You might be thinking that inflatable stand up paddle boards could never compete with your standard hardboard and you’re right. They can’t compete because best inflatable sup is way ahead in the game.

I have no intention to hurt your feelings if you’re an authentic hardboard lover but facts speak louder than desires, and they are saying that inflatable paddle boards are more practical, more flexible and more fun. However, when you’re placed in perspective, you realize that there is a whole world of inflatable paddleboards out there and you’re too lazy to look up every single one and discover which is better and why. Luckily, we just made it a lot easier for you by creating a list of the top 12 Best inflatable SUPs, and it goes something like this:

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviews

[amazon link=”B07CV17YJ3″ title=”Vilano Voyager” /]

[amazon box=”B07CV17YJ3″]

In the 12th spot comes the Vilano Navigator which can be easily described as one of the most good looking boards in the industry and if you think looks don’t matter when you’re right because this board is far more interesting when it comes to the basic features it has to offer.

First and foremost, this board comes in a complete package unlike many others, and it includes a heavy-duty pump, a collapsible aluminum paddle, a removable center fin, and a backpack carry bag to make it easier for you to transport and store all of these items including the board.

Moreover, the Vilano Navigator is similar to the Vilano Voyager, the Vilano 12′ touring/race and the vilano sport/fishing inflatable SUP boards in that it features top quality gripping pads that reinforce stability and balance, a thick, durable PVC reinforced body which is virtually indestructible and plenty of D-rings that can be used for various functions; 4 D-rings on the nose can be used to hold some cargo under the bungee cord net, and the 4 D-rings on the back of the board can be used to attach a kayak seat or a backrest while the extra 2 D-rings on the left side is meant to attach a shoulder strap to easily carry the inflated board around, not to forget the last D-ring on the tail which is there to let you attach a safety leash or to tie up the board to a dock when necessary.

When it comes to performance, you would be surprised with what a 10 feet long 31 inches board can offer. The navigation system on the Vilano Navigator is significantly better than its rivals, which enables you to steer and resist cross wind easier. Not only that but the slim body and the round edges of this board will enhance speed tracking and reduce stream resistance to a large extent. So, what do you think of the Vilano Navigator?


  • The Navigator is a budget-friendly inflatable SUP board.
  • The quality of this board says more than enough about this Vilano and for that alone, you should get this board.
  • The specs of the Vilano are everything you’ll need as a beginner, and that is a fair deal.


  • The Vilano Navigator is a good board, but when it comes to performance, it admittedly can’t compare to boards with high noses.

[amazon link=”B00QX2M6U6″ title=”Blue Wave Sports Stingray 10” /]

[amazon box=”B00QX2M6U6″]

This board might not be the best inflatable SUP in the market but it is a solid pick nevertheless. The Blue Wave Sports Stingray is undeniably an enhanced board as it is the latest contribution of Stingray to the industry and it means business.

The Blue Wave Sports Stingray has already been harvesting nothing but positive reviews and for all the good reasons as well. The paddle board features a comprehensive package which includes a strong paddle, an adjustable, removable fabric seat for that kayaking experience, a footrest, a hand pump, a removable center fin, a polyethylene storage bag, and a generic repair kit. You can pretty much say that this inflatable paddle board has it all, but it doesn’t have to stop here.

This Stingray 10’ inflatable SUP board features one of the most durable build qualities as it is made of multi PVC layers that are stitched together using high-pressure core construction, making this Stingray a Hulk.

Maybe you’re wondering what can a 10 foot long 30 inches wide inflatable paddle board do? Well, just about everything. The key feature making this board a solid performer is its fluid design which is meant to create a little water and wind resistance as possible, enabling it to cruise through rivers, lakes and even waves effortlessly. The kayaking seat makes a great addition to this board which will open up a whole new realm of experiences and fun for you and your designated partner as this board can handle up to 220 lbs without affecting its performance. So, is this the best inflatable SUP? Maybe for you, it is.


  • The fact that this board comes with a kayak seat opens up a whole other door for even broader experience, and I find that to be great.
  • The basic specs of the Stingray make it impossible to say next to this board.


  • The bungee placement could’ve been featured on the head of the board instead of the tail.

[amazon link=”B00YI1F92Q” title=”Atoll 11” /]

[amazon box=”B00YI1F92Q”]

In the 10th place comes the Atoll which might be just the best inflatable stand up paddleboard for you. When it comes to the best cheap inflatable SUPs, not many can compete with this badass.

If you’ve never heard of the Atoll before then, you’re like many people wondering: why should I consider getting a stand-up paddleboard that is not popular? Well, sometimes, there is this one company which makes an isolated product, and it’s just amazing, and I believe that the Atoll is just that.

This board is one of the best paddle boards out there as it’s very well-engineered and comes in a fully inclusive package which contains a dry carry bag, a detachable central fin for improved navigation, a collapsible premium aluminum paddle, and a high-pressure hand pump.

Moreover, the stand-up paddleboard is distinguished by a set of very practical and functional stainless steel d-rings strategically placed all around its back, and they are meant to help you secure the board, attach more gadgets to it, store cargo safely under the bungee cord placement and attach a safety leash.

The material and build quality of this board also deserve a strong mention as it is based on a military grade PVC material which is used to build an ultra rigid, ultra-light paddle board.

As far as proportions are concerned, this board measures 11 foot in length by 32 inches in width, making this Atoll a giant paddle board. Nevertheless, when it comes to performance, this board is still a beast as it can take on almost any kind of environment besides whitewater. Want a luxurious board that can perform admirably. You might want to consider the Atoll.


  • The shape of this board is so well thought out as it doesn’t only look good, but it also contributes to performance.
  • The quality of the build of the Atoll is simply unmatchable.


  • This board is just right. There’s nothing negative I can say about it.

[amazon link=”B01DXCU3N0″ title=”Sportstuff 1030 Adventure” /]

[amazon box=”B01DXCU3N0″]

If you’re really into extreme sports, then you might want to check out one of the best inflatable sup boards, the Sportsstuff 1030.

This inflatable SUP board is a lone wolf when it comes to production value as it is considered to be one of the best inflatable SUPs to be ever created by a company that doesn’t specialize in making inflatable paddle boards. But wait; doesn’t that make this board more of a risk? Not at all because SportsStuff is a leading manufacturer of inflatable sport/fun gadgets and that’s the kind of backgrounds you need to look for before inspecting the validity of an inflatable board.

As far as quality is concerned, you can’t say much when you’re faced with a premium build PVC core board as it is far beyond what you need in the designated environment for inflatable boards in general.

This board is not only rigid but also very practical. The Sportstuff 1030 features a set of stainless steel D-rings located by the nose of the board which is meant to help paddle boarders secure their cargo and allows more freedom to access as many items as necessary while paddle boarding.

The Eva gripping pad is also a strong feature of this board as it is one of the best quality pads which enhance stability and balance to an almost perfect ratio. Moreover, the Sportsstuff comes in a beginner friendly package, including a detachable kayak seat, a high-pressure hand pump, a collapsible premium paddle, an ankle leash and a mesh backpack carry bag that can fit all of the above including the board.

If you’re concerned with performance, then you’d surprised to know that this board can perform just as well as a solid stand up paddle board and in some situations, it can even do a better job.

This 10 feet long 30 inches wide monster is far more fluid and agile than you think and it’s all thanks to the enhanced navigation system it comes with. With a weight capacity of 250 lbs, you can freely invite an extra passenger or pet on a ride without affecting performance because sometimes, it’s more fun to ride together.

On the last note, this might be the Best budget-friendly inflatable SUP out there. So, will it be yours?


  • The package in which this board comes is… Man! You can’t complain about that.
  • As surprising as it, this brand has managed to make a solid quality board, and for that price tag, it’s just unpassable.


  • The colors that the company went with are not much to the taste. I mean sure, children would love it but adults on the other hand… not so sure.

[amazon link=”B01DKY980U” title=”Aqua Marina Breeze” /]

[amazon box=”B01DKY980U”]

Well, well, well, We’re down to Aqua Marina which is a pretty established brand in the industry, and it goes far beyond any description by now because it has already made it to the top.

This may sound like a biased judgment but I can’t change the facts, and the facts say that these boards aren’t just called a monster, it is indeed one.

The Aqua Marina Monster is not only a monster in performance but also in specs as it shelters a multitude of practical and top quality features. Mainly, the build quality and build material of this boards go far beyond fame at this stage because this monster is made of double-walled military grade PVC material which is then glued together through a meticulous drop stitch construction with flat angle design which explains why this board looks and performs quite well.

Speaking of which, when looking at this board you’ll notice that two-thirds of the surface is covered by a top-notch gripping pad which provides great stability and enables you to balance yourself easily on top of the board especially in choppy waters. Also, the minimal, simplistic design is one of the board’s strengths as the D-rings do not distort the authenticity of the board like many others do.

As for packaging, this Aqua Marina includes a solid backpack carry bag, a high-pressure hand pump with a pressure gauge and a detachable fin. The board might not include a paddle, but for that price point, it’s a crippling yes for the Aqua Marina Monster.

As far as performance goes, I believe that the name of the board speaks for itself but if you want details then note that this 10 feet long 32 inches wide monster is designed to create minimal current resistance on the nose and back end as well as on the edges while paddling. The slim body will also reduce wind resistance, and the large fin will make navigating this board a piece of cake. Do you think that this is the best cheap inflatable SUP out there? I know I do.


  • The smallest details on this board scream quality and that’s something to always look for in any product.
  • The package in which the board comes contains everything you’ll need to maintain it, and I don’t see what more you could ask for.


  • I like this board, to be honest, and I can’t think of anything negative to say about it except that maybe it would’ve looked better without the bungee cord placement.

[amazon link=”B015NKZE7K” title=”Aqua Marina Fusion” /]

[amazon box=”B07HKFYV59″]

In the 7th place is another Aqua Marina and this time it is the improved Aqua Marina fusion.

The stunning fact about this board is that it appeals to a lot more people than the Monster and it is also cheaper. It’s a fact that the Aqua Marina Fusion is more affordable and is one of the best value inflatable SUP paddle boards. It appeals to many people as compared to the Monster However. The Aqua Fusion is just as a rigid and solid board as the Monster as it constructed strong Military grade PVC body that went through the same construction process of precise drop stitching.

Perfect for beginners and for cruising, the Fusion had to hook the user up with a long stretched Eva gripping pad which is a dream coming true, a large D-ring on the tail to attach a safety leash or secure the board and 4 extra D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord for carrying some cargo (sandals, snacks, sunglasses, bottle of water …etc).

As for packaging, the Fusion is rather similar to the monster as it comes with a large detachable fin, a high-pressure hand pump with a pressure gauge and a solid backpack carry bag which can fit all of the above + the board when deflated.

As for performance, the Fusion beats the Monster by a margin. The Fusion might be 10 feet long and 32 inches wide, but it’s also a very slender and solid board, making it great for straight tracing and long rides.

I am not trying to say that you should get the Fusion instead of the Monster but if it were my money, I would much rather get something cheaper that performs slightly better. This is the Aqua Marina Fusion, and it might just be the best iSUP inflatable boards money can buy.


  • The specs of this board are simply outstanding but the best part of it is the gripping pad which covers most of the surface which provides great stability, and I think that’s a great feature.
  • The design of the Fusion is one of a kind, and that has more to do with the texture of build than anything else.


  • I really like bungee placements, but sometimes they don’t feel right, and this is a good example of that.

[amazon link=”B01G7CSLSM” title=”Pathfinder P73” /]

[amazon box=”B01G7CSLSM”]

What could be better than a Pathfinder? Not many boards for sure. This is a brand that has made quite an impact in the market of Inflatable SUPs, and it was mainly because of this board right here.

As far as quality is concerned, this is an exemplary board as it is strictly made of Multilayered PVC material which is then reinforced by a firm drop stitch construction which makes it one of the best inflatable SUP board in the market today.

On a serious note, however, this board has been through thorough torture tests (Yes. that is what they’re called) and it has proven an outstanding ability to endure the most difficult circumstances.

When it comes to user-friendliness, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this board comes with pretty much anything you’d need as a beginner. From the quality Eva gripping pad to the bungee cord placement, this manufacturer has provided you with everything you might need on a paddle board.

Beyond the basic features, it is also remarkable that this board comes in a completely comprehensive package which contains a high pressure and pump, a detachable central fin, an adjustable aluminum paddle, a valve wrench and a carry bag with shoulder straps.

A well-equipped beginners board is quite a catch, but it all depends on performance in the end. Luckily, this 9 feet long and 30 inches wide piece of art has plenty of potential towards navigation, and you can tell by the neat water navigation system it harbors.

This board is designed primarily to be as agile in the surf as possible which is why it might not be as fast as a competitive board. Nevertheless, for a beginner-oriented product, this Pathfinder will do more than take your breath away. So, are you up for the adventure?


  • Boom quality is all that you can think of when looking at this board and that’s a good thing.
  • Pathfinder P73 is a great cheap inflatable stand up paddle board that comes in an all-inclusive package.


  • This board is a bit heavier than the previous models, and that can make it slower during launch, but as it picks up speed, it becomes much smoother.

[amazon link=”B01I4HLZEK” title=”ISLE Peak” /]

[amazon box=”B01I4HLZEK”]

Ranking 5th is the ISLE Peak inflatable stand up paddle boards, and exactly as the name indicates, this board right here is a tower in the realm of iSUPs.

ISLE is a manufacturer of inflatable SUPs with various models that have caught equal interest and attention specifically for the PEAK which was often referred to as the best inflatable SUP out there and for all the good reasons too.

Since we’ve been emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive package, it’s only fair to put the PEAK under the spotlight and discover what it has to offer compared to other boards. The PEAK comes in a package that includes a top-notch adjustable paddle, a coil leash, a high-pressure hand pump, and a specially designed backpack carry bag that can fit all of the above.

That’s not impressive enough for you? Well, ISLE thought it through and figured out that people love nothing more than quality which is why this board is made of military grade multi-layer cushioned PVC material.

Also, the making of the board is just as special as it went through a thorough industrial drop stitch construction which explains why this board has such a good warranty life.

As for specs, the PEAK features a set of D-rings on the nose of the board that serve as a great practical holder. Also, a quality gripping pad is a prime requirement for this model as it is essential for balance, stability and body weight navigation.

For the board’s performance, I think that nothing can defeat an 11 foot long 31 inches wide iSUP in its natural water environment. More than that, this board was designed with a beginner / intermediate paddler in mind which is why you’ll notice that there’s more emphasis on facilitating navigation than speed. Nonetheless, the PEAK paddle boards can still track quickly on still water and along the current. You can’t ask for more from an iSUP.


  • Boards come and go but the quality is unshaken, and that is why I really like this board.
  • The second best thing about this board is that it offers you a variety of colors to choose from.


  • The overwhelming presence of extra specs weakens the authentic feeling of the board, but that’s just how I feel about it.

[amazon link=”B01A84WYGK” title=”Ten Toes Weekender” /]

[amazon box=”B01A84WYGK”]

Yes, it is a Weekender in 4th place, and this time, it’s a special kind of paddle board. The Weekender by Ten Toes is the making of a first-class brand with first-class specs, and it all comes for a very friendly price point.

For a board of this calibre you’d expect nothing but the best, and in this case, you wouldn’t be deceived as the Weekender is strictly made of Industrial PVC material which is enhanced through a microscopic drop stitch construction, making this water board virtually indestructible. That said, forget about babysitting this beast because it can handle any environment from rivers to open water.

When it comes to the basic features of the Ten Toes Weekender, it’s just one more reason to get this board on your purchase list seriously. The first thing that strikes you when looking at this beast is the gripping stretching pad that is designed to allow you more space to balance yourself freely on top of the board.

The D-rings bungee placement is also a very practical cargo holder which can hold up anything from your sandals to your paddle. Last but not least are the outstanding three skeg navigation system.

Speaking of which, these fins are engineered to maximize wind resistance and minimize water resistance, making it much easier for you to navigate this gigantic board. Yes, it is gigantic as it measures 10 feet in length crossed by 30 inches in width which adds up to the stabilization of the board and improves tracking in a straight line significantly. How good of a performer is it? Good enough that it could satisfy a professional paddle boarder. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out.


  • The design of the board is simply elegant.
  • I said it before, and I’ll say it again, this board is all about quality.


  • Tracking might be difficult at low speeds.

[amazon link=”B00CRL9FK6″ title=”ISLE Airtech 10” /]

[amazon box=”B00CRL9FK6″]

And yet another ISLE, except this time, it has taken over the 3rd place on our list because it’s just worth it.

As mentioned earlier, ISLE is considered to be a leading manufacturer of inflatable paddle boards, which explains the multitude of ISLE models that are sold all over the market right now. But does that make this brand reliable? In this case, yes it does.

The ISLE Airtech is a beautifully designed board which is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. The Airtech is made of a material that is pretty much impossible to damage. What does that mean? It means inflatable sup board quality. The company also challenges you to do the test yourself and run over this board with your car when fully inflated. If you notice a ding, then you can ask for a refund. No more trust issues.

On the outside, the board is still pretty impressive as it features an extended Eva gripping deck pad for maximum stability, a placement of D-rings linked with a bungee cord that serves as a cargo holder and a large D-ring on the tail that is meant to attach a safety leash or to tie up the board to docks.

As for the packaging of this ISLE, rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth as it includes a custom high-pressure hand pump, a custom collapsible aluminum paddle, and a custom mesh backpack carry bag that can fit all of the above.

Where performance is concerned, this towering 10 feet long 31 inches wide board is setting an example even when compared to the 11 foot long and 12 foot long Airtech. Navigating this ISLE is a piece of cake, and it’s made possible through the triple skegs on the tail of the board whereas the thick, hardboard body of the Airtech will do a great job keeping you well balanced on the water which in its turn enhances speed tracking. All in all, the ISLE Airtech is a fine catch but is it the one for you?


  • The quality of build and features are what makes this board a great catch.
  • The futuristic design is solid but what matters most is that it performs very well in those specs.


  • None

[amazon link=”B07B69HTBR” title=”iRocker Cruiser Paddle Board 10” /]

[amazon box=”B07B69HTBR”]

Of course an iRocker and what else could rank 2nd on a mighty list such as this one?

Let’s check the number 2 board in the industry, starting at its triple layered PVC grade body and drop stitch construction which makes this board virtually indestructible and one of the best inflatable SUP for surfing.

Packaging is one of the most influential aspects in an inflatable stand up paddle board because it makes the difference between a fun and interesting experience and a pain in the back. Unsurprisingly, the iRocker comes in an all-inclusive pack that includes a strong collapsible aluminum paddle, a high-pressure hand pump + pressure gauge and a carry bag backpack that is roomy enough for all of the above, including the board.

The basic features of this board will make you fall in love with the iRocker. How far can you go without a trusted gripping pad? Not very far; That is why iRocker invested in a large Eva gripping pad that will make balancing yourself on this board a piece of cake. Also, the dispersed D-rings by the nose of the board make quite a useful cargo holder whereas the remaining D-rings can serve as a kayak seat base. Last but not least are the triple skegs on the bottom of the board which are pretty much the engine of this board.

Let’s talk about performance! The iRocker might be a beginner’s board, but its sharp design and lifted nose are defining features of a professional board that is set for action. Indeed, this beginner’s paddler’s board can perform extraordinarily on running water and even on waves, making it an exception to most inflatable SUPs. For a 10 feet long and 33 inches wide board, the iRocker is indeed an exception that must be seriously considered.

Ps: In case you’re looking for a larger board, note that this board is available in 1 more size: 11 feet long.


  • The best thing about this board is the refined set of features it comes with.
  • The price tag of the board is definitely worth what you’re getting
  • The quality of this board is just outstanding.


  • The design is slightly overwhelming.

[amazon link=”B007VP6RA4″ title=”Tower Paddle Boards Adventure 1” /]

[amazon box=”B007VP6RA4″]

And we’re finally down to the number 1 inflatable SUP in the business, and it goes by the name of ‘Tower Adventurer’.  Just as the name indicates, this board is towering high in the industry. This board is winning by such a large margin that it’s not even a competition anymore.

Why? Well, first, the Tower Adventurer is best all-around inflatable SUP paddle board. It’s robust and its the result of a multi-layered military grade PVC and a refined industrial double end drop stitch construction. In real life, that translates to an inflatable HULK that can handle pretty much any obstacle you can contemplate within the designated environment of the board.

The packaging is a substantial aspect of any board and TOWER understands that fully by including pretty much all you’ll need to maintain this board within one package. The said package carry bag includes a high-pressure hand pump + pressure gauge, a collapsible aluminum paddle and a strap that secures the board once deflated so that it maintains the smallest size possible. It’s true that the package might not include a bag, but pretty much any backpack would do at this point.

As far as features are concerned, the Tower Adventurer proves once more why it deserves the first place. The first thing that hits you when looking at this board is the Eva gripping pad that covers half the surface of the board which will allow you to move freely and finds the best position. The deck pad is large enough and powerful enough for two passengers at a time which could be quite fun. The simplistic design and absence of blemishes on the surface of the board are one more reason to fall in love with it as it reinforces that authentic look and gives the board a sharp feel.

As for performance, the 9 feet long 30 inches wide vessel can handle up to 350 lbs which proves just how steady it’s going to be on the water. The Tower Adventurer is not just solid, but it’s also agile which makes navigating this board a piece of cake. Nonetheless, the fluidity of this Tower paddle boards doesn’t fringe on its ability to track in a straight line. In fact, most inflatable sup reviews classify the Adventurer as the best performer yet in the industry, and that should be enough to help you make up your mind. What are you waiting for?

Ps: In case you’re looking for a larger board, note that this board is available in 3 more sizes: 10, 12 and 14 feet long.


  • The build and material quality of the board are at the core of why it has placed 1st.
  • The simplistic and authentic design is simply beautiful.


  • The only downside we can reasonably think of is that this board doesn’t come with a backpack.

Final Thoughts on the Best Inflatable Paddle Board

That brings us to the end of the best inflatable paddle board reviews. Hopefully, our analysis was useful to you and most importantly, we hope it helped you make up your mind about which board you’ll be wrecking this summer. If you liked this article and wanted to know more about faster and more competitive stand-up paddle boards, make sure to check out our Top 10 racing Sups.