​There is a slight variable between hard and inflatable paddle boards yet it is that slight variable which makes all the difference. iRocker is a great example of what an inflatable paddle board can offer you in exchange of the aesthetic sacrifice.

iRocker Cruiser Inflatable Paddle Board

There is no denial that nothing can beat a hard board visually. However, when it comes to practicality, anyone who owns a paddling board can tell you that it’s a giant pain in the back. Namely, the transportation and storage of the iRocker is 10 times more practical as it can fit in a backpack. Nonetheless, there is a lot more to this board than practicality. So, let’s check it out.


  • ​Large non-slip EVA diamond groove deck traction pad
  • ​10 D-rings; 4 of which are attached with a bungee cord
  • ​Kayak seat/ Backrest attachment D-rings at the center
  • ​2 small side-fixed fins and 1 central detachable fin
  • ​1 center carry handle
  • ​Package includes :
  • ​The ultra light 37 oz iRocker dual action high capacity hand pump
  • ​High quality adjustable fiberglass paddle (light and floating)
  • ​iRocker backpack carry bag
  • ​iRocker 10′ coiled premium ankle leash



​10’6″ x 33″ x 6″


​Military grade PVC & Drop Stitch Material

Weight limit

​350 lbs

Number of ​D-rings

​10 D-rings

  • ​6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • ​4 More D-rings at the center for backrest or kayak seat attachment

Recommended PSI

​15 PSI


​Two small fixed fins on sides, + 1 removable center fin



Carry handles

​1 center carry handle


​2 years


You might think that an inflatable paddle board is going to be fragile but wait till you see how tough this board is. At full length, the iRocker Cruiser measures 10 feet and 6 inches, which is quite the standard size for most inflatable paddle boards. The reason behind that is that this way it is more likely to be compatible with most people; that goes from teenagers and young adults to adults.

Width is often taken for granted because most people don’t understand the impact of this dimension on the overall performance of the board. In brief, the iRocker Cruiser measures 33 solid inches and that translates to perfect balance. That’s not all however, beyond a balanced platform, you’ll get to experience the beauty of stability as this board will stand tall, granting you ample space to move around and position yourself comfortable on top of a moving vessel.

Thickness is the next dimension on the list and just like the rest, it is extremely influential. That is why the makers of this board thought it would be safest to go with a whole 6 inches. The decision at hand will not only impact the performance of the  board but even the degree of its rigidity. The problem with low quality inflatable paddle boards is that they tend to bend at the center under a lot of pressure and that is mainly because they come at 4 inches in thickness or less. Hence, by almost doubling that, iRocker leaves no room for skepticism and ensures both the stability and rigidity of the board.


Quality is undeniably the number one concern for most people who are switching from rigid to inflatable paddle boards and justly so. A lot of cheap brands out there are selling off boards that wouldn’t round a year. However, that isn’t the case for the iRocker and that’s not really a coincidence either. This brand is considered to be a pioneer in the industry and likewise the weight of that title keeps pushing the company to make stronger and better boards one model after the other.

Hence, the iRocker Cruiser inflatable paddle board at hand is a perfect example of that as it is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is the same material out of which zodiac boats are made of. Also, the board is further fortified via an industrial drop-stitch construction which makes this legend virtually indestructible. That in itself explains how this board can handle up to 350 lbs at once.

iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10’6″ Long 33″ Wide…

  • ​EXTREMELY STABLE, iROCKER CRUISER INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD: 10’6″ Long 33″ Wide 6″ Thick – Board Weight 25 lbs Weight…
  • ​HIGH QUALITY ADJUSTABLE FIBERGLASS PADDLE: Floating fiberglass paddle, half the weight of a standard aluminum paddle…
  • ​THE NEW FULL THROTTLE, DUAL CHAMBER, TRIPLE ACTION HAND PUMP by iROCKER: NEW for 2019, the Full Throttle, Dual Chamber…


As far as features go, let me just say that this is going to be a different tale. The thing with the iRocker Cruiser is that it is perfected to the smallest details. That isn’t to say that this board is better than all other inflatable paddle boards out there but it’s definitely better than most of them. Let’s discover why!

  • ​The first thing that caught our attention while looking at this board for the first time was the fascinating gripping pad. Indeed, this Eva pad seems to be different than a lot of pad designs out there and rightly so because this one is designed to cover the most sensitive areas on top of the board instead of just about everywhere. The pad however won’t only grant you a firm grip over the board but it’ll also enable you to navigate it better.
  • ​Further, the board also features quite a handy spec and that is something which sets inflatable paddle boards a step ahead of their rigid rivals. The D-rings  attached with a bungee cord on the nose of the board is just about the perfect touch and that is a feature that you’ll learn to appreciate every time you take this board for a ride. The cargo net can be used to secure and transport anything from your fishing rod to your paddle while enabling you to cruise hands free as you should.
  • ​Then there is the triple fin navigation system which is not so common amongst all inflatable paddle boards because apparently not everyone reached the conclusion that 3 fins are better than 1.


From features to the next big thing: packaging. The packaging of an inflatable paddle board is rather more important than it may sound because it can literally make a huge difference in the long run. Fortunately enough, the iRocker Cruiser comes with about everything you’ll need to maintain the board and keep it up and running.

  • ​The package comes with a high pressure dual action hand pump.
  • ​The board also includes an adjustable aluminium paddle for extra light and efficient paddling.
  • ​The iRocker Cruiser also comes with a matching back-pack carry bag which will make transporting and storing this gigantic board a piece of cake.


When it comes to performance, we must be frank  and not beat around the bush because this is obviously not a competitive board. However, this is by far one of the most impressive recreational inflatable paddle boards out there. In fact, the sharp and smooth angles of the board can tell you so much already. Also, the navigation system is going to drastically improve the overall performance of the board as the two side fins keep it on track while the central large fin gives it all the direction it needs.


  • ​The number one advantage of this board must be the fact that is gracefully built by a giant brand and that in itself is a comforting idea.
  • ​The board itself is very well-made. It tracks very well and it’s quite stable whether you are in choppy or flat water.
  • ​It comes in an all-inclusive package.
  • ​It’s wide enough and features a comfortable EVA deck pad.
  • ​The performance of the iRocker Cruiser is also worthy of a strong mention as it is one of the best you can achieve on a recreational board.


  • ​As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I’d say that the fact that there is only one colour to choose from is rather limiting but that shouldn’t be a reason to release this fine catch.

iRocker Cruiser 10’6″ iSUP – Images