddle boards are more prone to bend at the waist under a lot of pressure and that is why the thicker the board, the better.


Prior to what we said already, quality should have been our priority in this article because the Zray A2 Premium is simply stunning. Yes, that might sound like an over statement and no, it isn’t. Take notes. The Zray A2 Premium paddle board is a robust entity that is strictly based off military grade PVC material, making its core as solid as a zodiac boat.

Glue is a common tradition to build anything made of non-metal items but that is not the case with this vessel because this bad boy exhibits and industrial drop stitch construction which is significantly more enhanced than regular glue and much less likely to receive damage.

To keep it brief, think of this board as a strong independent adult who doesn’t need you to baby-sit it every time you take it out on a ride. So, just relax and enjoy your experience because this board is built to endure any and every situation within its given environment.

Zray A2 Premium 10'6'' inflatable paddle board - quality


The most basic features of a paddle board are often loaded with signals out and about the board and it’s enough to take a look at a board to be able to tell how good it is really.

  • The Zray A2 Premium features a standard gripping pad, extending to cover over 50% of the board’s surface which is pretty neat. This right here is a quality pad which means it’s both comfortable and efficient in the sense that it will significantly improve your grip and thus your control over the board. Also, keep in mind that a gripping pad is not only useful when on the board but also when you’ll need to get back up on the board from the water.
  • The board also exhibits a nifty placement of D-rings connected via a bungee cord, making an impeccable cargo net. Yes, this is a cargo net and as hard as it is to believe it, it is able to transport anything from your camera to your shoes while simultaneously granting you the freedom to use your hands freely. That might not sound so impressive now but trust me, you will learn to appreciate this feature a lot in the long run.
  • The board also features 5 more D-rings below at the center, 4 of which are meant to allow you install a kayak seat if available and the remaining D-ring is meant for safety leash attachment.
  • An inflatable stand up paddle board is often criticized for not being apt enough to compete with the big tails but this one is about to prove that misconception wrong. The Zray A2 Premium features an impressive tri-fin navigation system which is often depicted as the best navigation system for a paddle board.

Zray A2 Premium inflatable standup paddle board - features


Packaging might not sound like a big deal to you now but this is the element which actually makes or breaks these deals and often times than not, Zray seels its deals with the greatest packages. So, let us take a look inside that package and figure out what has it in store for us.

  • For starters, the package includes a high pressure hand pump which is a crucial tool in your inventory as a paddler.
  • Also, the board comes with 3 removable fins which makes it extremely easier to pack the board up once deflated and also helps preserve the fins in shallow water.
  • The package also contains a light weight aluminium paddle which is both robust and agile.
  • Last but definitely not least, the board also comes with back pack carry bag which will make transporting / storing the board a piece of cake.


In terms of performance, there is nothing that can stand in the way of this Zray; so much to the point that we believe it might be able to challenge competitive boards. Indeed, the board is dynamically designed and with such navigation system, it is also extremely agile.

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  • The Zray A2 Premium inflatable paddle board comes in an all-inclusive package.
  • You can use a kayak seat or a backrest on this paddle board.
  • It’s quite wide and stable and it’s designed to handle up to 320 lbs of weight.


  • There is really nothing worthy of criticism on this board as a whole